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Guys…We Have Enough Parking

by Ruth Bruno

Excuse me while I voice my unpopular opinion.

During your merry days here at Central Connecticut you may have noticed the lack of parking spaces. Even more noticeable is the number of students complaining about the lack of parking spaces.

If you’re a commuter who relies on the availability of these spaces, I’m sure you know the drill. You finish up your last-minute homework, toss it into your backpack and rush to your vehicle. After somehow surviving the highway traffic, you wait in line to get into your favorite garage only to find that every spot is filled.

After another 15 minutes on your quest for a space, you pull in and, if you’re feeling ambitious, jog to class. Upon your eventual arrival you’re met with a sidelong glance from your professor and annoyed shuffling from other students as you make your way to that one empty seat in the middle of the classroom.

And I sympathize. I really do. But the fact of the matter is, there is parking on campus…it’s just not convenient parking.

Due to the constant attention drawn to the issue, a transportation survey was conducted by the Central Connecticut Regional Planning Agency (CCRPA). The study found that at any point in time, there are enough available spaces on campus to accommodate all students and faculty who have classes at the given time.

The proof shows through the empty spots tucked away in the dark corners of Copernicus and even the top of Welte Garage.

Unless you happen to be the scientifically-inclined student who waltzes over to Copernicus Hall from that particular garage, you’re walk to class is long, time-consuming and even miserable depending on the weather.

But far worse than that long walk is the amount of student debt we’ll be facing when we no longer have to make those trips. We are currently living in a state that is spending far over our annual budget and cannot continue this habit.

Malloy proved that last year when funding to state universities was cut and tuition prices were increased.

While one might argue, that because CCSU just built a new residence hall, we should be able to have a new garage. However, just because there’s money to be spent doesn’t mean it always should be spent.

It’s not more parking spots that we need, but probably more time, more patience and a little more understanding from professors who penalize students for being ten minutes late for class.

So move your derrières over to the creepy halls of Copernicus Garage and fill that garage up before demanding a new one.