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Zika: A Growing Concern

by Lorenzo Burgio

The Zika virus, which is spread by mosquito bites  and sexual contact and causes microcephaly in newborns, is rapidly becoming a larger global concern and needs a priority to nations world-wide.

“Mosquitoes become infected when they bite a person already infected with the virus. Infected mosquitoes can then spread the virus to other people through bites. It can also be transmitted from a pregnant mother to her baby during pregnancy or around the time of birth,” stated the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Microcephaly causes newborns to have a below-average head size and brain-growth rate. The World Health Organization (WHO) stated to BBC, rapid research, containment and aid to individuals suffering or at risk of the Zika virus is necessary.

According to the official White House website, President Obama and his administration recently asked Congress for $1.8 billion, “In emergency funding to enhance our ongoing efforts to prepare for and respond to the Zika virus, both domestically and internationally.”

The growing concern comes from the virus’ close proximity to the U.S. Pan American Health Organizationclaimed there are currently 26 countries and territories where the virus is being transmitted through mosquitoes in the Americas. This number is worrisome, not because the virus’ close nature, but because it took this many countries to suffer for global powers to take action.

Even though no cases of Zika transmitted through mosquitos in the U.S. have been documented, there is still a concern as warmer months approach and mosquitos travel – especially in the southern part of the country.

The virus can also be transmitted sexually and this has breached the country’s borders. The CDC recently added an aspect to their Zika prevention guidelines. It states for all pregnant women to be very cautious who they have sex with has not traveled to an area where Zika is circulating. As the Zika virus only stays in the bloodstream for about a week, it is still unsure how long it stays in semen.

The CDC’s statement came after the Zika virus was spread through sexual contact to an individual in Dallas, Texas.  According to CNN, a pregnant woman had sex with a man who recently traveled to Venezuela and contracted the virus from a mosquito bite.

The reasons for prevention and aid of the Zika virus to be top priority are endless. Let’s keep in mind the 2016 Olympics are going to be held in Rio, Brazil – currently they have around 4,000 cases of the Zika virus documented.  It seems quite obvious the almost 70,000 Carnival going in Rio de Janeiro didn’t help contain the virus either.

Congress needs to provide this funding – quickly. The need to treat and prevent is at an all-time high. Multiple European medical organizations are currently working on various research and cures, according to BBC. A virus that is spread globally with such ease by mosquitos, needs to be a top priority world-wide.


Malloy’s Budget Needs Revision

Board of Regents (BOR) President Mark Ojakian, believes a reassessment of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s recent budget recommendation is necessary, before further action is taken.

 “We’re going to have to assess the impact institution by institution and the system as a whole. Clearly, if the budget was enacted, as it was proposed today, it would create some issues around access and affordability and quality at our institutions,” said Ojakian to the Hartford Courant.

Ojakian oversees all 17-institutions under the Connecticut State Colleges & Universities (CSCU) system. At no point should budget alterations impact the credibility of this state’s institutions or the degrees issued – regardless the reasoning.

Gov. Malloy’s proposed $26 million budget recommendations and its repercussions, must be dissected and analyzed on every level. Ojakian explained to the Hartford Courant, the state’s university systems along with its students should be a top priority for legislation.

The idea these funds could be restored from elsewhere, such as increased tuition and fees, was proposed. Ojakian stated to the Hartford Courant that if to happen, institutions under the CSCU system would become unaffordable. “We have a different demographic make-up than other higher education institutions,” consisting largely of middle to lower-income students.

These budget cuts are simply unacceptable – these recommendations need to be revised with colleges and universities in mind.

The recommendations were initially planned to impact workers’ healthcare, retirement and benefits state-wide. According to The CT Mirror, the target recently changed to colleges and universities.

In a statement to The CT Mirror, the governor’s budget chief Ben Barnes said, “An amount based on the judgment of the legislature, not an amount that has some basis in the cost of their employees.”

The state’s colleges and universities’ fate should not depend on legislation, this will inevitably be disastrous. Legislatures aren’t familiar with the institutions, their tuitions and fees, or the funds needed to maintain credibility and a progressing establishment.

At the same time the budget recommendations were proposed, Gov. Malloy offered institutions under the CSCU system $2.3 million incentives, if they promote the state’s efforts to increase enrollment of low-income students.

This is simply adding insult to injury. Institutions under the CSCU system, with the proposed recommendations, will not be able to increase enrollment of low-income students – or any students for that matter.

Representative Roberta Willis (D-Salisbury), said to the Hartford Courant, “Higher education always gets cut, it’s the whipping boy it seems.”

We at The Recorder firmly agree with Ojakian that a reassessment of Gov. Malloy’s budget recommendations is needed. The fate of colleges, universities, their credibility and ability to provide affordable and proper education, should not be compromised or left in the hands of legislation.  It is time to stop using higher education as “the whipping boy,” and start treating it as the priority it is.

An Alternate Approach to Addiction

by Lorenzo Burgio

Last spring, Police Chief Leonard Campanello of Gloucester, Mass. stated that any drug addict who walks into the station with the remainder of their drug equipment, will not be arrested – instead they will be helped through the system to recovery and detox.

Campanello recognizes addiction as a disease and acknowledges that now the war on drugs is over, a new tactic is necessary. The Gloucester Police Department has created the Gloucester Angels Program specifically to help rehabilitate addicts. This alternate approach to addiction has proven to yield great results. Campanello’s initiative and understanding could be the essential angle to tackle this country’s drug issue.

Campanello generated the best possible approach to the drug problem. According to a National Post article, Campanello uses seized drug money to buy Narcan, a lifesaving drug that can bring an individual back from the brink of death in the case of an overdose. This is an incredibly creative and effective way to aid addicts, and should be utilized more throughout the country.

The chief recognized that when someone is suffering from an overdose, other individuals present hesitate to call for aid out of fear of being arrested. “Campanello acknowledged that addiction is a real disease that requires treatment and isn’t a form of deviancy to be punished,” said the National Post.

“Other police departments, fed up with arresting addicts and getting nowhere, saw the Gloucester approach as a promising way to address the epidemic of heroin and prescription pain pills, which together killed 47,055 people in 2014 nationwide — more than died in car accidents, homicides or suicides,” stated a New York Times article.

Since the program began in July, 2015, 391 addicts sought out help from the Gloucester Police Department. Some individuals are from the Gloucester area and others from all over the country. Every single one has been placed in treatment.

Currently, 56 police departments in 17 states have enacted a plan similar to Campanello’s and another 110 are in the process of starting, according to the New York Times. Additionally, Campanello got around 200 treatment centers to sign on as partners from around the country.

This comes at a good time, as Congress has recently lifted a ban that restricted federal money to be used for clean needle exchanges. Yes, this has been proven to dramatically decrease H.I.V., infections and death and is a necessity – but more needs to be done, more funds need to be distributed to different entities that provide rehabilitation services.

The Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act is currently making its way through both houses of Congress. It is vital for this act to be put to its full use. If passed, addiction treatment would dramatically improve throughout the country, and programs such as Campanello’s would have much more access to funding; something this country is in desperate need of. According to the New York Times, under the act, human services and the secretary of health are required to generate the best system for distributing possibly abusive medications, as well as inform doctors nationwide.

The act would also allow the federal government to grant money to state and local governments, rehabilitation centers and non-profits to further treat addiction as a disorder.

According to the New York Times, the act will do so much more. For example, “Expanding or developing alternatives to incarceration, such as treatment, for defendants who meet certain criteria; improving educational opportunities for offenders in jails, prisons and juvenile detention facilities.”

There is a clear need for this act to be passed. Programs such as Campanello’s have been proven to work, but need federal, state and local governments to aid them in their quests to rehabilitate addicts and treat addiction like a disorder.

Fate of Caucuses to be Determined by O’Malley

In the time left before the caucuses, Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are working to grab all the possible votes for the Iowa caucuses.

According to ABC News, as of Jan. 12th Sanders was up five points against Clinton.

This poll could mean nothing though – with Martin O’Malley still in the race, the results are unpredictable.

O’Malley and his supporters are in an unusual situation, he has barely exceeded five percent according to the New York Times.

If O’Malley is unable to reach 15 percent of the votes, hit supporters will be ruled “nonviable,” then be up for grabs by any other candidate.

When supporters arrive at the caucuses they will be divided by candidate, if at that point O’Malley does not reach the 15 percent limit, his supporters are then free to choose which candidate to back-up.

This will then initiate a chaotic rat race where Sanders, Clinton and their campaigns fight over O’Malley’s 1,700 supporters. Which is only about four percent of supporters, but could make all the difference.

“It is unclear whether Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Sanders has more backing among O’Malley supporters,” stated the New York Times in an article.

It seems regardless of the current data the results of the Iowa caucus lies on the fate of O’Malley supporters. His predicted inability to reach 15 percent before Feb. 1st makes his supporters a vital aspect of the caucuses. As well as Clinton and Sanders’ ability to prepare to grab O’Malley’s, most likely inevitably, nonviable voters in the last minutes of the caucuses.

If O’Malley was unable to reach 15 percent voting, the New York Times mentioned two important factors for that could lead someone to believe Sanders could win the nomination.

The first being, “If an O’Malley supporter is wearing a pro-environment button, a Sanders supporter would describe the Vermont senator’s opposition to a proposed oil pipeline across Iowa, which Mrs. Clinton has not taken a stand on.”

The second, nominating Sanders would prolong O’Malley’s time for nomination.

Although, Taylor Van De Krol, the Democratic chairman of Jasper County said to the New York Times, “I have a feeling and assumption it’s Hilary.”

“Clinton said Sunday that won’t be necessary because she will ultimately win the Democratic nomination. Even if Sanders wins Iowa and New Hampshire — where he is ahead in polls,” stated USA Today in an article.

Although winning the infamous Iowa caucus does not necessarily determine or predict the outcome of the actual election, it can give Sanders or Clinton the boost or setback that will make or break each campaign. The most candidates can do is prepare and develop strategic last minute ways to snag possible votes – which are clearly going to become available looking at O’Malley’s numbers.

For us at The Recorder, it’s unclear what will happen at the caucuses with Clinton and Sanders currently neck-in-neck – as many others are probably still unable to say confidently who will be the ultimate winner here.

Where is the Sense of Urgency?

by Lorenzo Burgio

The Syrian towns of Madaya, Foua and Kefraya finally received aid Monday, Jan. 11th after suffering an atrocious six months of starvation and being cut off completely from the outside world.

Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad and aligned forces began to isolate these towns and eliminating their access to food and supplies in July 2015. There are multiple other isolated towns that are also currently besieged, but suffer from lack of media access.

The images of the towns and residents were heart-wrenching and living conditions, unimaginable. According to a New York Times article, residents were eating insects and walking through mine fields to retrieve little bits of grass available just to survive.

When trucks sent by the United Nations filled with supplies arrived Monday, hundreds of individuals fled for aid. The terrible conditions were then noticed. “There is no comparison to what we saw in Madaya,” said Sajjad Malik, the U.N. refugee agency’s Chief in Damascus to the New York Times.

It was noticed that residents were burning scraps of cardboard just to heat their homes and performing medical procedures without any anesthetic.

The actions by al-Assad and his aligned forces are atrocious and remarkably inhumane. It is also concerning more action wasn’t taken by the U.N. or any global powers in stopping these catastrophes.

According to the U.N. News Centre, the U.N. sent aid to Madaya, as well as other towns undergoing siege, in October 2015. This was three months after the siege began, now the world is aiding three months after that. There is clear need for the U.N. and other global powers to intervene more frequently. These individuals are suffering as global resources and aid stand idly by.

Unfortunately, in those three months the 40,000 residents of Madaya, Foua, Kefraya and countless other towns suffered atrocious living situations and starvation resulting in the death of dozens, said U.N. Humanitarian Chief Stephen O’Brien to BBC.

The U.N. was aware of besieged towns and the severity of the situations. “The Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) estimates that some 393,700 people are living under siege in Syria, in areas controlled by the terrorist group ISIL, the Syrian Government, as well as by non-State armed opposition groups and the Al-Qaida-affiliated Al-Nusrah Front,” said the U.N. News Centre in an article published in October 2015.

The lack of urgency displayed is simply unacceptable. The fact more was not and is not being done to aid besieged towns is inexcusable. The world has been aware of these vulgar acts for six months now – it’s time to end it.

The most daunting part of the matter at hand is for the past six months, whole families have been wondering where the rest of the world is and why no one is doing anything.

“We need regular, unimpeded access. We cannot send food that’s enough for a year and let people be besieged. We have to reach them on a monthly basis,” said Abeer Etefa the U.N.’s World Food Program’s spokesperson to NPR.

Etefa continued to explain certain areas have been cut off for months and others still have not received any aid.

Has the world become so desensitized to atrocities like these that now they feel fictitious? This has gone on long enough. The U.N. and the rest of the world need a rude awakening. It is time to put global resources to their full potential and recognize it is a global responsibility to help besieged towns.

Potential Lawsuit Against SGA Prompts Vote Over First Amendment

by Christopher Marinelli

After much political controversy regarding concerns of hate speech within the Student Government Association (SGA), The SGA approved a $541 allocation for the Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) in order to bring in Bruce Fein in a 20-9 vote.

Members of SGA had concerned of bringing in Fein due to his involvement with the Turkish government, of which members of the SGA had claimed he denied the Armenian Genocide of happening.

President of YAL Brian Pyor discredited this assumption stating, “He’s an expert with foreign policy on ending over seas aggression, as a really high profile lawyer he had done some work representing the Turkish government. As a lawyer on international law, on regular law, individual words carry different repercussions legally. He was arguing the term ‘genocide,’ does not apply in this case.”

Pyor affirmed Fein’s knowledge of the matter and continued, “It absolutely happened, he knows there was a mass killing.”

Fein wrote in an article published in The Huffington Post, “Not a single one of those deaths necessarily falls within the definition of genocide in the authoritative Genocide Convention of 1948. It requires proof that the accused was responsible for the physical destruction of a group in whole or in substantial part specifically because of their race, nationality, religion or ethnicity.”

“Armenians have a genuine tale of woe. It largely overlaps with the tale of tragedy and suffering that can be told by Ottoman Muslims during the war years,” added Pyor.

Ed Corey spoke against bringing Fein to campus saying, “We did not want to allocate funds to that speaker due to concerns that he is known to make notes on certain things. He discounts it as a serious political event.”

The University Attorney Carolyn Magnan came to the SGA meeting in order to supply legal console after YAL threatened to sue the school if SGA chose to deny Fein. “There is no such constitutional misnomer of hate speech. Just because something is offensive to you, does not mean that it is not protected speech,” said Magnan.

Senator Stephen Dew also commented on the allocation after asserting his own disagreement with bringing the speaker, but emphasized on the importance of free speech on campus.

“When we start to limit that, in the sense of safety or if students would be offended, it doesn’t allow us to be the full adult we’re supposed to be,” said Dew. “It’s about trying to have that debate and have that discussion. Students can protest that speaker and not go to that speaker.”

SGA also voted to freeze the Paranormal Research Societies funds after not having club money accounted for with a 18-5 vote.

Senator Eric Ott spoke against this vote due to issues not being with the club, but rather with their president.

“I don’t like to freeze clubs accounts, but with paranormal club from what I hear things have not been going good for this club,” said Ott. “Apparently the president has not been talking to his club whatsoever; there’s really a lot of chaos in the leadership of this club right now. I don’t think it’s right to freeze paranormal club when it’s clearly the issue with the president.”

The Need for Stricter Gun Control

Gun control laws and regulations within the United States border are desperately in need of change, President Obama made this point clear when he address the nation regarding this issue last week.

Recently, new information regarding the couple who drastically took the lives of 14 innocent people in San Bernardino, California came to light.

“We believe that both subjects were radicalized and for quite some time,” said David Bowdich, the FBI assistant director, to the New York Times. The Times also stated that the couple were at a shooting range and, “had been practicing their aim at a target range just days before their murder spree.”

“So this was an act of terrorism designed to kill innocent people,” said the president during his address to the nation Sunday night. He continued to emphasize there are many individuals in this country who oppose stricter gun controls laws, but there is a clear need for change. “But the fact is that our intelligence and law enforcement agencies — no matter how effective they are — cannot identify every would-be mass shooter, whether that individual is motivated by ISIL or some other hateful ideology. What we can do — and must do — is make it harder for them to kill.”

Unfortunately it took Colorado, Virginia, South Carolina, Oregon, Connecticut and now San Bernardino and countless other incidents for this to become apparent – even though some are still ignorantly blind. This county’s agencies are not able to detect every possible threat that enters its borders, or is already within them. It’s only becoming harder with the Republican oppositions to stricter laws.

The New York Times said regarding the president’s speech, “He called for tougher screening of travelers who come to the United States without visas and asked Congress to ban gun sales to people on the government’s no-fly list, and for limits on assault weapons.”

One of the shooters, Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, was born in in this country, so stricter screening of travelers would not have helped. Tougher gun control laws would have.While everything suggestion the president made should most definitely be followed through with, we shouldn’t be solely focused on screening just travelers. But rather, make sure even those who live in this country and are citizens are screened just as aggressively when applying for gun purchase. The issue is within the country, gun control is not strict enough and guns are to easily accessible. There should already be laws restricting sales of guns to individuals on no-fly lists and there is no need for the sale of assault weapons to continue.

“Congress should act to make sure no one on a no-fly list is able to buy a gun. What could possibly be the argument for allowing a terrorist suspect to buy a semiautomatic weapon? This is a matter of national security,” said the president during his speech. The need for change is evident, but seems to be nearing impossible with all the GOP-obstacles in Congress.

Criticism was seen from many Republicans following Obama’s speech. House Speaker Paul Ryan tweeted, “Disappointing: no new plan, just a halfhearted attempt to defend and distract from a failing policy.” Of course Donal Trump tweeted his opinions as well saying, “That all there is? We need a new President — FAST!” These oppositions are clearly derived from personal Republican opinions. The president did present a new plan, one that would enforce stricter gun laws and one this country needs, and a plan that only seems unsuccessful to the ignorant.

Journalist Sara Ganim Tells Students To Embrace Their Youth

by Lorenzo Burgio

Sara Ganim spoke to a room full of current and aspiring journalists in the Travelers Lecture Hall Nov. 17th at Central Connecticut State University. The Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter was famous for unveiling the Sandusky Penn State child sex abuse scandal while a reporter at The Patriot-News in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Ganim’s speech shined a light on the journalistic career path for upcoming graduates. The now a 28-year-old CNN reporter effortlessly related to the largely undergraduate-based audience. “Your twenties are a really interesting stage in your life, you notice the world is really big then you realize you’re broke and can’t see any of it,” said Ganim.

Recalling life after college, Ganim mentioned there were no paid internships and salaries were, “So low you could qualify for food stamps.” Being able to learn and experience a lot after being “catapulted” shortly after college when the scandal broke, Ganim’s speech resided around two focuses. Never let age deter from producing the finest work, if anything use it to an advantage and choose work environments wisely.

Being a 19-year-old in her first newsroom, she became obsessed with her beat. Sleeping with a police scanner next to her bed and engulfed in her surrounding, Ganim still faced obstacles on her path to success. “It took time, it didn’t happen overnight. I was lied to, ignored, people didn’t trust me,” said Ganim. Until one day someone did, which primarily tipped her off about Jerry Sandusky, longtime beloved football coach.

As the crowd eagerly waited for the next career-starting-tip, Ganim assured the audience how youth can work as an advantage when reporting. Being 24 years old when the scandal was uncovered, she didn’t intimidate others, people could be comfortable around her. “If you recognize your youth, it can work to your advantage. People who make fun of your age don’t like you because they are scared of you,” said Ganim. Again displaying her ability to relate to the audience.

Building upon that, she emphasized caution upon selecting employment and how she has turned jobs down in the past. Also, acknowledging society functions by everybody learning from each other, and to succeed a positive environment is required. As the audience contemplated how any journalistic-employment option could be turned down, Ganim explained she was surrounded by people who kept her grounded and helped to move stories along at The Patriot.

News organizations were unable to duplicate her stories. Ganim knew the most about the scandal. Covering news for the following day, rather than what happened that day as other networks. She recognized this stemmed from a well-functioning work environment. Her constructive atmosphere and love for the job, played major roles in her success.

Ganim overcame obstacles and dishonesty, and showed it is a necessary characteristic in the journalism field. “Almost every Penn State official lied about almost everything,”answered Ganim when asked if they knew anything regarding Sandusky.

“I hope everyone finds the thing they love and want to do — that you can wake up in the morning and actually want to do it,” concluded Ganim.

Through her persistence and ability to transform societal-disadvantage into a journalistic tool, while surrounded by a comfortable and constructive atmosphere, Ganim flourished in the field and left impending journalists feeling capable of the same.

Thanksgiving: A Day for Family, Not Shopping

by Lorenzo Burgio

As we enter the heart of the holiday season, new advertisements and commercials are rapidly coming out. A specific one by Kohl’s recently aired and erupted an abundance of ignorant responses regarding same-sex couples. This shockingly was not the focus of the arguments though.

The commercial showed various individuals arriving at a house for a holiday gathering. Included are a multiracial couple and gay couples. As expected, the negative feedback flooded in after it was aired.

The Kohl’s Facebook page exploded with uneducated and bigoted comments. They ranged from, “Please remove this ad, you are supporting the gay lifestyle which is wrong! Thank you,” “Will no longer shop at Kohl’s” and “This is sick! Kohl’s used to be my favorite store!”

These common rude and dogmatic comments surprisingly were not the focus for most individuals’ aggravations with the advertisement. It was that the store was opening Thanksgiving night while the commercial promoted family “togetherness.”

Kohl’s wrote with the commercial on social media, “We’re celebrating togetherness this holiday season. Tell us who you are spending your holidays with.”

Accompanied by countless employees that emphasized they will be working at Kohl’s, the majority of comments on social media were directed at Kohl’s not actually being a family-based company because they force their employees to work on Thanksgiving. Other corporations such as TJX who own Marshalls, Homegoods, T.J.Maxx and many more, closed every store in their conglomerate.

As they did receive some praise for incorporating a diverse get together, it was drowned by the justified responses regarding the store opening at 6:00 p.m. Thursday evening. Companies should show their employees enough consideration and empathy to not be open on holidays. They should leave the stressful retail environment for Black Friday, when they are already guaranteed to make enough money.

Many social media users were quick to make their point clear to the company. Comments ranged from, “If ‘Kohl’s Cared’ about families, you would not be open on Thanksgiving day!” “Good job but you would have my 100 percent support if you weren’t open on Thanksgiving,” and “You care about family, why are you open on Thanksgiving day? Greed!”

This is a clear contradiction on Kohl’s part. As progressive as the ad is, the company does not celebrate togetherness. In order to, it would require closing all their stores for the entirety of Thanksgiving in order for their employees to be home and celebrating with their family.

The company’s attempt to mask the minimal importance they put upon families and togetherness through a progressive ad was easily unveiled. Countless individuals contacted Kohl’s through social media asking how they can support togetherness this holiday season with the set hours, and there has been no response. How Kohl’s advertisers did not see the clear contradictions made is beyond comprehendible.

Let the Dust Settle

As French flag-filtered profile pictures and vaguely worded solutions to societal issues dominates social media, a main theme was noticed. Most people don’t let the entire story unfold, or “let the dust settle” before a crisis becomes artillery in heated debates pertaining to school shootings, gun control and much more.

Directly after the atrocities in Paris, news feeds infected with inadequate statements and memes were used to emphasize personal opinion. The abundance of arbitrary controversies and assumptions displayed on social media showed a lack of empathy. Can humanity as a whole take time to grieve and extend a helping hand after the crisis?

The New York Times published an article titled, “The Exploitation of Paris.” It brought to light many instances the atrocity is used to promote personal interests, largely on Twitter. Newt Gingrich, U. S. Representative tweeted, “Imagine a theater with 10 or 15 citizens with concealed carry permits. We live in an age when evil men have to be killed by good people.” This was nearly two hours after the attacks. The timing is simply disrespectful and intentions inappropriate.

The next tweet truly dug deep, and should agitate most readers. Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter Judith Miller tweeted, “Now maybe the whining adolescents at our universities can concentrate on something other than their need for ‘safe’ space.” The level of intertwined ignorance in this statement continues to grow after every word. These issues cannot be that simply compared, even if both resulted tragically. The Paris tragedy was committed by Islamic State terrorists, which is very different from school shootings. The Charleston Church, Sandy Hook, Colorado movie theatre shootings and even dating back to Columbine, were performed alone, with personal motives. Not because they distinguish with a radicalized group. There is a clear distinction between the two issues, somehow obtusely overlooked by Miller.

The article stated social media, “Was a megaphone to be used for whatever you yearned to shout.” This was seen when 12 journalist were killed during the Charlie Hebdo tragedy. Donal Trump relentlessly tweeted, “Isn’t it interesting that the tragedy in Paris took place in one of the toughest gun control countries in the world?” Using catastrophes to promote his own agenda, as well as insinuating France should adopt the U.S.’s Second Amendment showed indisputable ethnocentrism and insensitivity.

Trump’s indecency is seen again after the Paris incident, seemingly as a campaign tactic to promote his opinions on gun control. He stated in a interview with CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” “Had there been some guys with a gun, there would have been a shootout and probably the primary people that would have got whacked would have been the killers.”

These examples, and countless others on the internet clearly show prematurity, indecency and a focus on promoting personal views. Before the next opinionated Facebook post or imprecise meme is shared, let the wounds heal, let the families be informed and “let the dust settle.” Let Paris restore their sense of safety and community before it is made about another country’s.