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Musical Theatre Club Impresses Crowd With ‘Spring Awakening’

By Chris Pace

A few days before the grand opening of Spring Awakening, members of the Musical Theatre club put on a private showing to members of the Student Government Association. It is based off of 2006’s musical adaptation of Frank Wedekind’s 1917 original play. It’s a coming of age story that takes place in early 20th century Germany.

The music was beautiful integrating slow, sad acoustic solos with hard, angry rock songs. The musical numbers in the production really elaborated the characters teenage angst.

John Hickok, the director of the play has a great résumé directing famous productions all over the world and United Sates including Los Angeles, New York City and London.

The play starred Zach Heidorn, Melanie Gawlak, Sam Wolf and Julia Idarola.

Wendla (played by Gawlak) asks her mother, (Idarola) how a woman becomes pregnant. Her mother won’t tell her because she can’t talk to her about the subject feeling like she just shouldn’t have sex let alone learn about it.

Melchior (Heidorn) speaks to his friend Moritz (Wolf) about what he does to pleasure himself and offers him a book with erotic writing in it. Moritz is later expelled from the school and commits suicide after his father disowns him and he denies a girl from sleeping with him.

Melchior meets Wendla in the woods and sleeps with her. Wendla later gets a checkup and finds out she is pregnant. Wendla’s mother brings her to get a back alley abortion, which she dies from.

Melchior doesn’t know about Wendla’s pregnancy until a group of schoolboys take a letter she wrote to him and all masturbate around it.

Melchior later finds out Wendla had passed away when he sees her gravestone. Then Melchior speaks to a woman in the cemetery and the whole cast, dressed in modern day clothing come back up for one last song.

The production was rather odd. I liked the rock music taking place in an early 20th century. The content, however, was what interested me the most. There was nudity in the production that captured both mine and the rest of the audience’s attention.

The actors did a pretty good job altogether. I’m not a huge fan of musicals but this one was pretty interesting. I’d love to see the school do Once, that’s a musical I’d go to. But I’m impressed with the amount of talent our CCSU students have both singing and acting. All of the actors and actresses did a great job on this production.