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Make Money Cleaning Out Your Closet


by Brennah Dallaire

Each year we ditch the old for the new, spending another fortune on the latest trends of the season. With these tips, you can put some money back in your pocket before you run out and buy those new sneakers.


Get Motivated

Grab a cup of coffee and turn the music on. The caffeine and good tunes will give you that extra motivation to purge all of the unworn clothing taking up space in your closet, and turn it into extra cash in your wallet. The best way to go about this process is to take an item out, then decide if it is a “keep” or “sell” item. Lay the “keep” items out on your bed and neatly fold the “sell” items, putting them in a garbage bag or reusable tote.


Ask Yourself The Important Questions

Deciding if an item is “keep” or “sell” is the hardest part. Here are a few tips to guide you to making a decision.

1. Is it a staple piece, meaning, is it timeless and can you pair it with many different outfits? If the answer is yes, throw it in the “keep” pile. If it is a trendy piece that your not sure is still in style, let it go, it’s a “sell”.

2. When was the last time you wore the item? If you have not worn the item in over a month, consider putting it in the “sell” pile. If it’s been three months or longer, it’s definitely a “sell” item.

3. Take a look at the pile of “sell” items. Make sure they are gently worn. They should have no holes, snags, or stains on them. They shouldn’t be older than a year a half.


Set Aside the High Ticket Items

Take a look at the pile of “sell” items one more time. Are there any designer or high end pieces? If so, set those pieces aside. If they are in excellent condition, you may want to put a little more effort in and sell them on a specialty site like Tradesy, Poshmark or Ebay. It is more work to set up an account, write a description and wait for a buyer. But if you get close to what you paid for the item originally, it will definitely be worth it.


Find Your Favorite Buy/Sell Service

Plato’s Closet is the easiest place to sell your gently used clothes. To sell, they require a valid photo ID. They take items that are up to 1.5 years old. The store will resell your items for 50-70% of what the item sold for at its original price, and you are given 30-40% of that, said Enfield Plato’s Closet Associate, Laura Kuphal. If the total of your sold items amounts to $40 or more, you will be paid by check. If the total is less than $40 you will be paid in cash, Kuphal said. Plato’s Closet does buy accessories including hats, headbands, belts, necklaces and jewelry (excluding body jewelry). Plato’s Closet excepts authentic designer brands including Coach, Michael Kors and Dooney and Bourke. Specially, trained employees verify that designer bags and accessories are authentic. Plato’s Closet offers a military discount, as well as a stamp card. Each stamp represents a $10 transaction, whether it be for buying or selling. Once you fill your stamp card, you can use the card as a 20% off coupon.

You will see the largest return on those high ticket items that were set aside in the purging process on a specialty site like Tradesy. Tradesy is an online marketplace to buy and sell gently used brand name clothing. The site boasts “Selling on Tradesy is Simple.” After creating an account, you can post the items you would like to sell. Tradesy will even enhance your photos to help them sell. Worried about the stress of shipping your items after they sell? Don’t be. According to, when you make a sale, Tradesy will send you a “pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping kit, complete with beautiful packaging.”  Tradesy will take a 14.9% commission. Access your earnings using PayPal, a debit card or an ACH transfer. Make sure your items are 100% authentic before listing them. If they are not, a buyer can flag the item. If a buyer returns an item they purchased from you, Tradesy will take care of the refund, unless it is because it was not as you described. If your item is not as you described or is not authentic, you as the seller will be charged back for the refund.


Cash It In 

Do you need some convincing to spend the time cleaning your closet out and selling your clothes? Shown here is a receipt from my personal transaction at Plato’s Closet. I brought in a small reusable tote full of my gently used clothes I haven’t worn in months. The proof is in the purchase. I purge my closet and sell at Plato’s Closet often, so this haul wasn’t as grand as some. See my receipt. Plato’s Closet offered me $21.90 for my clothes. There was a clearance sale happening in store, and I purchased two Old Navy shirts and an Old Navy skirt from there Summer 2016 inventory for $3.80. I left with $18.10.


Straight to Donation

The most important guideline to abide by is that anything you don’t sell at Plato’s Closet goes to donation. Plato’s Closet in South Windsor will take your unsold clothes and donate them for you. Call other locations to confirm they offer a similar service. Don’t put something you don’t wear back in your closet. The goal is minimalism, a decluttered closet and money is your pocket. If it has been over a month and you haven’t sold an item on one of the specialty sites mentioned, try selling the high ticket item at Plato’s Closet.


Enjoy Your Cash & Closet

You may have a favorite local thrift store in mind to sell to. That will work as well, but be aware of the commission they take.

Inside tip: Shop your items around. Inventory at used clothing stores are different, and will need different pieces or accessories. If some items don’t sell at one store, bring your haul to another before dropping it off at a donation drop box.



Consumer Expenditure Surveys from 2013 show the average spending per year of people under 25-years-old is $1513.00 . For a college student, that is a decent chunk of change. The saying “it takes money to make money” is true when you can make money off the clothing you’ve already purchased. Purge items from your closet as soon as you feel it getting cluttered. Try it at the beginning or end of every season.

Linkin Park Returns with a New Single

Image result for linkin park heavy

by Matt Balogh

At the forefront of the nu metal scene in the early 2000s, Linkin Park has grown to find a fan base of millions. By combining a large sound of heavy metal influence and hip hop elements of rapping style vocals, and DJ-led turntable scratching. This created a distinct sound for them, allowing their debut album Hybrid Theory to sell over 30 million copies worldwide.

Being a favorite of nu metal and hip hop fans alike, Hybrid Theory became a base for many nu metal bands to follow. Their singles “In The End” and “One Step Closer” had seen large rotation on rock stations, and continue to be staples in their live performances to this day.

Over the years, the band has put out 6 albums more, each to a sloping response by their long time fans. Fans have criticized their change in style, as it keeps inching towards a pop style. While not completely ditching their nu metal taste, their albums have featured more much lighter feeling songs, and less and less edge on their sound. Starting with songs like “Shadow of The Day”, and really everything on Minutes to Midnight, they have brought softer songs, and really a total departure to a pop rock-ish style.

In the case for their newest track “Heavy,” it seems as though they have completely converted themselves to a pop sound, ditching anything “rock” that the band had previously been known for. If the song suggests anything of the new album, this leaves anticipation of a rock-less, polished electronic pop album. The instrumentation is minimalist, and sounds almost completely computer generated, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Their downfalls, however, lie in the structure and lyrics of the song.

With not much going on in the background, the song seems to rely on the inclusion of the up-and-coming pop singer Kiiara. The singer does not bring much to save the song, and it resembles a pop duet in the vein of The Chainsmoker’s “Closer,” which exemplified the recurring motif of modern pop music: basic and seemingly uninteresting track that is attempted to be revived by new singer that is just as uninteresting. Kiiara’s vocal addition took the majority of the singing role after her awkward introduction in the chorus. Shifting energy very rarely throughout the track, the quickness of its length makes the song go from A to B, and feels like nothing had even happened.

The lyrics are really uninspired, just linking overused lines like “can’t escape the gravity,” “I’m holding on,” and the repetitive “why is everything so heavy,” which is ironic considering the nature of the song. The chorus had potential to save the verses from their simplicity, but is stuck to the repetition of the “why is everything so heavy” line.

For fans of the band, they have some real bad news coming to them. Hopefully the entire album won’t be following this style, as it lacks the feeling that Linkin Park had always packed. Although a change of style isn’t terrible, this song unfortunately doesn’t even work well as a pop song, and certainly works as only filler. Linkin Park has had a history of success and creativity, so it’s hard to blame them for experimentation. The song could possibly find the interest of die hard fans, or maybe fans of modern pop music.

Flying Your Way To A Future

by Alonso Velasquez  & Kimberly Pena

Studying abroad does not only allow students to explore the world, but also helps students to graduate and seek employment after college, according to data from Central Connecticut State University’s Center for International Education. 

According to a CIE PowerPoint presentation, 97 percent of students who study abroad find employment within 12 months of graduation, compared to only 49 percent of those who do not study abroad. 

That is why the CIE found it extremely important to still host its Study Abroad Fair, even after being postponed due to a snowstorm. The CCSU Study Abroad fair took place at the Bellin Gallery from 2-5 p.m. on Feb. 14. Despite the delay, the event went on without major changes or cancellations by presenters.

The goal of the fair according to Erin-Leigh Beecher, Coordinator of International Education, was “to encourage students to have an international experience while they do their undergrad or graduate program at CCSU.”

Jayline Johnson, a CCSU junior, believes studying abroad benefits students in variety of ways, and there is no limit to what one can learn in a new country.

“I think studying abroad is a good opportunity for someone to experience a new culture.” said Johnson. “It is a good opportunity to learn a new language, or if you already know the language, to get better at it.” 

The fair had a variety of options for whatever type of traveler you are, ranging from two week programs to year long ones. For those wanting to stay in a foreign university with language not being a barrier, there is the University of Hertfordshire in England. This is a semester year long program where students can hop on a train and be in London within 20 minutes.

Those who want to travel around a country, there is a two week summer program in Vietnam where students focus on exploring Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, where the economic centers of the rapidly growing Tiger economy.

Also for those seeking an adventure thrill, there is a joint trip to Botswana, Namibia and Zambia, where students will lodge in tents as they explore the center of game in Africa.

There are about over 10 study abroad programs ready to embark their travels this upcoming spring break, such countries include; Spain, Denmark, Peru, South Africa and several others.

In regards to the CIE PowerPoint, students who study abroad develop cross-cultural skills and understanding, and develop the ability to reconcile their own and competing perspectives on global issues.

According to CIE, a student is 19 percent more likely to graduate from college if he/she studies abroad.

“Study abroad increases the six year graduation rate by 19 percent and the four year graduation rate by 15 percent,” said on the PowerPoint.

With that data, CIE enforces the idea that a student should at least study abroad once during their college years to expose themselves to different scenarios, and the ability to build their skills in the work field.

Only one percent of college students in America study abroad. CIE wants Central students to view studying abroad as not as an expense, but as an investment.

CCSU student Johnny Collado, talked about his experience studying abroad for a year in Salamanca. He picked the trip over buying a new car, and he has yet to regret that decision.

In places like Salamanca, students can decide between staying in the university or rooming with others in the city. In Salamanca and Kansai Gaidai, students can choose for how long they want their stay to be for, ranging from a few weeks to a full year.

For further information on how to study abroad, you can contact CIE at (860)-832-2040 or visit them in Barnard Hall, room 123 from Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

50 Shades Darker, or Just Duller

by Sophia Contreras

It’s safe to say that “50 Shades Darker” is not a film you would watch with your parents. If you’ve read the book or were hoping for improvement from the first movie, you will be sadly disappointed, and it will happen fast.

The film lacked an actual deep and interesting plot. Rarely ever does the movie live up to the book, but the movie adaptation of “50 Shades Darker” was just too long to sit through without getting bored.

The film sort of glorifies relationship abuse; a guy sweeps a naive girl off her feet and tries to control every aspect of her life. He orders her food, buys the company she works for to control her and tries to convince her that everything they are doing is perfectly normal, knowing that she doesn’t have enough life experience. They break up at the end of the first movie, and just like every other young naive girl she takes him back because “he is going to change,” we’ve all heard that one before.

Putting Christian Grey aside, the sequel includes another man competing for Anastasia love her boss, who invites her on a supposed business trip in New York and after Christian tell her she can’t go, her boss sexually harasses her.

Besides Anastasia’s new work drama, the film also exposes Christian’s old drama and history of abuse. We are introduced to his biological abusive parents, and to one of ex-submissive who desperate for his attention again. Christian’s mother and ex-submissive both look strikingly alike to Anastasia, making the viewer think that he might have some mommy issues. Christian past put Anastasia into life or death situations, and if you’ve seen the first movie you know how he gets about her safety.

Anastasia is exposed to his past and sees a side of him that disgusts her, however, this still doesn’t stop her feelings for him. Anastasia and Christian get more serious and make big steps in their relationship.

Specifically during Christian’s birthday party, the couple openly expresses their feelings for each other, leaving Christian’s mother to find out about his sexually abusive past with their family friend. The whole family is distraught, and to make things worse, Christian ends up in an awful helicopter accident. When he walks back into his house, he is annoyed that his family was worried. Like all Hollywood movies, despite his freak accident, he only comes out of his accident with a single scratch on his head.

The movie ends on a relatively happy note, but it definitely left space for another two movies. Despite how bad “50 Shades Darker” was, everyone knows that it’s so bad that everyone just has to watch it. Its like “Keeping up with Kardashians” or “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding,” no matter how bad it is, you will never be able to look away or delete all the episodes from your DVR.

Relient K’s Truly Madly Deeply EP

by Matt Balogh

Starting in 1998, Relient K made their way through the Christian Punk scene, eventually finding their audience. With a contract signed to indie Christian label, Gotee Records, Relient K released their self-titled debut to little initial reaction, but eventually went on to sell 400,000 copies. The band’s sound had used humor and references to pop culture to combine with a catchy pop-punk sound, making them the perfect subject for an era that pop-punk dominated.

A year later, the band’s next album “Anatomy of Tongue and Cheek,” had charted them on the Billboard 200, debuting at number 158. Songs like “Pressing On” and “Sadie Hawkin’s Dance” had brought them more popularity, and the album eventually was certified gold. Throughout another full length and a handful of EPs later, Relient K had managed not to lose their playful wit and pop-punk charm that listeners loved.

In 2004, Relient K met with mainstream success, as they signed to Capitol Records to release their album “Mmhmm,” heavily driven by their hit single “Be My Escape.” The album peaked at number 15 on the Billboard 200, and furthered their success even more. This album worked as a platform for experimentation, when compared to their previous releases. While maintaining a pop-punk element, “Mmhmm” introduces sounds of alternative rock, post-hardcore and even soft rock balled-style songs. After “Mmhmm,” the band had released 6 albums, including a Christmas compilation.

Lyrically, their songs discuss various topics, however, they do incorporate Christian faith into their lyrics. Over the years, the religious references have seldom appeared, but still are a consistent feature of their music. Since their stylistic experimentation in “Mmhmm,” their lyrics have been a little more serious than their cheerful and humorous songs in the past.

In 2017, Relient K had released their new EP in time for Valentine’s Day, titled “Truly Madly Deeply.” Despite the title, there are no covers of Savage Garden, but rather a 3 song EP of all originals.

Leading off the EP “Candy Hearts,” is a return to the pop-punk sound that the band had so perfectly perfected. The song makes for an excellent introduction of the very short EP, working as a “carpe diem” style story, offering love to an unknown recipient.

The song has very straightforward structure, but is very energetic as a modern love song. Showing their versatility, the next track “Happy Valentimes” is a rockabilly style song, featuring a shuffling beat that pumps out a catchy backbone to the song. “Happy Valentimes” is a lot less complex lyrically, as it follows a linear love story and squeezes in some essential ‘Lalalas.’ The final track, “BMI Valentine” has a style similar to folk-rock, complete with an acoustic guitar backing. This song is a fairly depressing close to an EP full of love, considering it is more of a hopeless romantic story. The song references to alcoholism, and being without a heart while looking for a valentine.

For what it’s worth, the EP is a nice little collection for a listen during this year’s Valentine’s Day. The length of it helps with the variation of song genres, making it flow better than they may have on a full length. Specifically, lead singer/guitarist Matt Thiessen’s lyrics have never dulled, and continue to influence feeling on the band’s fans.

Netflix It: New Girl

by Kayla Murphy

Besides my bias for binge-watching this “adorkable” show, New Girl has become one of the hottest trending comedies throughout the network. Starting back in 2011, New Girl has gained about 10 million viewers over the six seasons.

Kooky school teacher Jess, played by Zooey Deschanel, moves into an apartment in Los Angeles with three men after her boyfriend cheats on her. Her housemates Nick, played by Jake Johnson, Schmidt, played by Max Greenfield, and Winston, played by Lamorne Morris, all must help Jess get out of her break-up slump. Jess’s best friend CeCe, played by Hannah Simone, is also featured throughout the show aiding Jess, while forming a love interest with one of the housemates.

“I love the humor and quirky characters,” says junior theatre major Josh DiOrio, “I really like Zooey Deschanel as an actress.”

Highly recommending this show to others, DiOrio believes that people in general will enjoy this show because each of the characters has a different personality that anyone can connect to. “It’s an easily relatable show,” he says.

Freshman elementary education student, Lyndsy Ignacio, says she really likes the characters and how the characters interact with one another.

“I love their personalities,” she says. “I love Nick Miller, he’s my favorite character on the show. My goal in life is to marry my own Nick, he’s so cute,” she jokes.

Nominated for several Golden Globes and Emmy awards, New Girl combines comedy and dramatic elements that will engage a vast audience. The characters, all in their mid 30s, must figure out how to deal with maturing relationships and different career choices.

One thing that hooks me to the show the most is the different chemistry between all of the characters. Each episode is enjoyable and exciting to see which characters will develop into relationships.

Are you cheering for Nick and Jess to get together? Do you think Schmidt should stop pursuing his admirer? Will Winston ever get a decent girl? With smart writing, this is a show that genuinely makes me laugh. New Girl takes all the awkward moments of one’s life, such as first dates and new jobs, and turns it into irresistible goofiness.

No Netflix? No problem! Tuesdays at 8pm on FOX, one can catch up on all the crazy schemes of New Girl.

RECentral’s Insanity Workout

by Sophia Contreras

On Wednesday night, students were hot and sweaty in Kaiser Gym thanks to the Insanity Workout event hosted by RECentral. The instructor was a Central Connecticut State University alumnus, who attended three years ago and studied physical education.

The Insanity workout is said to burn up to 1,000 calories during a single 45-minute session, which, for students looking to get their spring break bodies soon, was a major appeal in attending the event.

When the Insanity warm-up began, about 100 students were present and eager to start their workout. However, by halfway into the workout, about a quarter had left. The high intensity workout was just too much for some. “My favorite part of the workout were the breaks,” said Jeffrey Flores, a criminal justice major at CCSU.

The instructor was very supportive and motivating. She offered plenty of alternatives to every movement. By the end of the workout, only the most determined participants remained. Although not all the participants finished the whole workout, everyone went home with an Insanity t-shirt to prove their accomplishment of participating in the workout.

RECentral was looking forward to hosting the Insanity workout event again. “A couple of years ago, [ReCentral] hosted the Insanity workout, we had about 400 students show up. We’re excited to host it again and are hoping for another big turn out, but with the weather conditions outside, we are unsure. We just want the students to have a fun way to stay active,” said Ken DeStefanis, director of RECentral.

Participants ranged from experienced athletes to students who wanted to get out of winter hibernation. “I’ve just started to vigorously work out because I am working on my Revenge Body inspired by Khloe Kardashian,” said Flores.

“I would recommend this workout to people who love cardio,” said sophomore Amy Brigham. When asked if she would do the workout again, she said, “I feel like I should say yes, but definitely not, it was a lot to handle at once.”

For students looking for a more vigorous workout, DeStefanis recommends the fitness classes offered by RECentral at Memorial Hall that include body boot camp, Zumba, spinning, yoga and more. The fitness class schedule can be found on RECentral’s website and paper copies are available at all gyms on campus.

RECentral hopes to host other similar events to encourage students to become more active. “We’ve been thinking about having Work Out Wednesday. We usually have programs like Insanity a few times a semester, we are hoping to have another similar event around Spring Week too, to get the students moving,” said DeStefanis.

2017 BAFTA Awards

by Corey O’Neill

This past Sunday, the 70th annual British Academy Film and Television Art Awards (BAFTA) were held at The Royal Albert Hall in London, England. Stars were shining on the red carpet, and once the show began, “La La Land” had a huge night.

Once again, “La La Land” scored big, taking home the most awards with 5, including Best Film. The film also won for Best Director (Damien Chazelle), Best Actress in a Leading Role (Emma Stone), Best Cinematography and Best Original Music. Having the most award nominations for a film with 11, “La La Land” looks to be a big favorite to win Best Picture at this year’s upcoming Oscars. The film also smashed a Golden Globes record, winning every award it was nominated for with 7. All signs point to Oscar wins!

During Stone’s acceptance speech, she touched upon today’s world affairs. “This country – and the US, and the world – seems to be going through a bit of a time, just a bit… In a time that’s so divisive, I think it’s so special we were able to come together tonight thanks to BAFTA, to celebrate the positive gift of creativity and how it can transcend borders, and how it can help people to feel a little less alone.”

Kenneth Lonergan’s film “Manchester by the Sea,” also took home multiple awards, winning for Best Original Screenplay and Best Actor in a Leading Role (Casey Affleck). Affleck won this award for his performance as Lee Chandler at the Golden Globes as well.

With Meryl Streep in attendance, Affleck felt he needed to speak to her regarding her Golden Globes speech after the ceremony. “I told her how much her speech at the Golden Globes meant to all of us and how grateful I was that she did it, and kicked in the door a little bit, and said it’s OK to talk about these things and said it doesn’t matter if we are actors, we have been given a microphone and we can speak out.”

Another film which took home multiple awards was Garth Davis’s film “Lion.” “Lion,” which is about an adopted man searching for his family in India, was awarded Best Adapted Screenplay (based on the book “A Long Way Home” by Saroo Brierley) and Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Dev Patel). The 26-year-old Patel described the win as ‘so overwhelming.’

Other notable awards include Viola Davis for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for “Fences,” Best Editing for “Hacksaw Ridge” (John Gilbert), and Tom Holland, who plays Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, was awarded the Rising Star Award.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Awards show, the BAFTAs are essentially the British Oscars. Like the Golden Globes and the SAG Awards, the BAFTAs are a strong indicator for who and what will take home Academy Awards, award season’s most coveted prize. The Academy Awards take place on Feb. 26.

59th Grammys Recap: A Year of Firsts

by Matt Balogh 

While Connecticut had a very snowy and hectic weekend, the biggest names in the music business were preparing themselves for the 59th Celebration of the Grammy Awards.

This year, the beloved James Corden had the honor of hosting, bringing his usual comedic elements featured heavily throughout his late-night show. During his introduction, Corden demonstrated his comedic style by falling down the stairs as the opening song progressed. In a shift of feeling, Corden began to rap a summary of upcoming events planned for the night, accompanied by a beat for his well-rehearsed itinerary rap.
The show was filled with many exciting moments, but also had its fair share of technical difficulties and political influenced speeches. Being a celebration of music, the show was jam-packed with performances from many artists, including some of the nominees.

After Adele’s show-opening rendition of “Hello,” many artists followed with their acts such as Daft Punk with The Weekend, Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars and Chance the Rapper. Some performances were more minimalistic than others, such as Ed Sheeran’s stripped-down looper pedal performance of “Shape of You.”

Sheeran had used the guitar pedal technology to record live loops on the spot, and built them up as he sang and played guitar over the backing, making for a very interesting display. As for the more elaborate performances, the widely acclaimed artist Beyoncè had a massive display, paying tribute to themes such as motherhood, love and civil harmony. The act brought out over two dozen back up dancers, and featured special effects to bring a surreal element to the imagery of the routine.

The night also paid tribute to recently passed musical artists George Michael and Prince. Adele led the George Michael tribute with a performance of “Fastlove,” to which she had requested to restart while looking rather disappointed in herself. Later on, Bruno Mars had collaborated with The Times to bring an energetic dedication to Prince.

In a more political influence, A Tribe Called Quest took the stage with Anderson Paak, Consequence and Busta Rhymes to both pay tribute to their fallen member Phife Dawg, and to use their performance of their song “We The People” to slam President Donald Trump. In an excellent message of equality, they made the message clear to resist to “President Agent Orange.”

There were some interesting collaborations throughout the night, most notably the Bee Gees tribute and the unusual pairing of Lady Gaga with Metallica. In a medley of the Bee Gees’ classic hits, Demi Lovato, Tori Kelly and Little Big Town set the stage merging all their own styles, blending the segments fairly well. On the other hand, the chemistry with Lady Gaga and Metallica felt rather forced, and very odd. Their performance of Metallica’s new song “Moth Into Flame” made Gaga look like a winner of a “Sing with the band” contest, as it unraveled itself as more as a karaoke tribute. James Hetfield’s mic had not been working, adding to the uncomfortable environment of the situation, however, Gaga at least maintained very high energy to keep the song going, appropriately ending with a stage-dive at the song’s end.

The Awards themselves brought history, as there were many first-time winners and records set. One of the more interesting of the winners was Chance the Rapper, a fully independent artist that took home 3 awards last night. Considering Chance releases all his music for free, this meant that he had been awarded more Grammys than the total amount of songs he has sold.

Chance also beat out Kanye West for Rap Album of the Year with his mixtape “Coloring Book.” First time winners Twenty One Pilots had accepted their award for best Pop Duo in a peculiar fashion: with their pants off. Singer Tyler Joseph had explained to the audience that they had promised themselves that ever since they once watched the same event on TV while dressed in a similar outfit. David Bowie had certainly left his mark on the musical world, as he posthumously won all 5 awards that he had been nominated for. Many different artists and family members came up to accept his awards in his honor.

One of the most anticipated face-offs of the night went to Beyoncè and Adele. Both highly acclaimed artists, but went head to head on several awards. While being widely praised and essentially hyped up over everything she does, Beyoncè was expected to have a clean sweep through all of her 9 nominations. However, for both Record and Album of the year, Adele had claimed victory, but tearfully gave a shoutout to Beyoncè as she felt that her album had deserved it instead.

The night had been a very shocking and entertaining collection of artists, certainly made for an interesting event.

How Not To Be a Cheap Boyfriend on Valentine’s Day

by Kayla Murphy and Dustin Wong

Valentine’s Day is the one time a year where couples get fancy and go on romantic dinners and buy each other expensive gifts. However, with the crisis of this dwindling economy, it’s easy to understand why one would want to be budget-friendly. Girls aren’t always expecting bigger and better gifts, sometimes less is more. But just because your a little low on cash, doesn’t mean you should be getting your girl something cheap and something she won’t use or wear. We’ve complied a list of gifts under $10 that your girlfriend will love.

  1. A bathbomb -$7

They’re relaxing and the latest soap trends.Some even come with surprises on the inside of the bath bomb. If she has a tub, which hopefully she does, surprise her with this relaxing treat.

  1. A recipe book- $10

Does your girl like to cook? Work together to make a meal from the cookbook as your Valentine’s Day date.

  1. An infinity scarf- $8

February is a cold winery season, keep your girl snuggled up and fashionable with a cozy scarf. Stores such as Forever 21, Gap and American Eagle have adorable scarves.

  1. Face masks- $5

Whether its an avocado mask or a charcoal mask, give your girl easy do-it-yourself face masks for her to relax with. You can buy these masks at Sally’s Beauty Salon.

  1. Fuzzy socks- $8

One can easily get the cutest socks for reasonable price. Target has a wide variety of socks that have different patterns and textures.

  1. Hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies- $8

Everyone loves to cozy up with a cup of warm hot cocoa and a delicious chocolate chip cookies. We personally like the brand Swiss. For added extra-deliciousness, purchase a jar of Fluff, and scoop a little bit of fluff and put it into your hot chocolate.

  1. A disposable camera- $6- $9

Spend a whole day taking pictures with your girlfriend. You can bring the camera to Walmart to get the film developed. And she’ll love the idea of being crafty and making a scrapbook!

  1. A coupon book- $8

These “personalized vouchers of love” are perfect to give your girlfriend. The 12 coupons can be “cashed in” at any time, such as “one free massage”, “good for one breakfast in bed” etc.

  1. Poetry books- $8

Give your girl the book she won’t be able to put down. Poetry books such as “Milk and Honey” and “I Still Want It” are excellent poetry books to spark emotion and creativity.

  1. Stuffed animal- $10

Get your girl something cozy and soft to hold; bears are available at Walmart and Party City