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CCSU Will be Skanking


Charles Desrochers / Staff Writer

Though the Central Activities Network managed to keep Spring Week’s headlining band a secret until Monday, they announced Monday that the ska band Streetlight Manifesto will be the main act.

At Monday night’s Battle of the Bands, also sponsored by CAN, New Haven-based rock band The Smyrk won the privilege to open for Streetlight Manifesto after the night’s competition.

Rumors had been circulating around campus that Streetlight was the headliner, but CAN did not confirm until Monday’s announcement.

“I’m ecstatic,” Said Sal Carshia, a DJ at Central’s radio station WFCS. “Their fast pace and melodies are just awesome.”

Carshia, who plays Streetlight Manifesto during his ska show on Mondays, was informed of the announcement shortly after and said that he’s never seen them live, but that makes him all the more anxious to attend The Spring Weekend in scheduled to take place in late April.

Streetlight Manifesto, who is currently touring in Europe and is slated to play the Van’s Warped Tour this summer, may be better known for their former affiliation with bands Catch 22 and One Cool Guy.

With a heritage routed in third-wave ska, Streetlight has been touring since their debut album Everything Goes Numb was released in 2003. Originally intended to only produce one album the band has stayed together through two more studio albums and several robberies.

The Smyrk is scheduled to play March 18-21 at the South by Southwest music festival that brings national and local music acts to Austin, Texas.