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Where Comfort Meets Classic

By Aundrea Murray

 Who knows how to remain fashionable when you are rushing for a 9am class while rubbing day-old makeup from your eyes and wiping freshly spilled coffee off of the seats of your car? Making sure that you do not over-accessorize, or simply ensuring that your lips are not dry, might not be the first few things on your mind as a college student. My opinion: flaunt what you have. Show off that beer t-shirt you won at a bar, and dust the caked snow from your UGG boots. A “laid-back” approach to your wardrobe is one of the highlights of being in school. You can dress how you want, when you want, and still turn heads without killing your toes in heels.

Your confidence in dressing down will show on a sleepy face, and many of the students here at Central straddle the line between high fashion and “what the F are you wearing?” Comfort meets classic when you pair the right sweatshirt with the right boots. Why focus on makeup when midterms are already creeping up? Right?

My “Fashionable Fantasy” of the week is junior, Jessica Jenkins. The mood of her day is exemplified by her entire outfit. If she is wearing leggings, you can bet that she has a pretty easy going day ahead of her. Fast-forward to a day filled with broadcast classes and tons of running around and shooting. In such scenarios, you might even catch this avid heel-wearer in the comfiest of sneakers. Jenkins forever remains polished, poise and powerful with her style.

“Someone is always asking where something I am wearing is from; at least once a day”, she admits.

Our campus is a runway for the athletes, the art kids, the “anyones” and the “anythings”. In better terms: students have been more focused on getting to class on time than being fashionably late. Who cares? Before spending hours in your closet, searching for the most popular brand to wear, check the weather, focus on how cold it will be today and  work with that. While others are dashing hall to hall avoiding the cold, you will be fastening the zipper on your fleece, relishing in its warmth.

Individuals who are naturally fashionable seem underrepresented. The ones who can flawlessly rock yoga pants with moccasins are not appropriately recognized. As always, it takes true skill to orchestrate a detail-oriented ensemble. And it is amazing to look good without having to try.

So what is my style tip for the week? Be you. No cliché. No repetitive answer, and certainly no preaching. If there is anything I have realized as a young adult it is that our youth is the best accessory for us to embrace. Fashion always will be a practice of absolutely no limits. With that being said, give those jeans with the holes in the crotch one more shot before throwing them out. Thank me later.

Students Embrace Insanity

By Acadia Otlowski

Two weeks ago, the four hundred students who occupied CCSU’s gymnasium were attending a popular new workout class: Insanity.

Insanity started out as an “extreme home workout DVD,” but its creator, Sean Miguel Thompson, better known by his stage name, Sean T, expanded the system into classes that are now being practiced across the county.

Three days into the semester, January 15, ReCentral held a promotional class at 7 p.m. The first 300 people arriving siezed the opportunity for a free “Insanity @ ReCentral” t-shirt. ReCentral completely ran out of shirts, forcing them to order more for those who showed up after the 300 person cutoff.

“My worst fear was that like five people would show up,” says Alessandra Daniele, the instructor who taught the fitness class. Naturally, Daniele was surprised at the sheer volume of people who attended the class, recalling that “So many people kept piling in.”

Daniele won a scholarship towards her Insanity certification at a conference. Sean T was the keynote speaker at this conference, and Daniele had the opportunity to meet him.

“It was such a good experience,” says Daniele, “…awesome.”

The staff who attended the conference came back to Central Connecticut State University motivated to promote the new class, Daniele being no exception.

“We didn’t give them time to think about it,” says Elizabeth Urcinas, assistant recreation director for Student Activities & Leadership Development on campus. It was ReCentral’s hope that, because students were coming back to campus with their new year’s resolutions, the event would gain some traction. The turnout was greater than they expected.

“We tried to get as many people as possible,” says Urcinas, who contributed to promoting the event heavily. But even she was surprised at the number of students who attended the class.

Instructor Daniele was ecstatic about the success of the event. She typically teaches Insanity classes on Monday and Wednesday mornings where attencdence typically is much smaller.

“It was awesome, unlike anything I’ve ever done,” recalls Daniele.

There are video recordings of every class taught by ReCentral, including the Insanity class that drew record numbers.

“Everyone is smiling through the whole video,” says Urcinas. ” Maybe a couple people sat down, but there was so much energy in that room.”

Even Daniele was impressed at the amount of effort that the students and faculty put forth during the class.

“The first time I did it I struggled, so I was impressed,” says Daniele, who believes that group dynamic is a motivating factor for students. “[The makers] send me the DVDs every month so I can learn the moves, and I hate doing it alone. Just teaching the class makes me motivated to do it.”

ReCentral has doubled the number of classes being offered in reaction to the new fitness studio in Memorial Hall.  Even in standard classes, without heavy promotion, the number of students has been up.

Much different than in the past, “Our classes are three or four times the size,” states Urcinas. She remembers it being hard for students and instructors to make it to class because they were held in multiple, different locations across campus. Urcinas believes that it is easier for instructors when their equipment is in a single location.

Before spring break, ReCentral hopes to host another event, similar in breadth to the Insanity event, but on the subject of Zumba.


App Review: KCCO

By Paige Brown

I’m not one who usually downloads apps onto my iPhone, but for a while now I have been, what a lot of people may call, a Chivette.

The Chive is a website dedicated to entertaining followers with fun pictures and videos. There is a free app that you can download on your phone so you can take them with you anywhere.

Once you open the app, you can choose from tons of categories, from sexy girls and leg gaps to “Mans Best Friend,” an entire category of photos of puppies.

It’s definitely something that sucks you in and can keep you busy for hours on end.

More and more people are becoming part of The Chive revolution. Almost every corner I turn, I see t-shirts with Bill Murray on them and whispers of “Chive On” through friends and followers.

While at a beerfest in early fall, one of my close friends was wearing a shirt that said “The Chive” when a random guy came over, shook his hand and walked away. We then realized that he whispered “Chive On Man” to my friends and slipped a $5 bill into his hand.

Just last week I read a story about a waiter at a restaurant that was wearing a lanyard that said “The Chive” on it. He went to clean his table after the guests left and found the credit card receipt with a $100 tip and the famous phrase “Chive On.” As a waitress, I just purchased a lanyard, too. Lets hope it works out for me.

Seriously, the amount of people who follow this website is simply crazy. People who don’t know what it is see it as just silly photos of drunk people, random fun facts and sexy girls. But to Chivers and Chivettes, it’s almost a lifestyle.

They just opened up a shop online where you can purchase anything and everything that says “The Chive” on it. From mugs to lanyards, tees and tanks, to coozies for your beer. Within the first week, almost everything was sold out.

I know I probably sound like I’m part of a crazy secret cult, but anyone can download The Chive. It can keep you entertained for hours on end and…its free.

If you’re bored and feel like looking at some entertaining photos, download The Chive, you won’t regret it.

Keep Calm and Chive On.

Between the Sheets: T&A

Photo Credit: Google Images
Photo Credit: Google Images

By Lauren Cannon

“All I want for my birthday is a big booty hoe.” Yes ladies and gentleman, those are the wise words of refined rapper 2 Chainz. But is all that 2 Chainz wants is a big booty hoe? What about some personality, a nice smile, or maybe nice legs and a nice chest?  These are the philosophical questions I ask myself these days. So, what does it come down to? What attracts you boys?

Boobs and booty, breast and buttock; whatever you call it these are the two anatomical features of the female body that seem to be the most desirable to the male species.  Now, some ladies aren’t always well-endowed in these departments. You may have a big ass but no boobs or big boobs but no ass, or you might have both and in that case, you’re lucky. Now that it’s fall, we are seeing a lot more girls covering up there upper half in cute sweaters and scarves, but putting their lower end on display with a nice pair of leggings and yoga pants.

This is why I decided to find out what guys are really thinking by surveying 50 male students at CCSU. I asked these men one question; what is your favorite female body part, with the possible choices being of course, butt or boobs. I was able to dive deeper into the male mind for a few days and find out what they really do like better. Now, when I say I was surprised by the outcome I am not lying, I really did not expect to get the results that I did.

72 percent of the males I asked chose butt as their favorite part, 20 percent chose boobs as their favorite body part, 4 percent chose “both” and 4 percent chose “other”.

Now you’re all probably wondering  to yourself who chose other; well ladies, there is still hope out there. While passing out these surveys, I stumbled across Matthew in the computer lab, a very sexy 20-year-old construction management major here at Central. Instead of booty or boobs, or even legs, he put down smile.

“The 1st thing you see when you meet a women is her face, her smile”. When I asked what else he liked in a girl he told me someone who can hold a conversation and even better, a girl who can start one. If your hearts aren’t melting yet, wait until you hear this. When I asked him what he thought of a girl lacking in the boobs and butt area he said “personality can make up for anything.”

But what is this obsession with a girl’s ass? I think that recently, guys are looking more at a woman’s curves as opposed to the iconic thin, runway model type.

I wish all guys could be like Matthew and not be obsessed over a girl’s body. One of my friends literally told me that he doesn’t even care what a girl looks like; if she has a nice ass then it’s on. That’s quite extreme. Not all guys will come on this strong or be this obsessed, but this phenomenon of big booty lovin’ is becoming more and more apparent these days.

I guess 2 Chainz has a point then doesn’t he, “she got a big booty so I call her big booty”

Love always,


Between the Sheets: Oldies But Goodies

By Lauren Cannon

I find myself wondering if other girls or guys are thinking the same thing as I am, like  is it normal to “get with” a man 10 years my senior?  Do guys like it when girls talk dirty to them? These are all questions that no one can seem to answer, yet many of us are thinking them. This is a column that embraces sex, and will hopefully spice up your day of people-watching in the student center and taking notes in class. So go ahead, forget about class or that hot guy waiting in line at Pandini’s for a second and read “Between the Sheets.” Trust me: you won’t regret it.

You know that cliché term, “age is just a number”? Well for some, that age is something that can make or break an attraction.

Age: it’s that thing that tells us how old we are. I am freshly 21, and wow, not carrying around my sisters fake ID is actually amazing. This topic is something near and dear to my heart for the reason that I find myself drooling over older men. Yes, old men! Like my teachers or my neighbor who’s 34 and I’m pretty sure single (call me). People may think it’s gross, but it’s like that saying, “don’t knock it ’till you try it.” And boy, I knocked alright. Older men are like fine wine: they get better with age.

We all know the name for those 40-year-old single women who are smoking hot and look better than us. I’m talking about that rare species:  a cougar.  But what do you call a woman who’s just looking for more maturity and experience in a relationship? Are we gold-diggers, or maybe sugar babies looking for a sugar daddy? I think what we call our dilemma is normal. Most women want a mature man with experience; we are not all the dominant type. I think attraction in older men is quite normal. Don’t get me wrong, younger men are great. It’s not that I have an age limit or anything, but it seems that we as women are drawn towards a more refined guy.

Now ladies, I’m sure we have all used scholarly sources, aka Google, to find answers to obsessions such as mine. Trust me I’m the first to Google something like, “sleeping with older men” but I was looking for an answer that was more relatable; something that didn’t come from the opinions of random horny women all around the world. I decided to take my curiosity to the streets of Hard Hittin’ New Britain and the Blue Devils’ territory.

I asked three simple questions to 100 unsuspecting sexy women all around campus: What is the age of the oldest man you have hooked-up with? What is the age of the youngest man you have hooked-up with? Do you prefer younger or older men? With each survey I received back, along with a few dirty looks, I was able to understand that maybe my obsession wasn’t so much an obsession, but a healthy search for the perfect man.

In my sample of 100 girls the average age was 21. When asked if these girls preferred younger or older men, 87% said that they preferred older men, 6% said that they had no preference and 7% said that they preferred younger men. The average age of the oldest man that they hooked up with was 25. The average age of the youngest they hooked-up with was 20.

With all of that in mind, I think it’s safe to say that the older the man, the better. So, put this newspaper down and go get ’em ladies. You want a guy 10 years older or even 15, DO IT UP, GET IT, TAP THAT ASS! Who cares what people think anyways, I mean age is just a number right?

Love always,