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Aim Low While Approaching Miss March

By Charles Desrochers / Staff Writer

A couple of actors from “The Whitest Kids U’ Know”, Zach Cregger and Trevor Moore, made a movie. The result is Miss March, a coming of age story centered around Eugene, who slips into a coma the night before he was supposed to lose his virginity to the love of is life. Four years later he awakens to find that he’s been abandoned by everyone but his best friend and constant erection, Tucker. With Eugene awake, the two set out on an odyssey of sorts to find his girlfriend who has since become Miss March for Playboy Magazine.  

The movie is funny, but it’s raunchy funny. It’s not the kind of movie that tip toes the line between vulgar and thoughtful like 40-Year-Old Virgin. It is simply vulgar and there is nothing tasteful about Miss March.  

Cregger and Moore put together a stupid guy movie, chalk-full of breasts, poop and seizure jokes.  But I’ll be surprised if this movie offends anyone. With a movie poster that has a half naked woman lying in bed, how can anyone assume there’s anything but grime in Miss March

Despite being a story of a guy trying to get laid for the first time it really sets itself apart from the other coming of age tales by leaving out most of the cliché hi-jinks that have come to define the genre. This film doesn’t do anything to break the mold, though.  

It’s not shocking that the movie plays out the same way most of their skits do. Taking advantage of a bigger budget, they included a ton of physical comedy.  But that’s where most of the laughs come from. The humor is mostly visual and the dialogue is merely a vessel to get to it. 

Now, the humor is plentiful so it’s not horrible that this is a slapstick-heavy movie. In fact it’s a very good movie.  Looking back at some other films, there are quotes and bits that just tend to stick in the mind and make you smile months after watching it. Miss March isn’t that kind of a movie though.

So, what is Miss March? It’s forgettable shock comedy during the dead months of cinema. When compared to most of the other movies at the box offices it may be better but it’s profane delivery will most likely keep the date night crowd from seeing it. This leaves only bored college males with time and money, to kill. That’s the niche that Cregger and Moore are trying to reach. After all, pictures of venereal disease and random loss of bowel control isn’t the most romantic thing to see on a Friday night.