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Between the Sheets: Oldies But Goodies

By Lauren Cannon

I find myself wondering if other girls or guys are thinking the same thing as I am, like  is it normal to “get with” a man 10 years my senior?  Do guys like it when girls talk dirty to them? These are all questions that no one can seem to answer, yet many of us are thinking them. This is a column that embraces sex, and will hopefully spice up your day of people-watching in the student center and taking notes in class. So go ahead, forget about class or that hot guy waiting in line at Pandini’s for a second and read “Between the Sheets.” Trust me: you won’t regret it.

You know that cliché term, “age is just a number”? Well for some, that age is something that can make or break an attraction.

Age: it’s that thing that tells us how old we are. I am freshly 21, and wow, not carrying around my sisters fake ID is actually amazing. This topic is something near and dear to my heart for the reason that I find myself drooling over older men. Yes, old men! Like my teachers or my neighbor who’s 34 and I’m pretty sure single (call me). People may think it’s gross, but it’s like that saying, “don’t knock it ’till you try it.” And boy, I knocked alright. Older men are like fine wine: they get better with age.

We all know the name for those 40-year-old single women who are smoking hot and look better than us. I’m talking about that rare species:  a cougar.  But what do you call a woman who’s just looking for more maturity and experience in a relationship? Are we gold-diggers, or maybe sugar babies looking for a sugar daddy? I think what we call our dilemma is normal. Most women want a mature man with experience; we are not all the dominant type. I think attraction in older men is quite normal. Don’t get me wrong, younger men are great. It’s not that I have an age limit or anything, but it seems that we as women are drawn towards a more refined guy.

Now ladies, I’m sure we have all used scholarly sources, aka Google, to find answers to obsessions such as mine. Trust me I’m the first to Google something like, “sleeping with older men” but I was looking for an answer that was more relatable; something that didn’t come from the opinions of random horny women all around the world. I decided to take my curiosity to the streets of Hard Hittin’ New Britain and the Blue Devils’ territory.

I asked three simple questions to 100 unsuspecting sexy women all around campus: What is the age of the oldest man you have hooked-up with? What is the age of the youngest man you have hooked-up with? Do you prefer younger or older men? With each survey I received back, along with a few dirty looks, I was able to understand that maybe my obsession wasn’t so much an obsession, but a healthy search for the perfect man.

In my sample of 100 girls the average age was 21. When asked if these girls preferred younger or older men, 87% said that they preferred older men, 6% said that they had no preference and 7% said that they preferred younger men. The average age of the oldest man that they hooked up with was 25. The average age of the youngest they hooked-up with was 20.

With all of that in mind, I think it’s safe to say that the older the man, the better. So, put this newspaper down and go get ’em ladies. You want a guy 10 years older or even 15, DO IT UP, GET IT, TAP THAT ASS! Who cares what people think anyways, I mean age is just a number right?

Love always,