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CCSU Shows Guardians of the Galaxy

by Kaitlin Lyle

While the rain drizzled down upon campus, the students of CCSU were treated to a movie night hosted by C.A.N., featuring the latest Marvel creation “Guardians of the Galaxy” last Thursday.

The floor of Alumni Hall had been cleared to set up round tables for the night’s crowd and chairs were organized to offer an excellent view of the most recent superhero release. In addition to the screening, the night allowed students to watch the movie in their pajamas and a popcorn machine was set up in the back. In spite of the small screen, the projection of “Guardians” showed great quality with stereo that echoed throughout the entire hall.

“We have a certain amount of movies that we play here. The movie got a lot of great reviews, so we thought everyone on campus would enjoy seeing it,” said Sara Bobbins, Program Director of C.A.N.

As Center Stage was hosting an event for Devil’s Den, C.A.N. planned wisely around the cabaret so that students could enjoy the movie and go to Devil’s Den afterwards. With a smile, Bobbins remarked how she had yet to see “Guardians” herself and was “really excited to see it”.

For those who aren’t familiar with the extended universe of the Marvel comics, the basic premise of “Guardians of the Galaxy” stars an intergalactic band of outlaws-turned-heroes in a mission to save the world.

Among the Guardians is an array of impressive characters, with Peter “Starlord” Quill leading the way as a self-proclaimed legendary outlaw who was abducted from Earth as a child. Following Quill is trained assassin Gamora who dons a green pigmentation and, like most Marvel women, is an overall badass. And then there’s Drax the Destroyer who seeks vengeance after the death of his family.

The Guardians are an unlikely, but memorable team of bounty hunters: Rocket (voiced by Bradley Cooper), a genetically engineered raccoon, and Groot, a humanoid plant whose communication skills are limited to three words. Each of them is notorious in their criminal ways, which eventually leads to their arrest where they become acquainted with one another. While there is initially conflict between the five, they decide to join forces for the purpose of taking down overlord Ronan the Accuser. After conducting their jailbreak, the newly formed Guardians set off to prevent Ronan from using a force called the Infinity Stone from destroying the galaxy.

The film features a 70’s pop and rock soundtrack that adds comedic value amid the action. Even with the sound of explosions going off full blast, laughter from the students could be heard echoing from the tables; the rest of the evening held silence in concentrating on the film’s plot.

The student crowd had nothing but enthusiastic reviews of the movie and the atmosphere that C.A.N. had set up for them.

“I think it’s fun that they get to show these movies on campus. It’s exciting and I get to hang out with my friends,” said Junior Hayley Noel.

“It’s pretty awesome: people, movies, popcorn,” said marine Anthony White, who assisted in serving popcorn to the long line of students. “I love the environment. The tables are all round, so everyone can interact with each other,” Sophomore Zoë Grant, who helped manage the popcorn line added.

Overall, for its first movie night of the semester, C.A.N. couldn’t have picked a better choice to draw in the student body for an action-packed night.