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Women’s Soccer Blanked On The Road

by Kimberly Pena

CCSU at Fairleigh Dickinson

The Central Connecticut State University women’s soccer team was not able to manufacture an offensive tempo during their 1-0 lost against Fairleigh Dickinson University.

The Blue Devils on Friday could not push through FDU’s strong defense, only taking 11 shots throughout the game without producing a score.

FDU scored their first and only goal of the game approximately 36 minutes into the match on a head shot by Sofia Albertsson.

CCSU’s goalie Ashley Cavanaugh, recorded three saves in the match while permitting only the first-half goal.

The Blue Devils defense was able to hold on thereafter and not permit another score for the rest of the game.

CCSU came out aggressively during the second-half, only to walk away empty handed.

In the first 15 minutes of play in the opening of the half, the Blue Devils took five shots, all missing the goal.

Junior Kelly Halligan, led the offense with four shots and three on goal.

CCSU at Mount St. Mary University

The Blue Devils did not fare any better against St. Mary, after being held scoreless for a second consecutive game in another 1-0 loss.

Despite out-shooting St. Mary 24-12, including close goals, CCSU was not able to execute a score for their sixth shutout loss this season.

It was also the fourth time that Central lost a game 1-0.

CCSU had possession of the ball for most of the first half, taking 13 shots compared to Mount’s four. However, the Blue Devils were not able to execute any plays to get the ball past the goal.

CCSU’s defense was able to keep the Mountaineers off the board for the first half. Both teams struggled to put up a score for most of the game.

It was not until minute 64 of play where the Mountaineers were able to put up a score on a shot by Chloe Cain.

Cavanaugh recorded a season-high eight saves.

Charlotte Maurer led the offense with four shots. Meanwhile, Senior Jennifer Cafferky and freshman Jenna Rae Covello each recorded three shots. Halligan, Yo Tachibana and Danielle Pearse were three of the seven players who took a shot on goal.

CCSU fell to 4-7 overall and 0-2 in the North East Conference. The Blue Devils will complete their three-game road series next Sunday, Oct. 8 against Sacred Heart. The match is scheduled to begin at 12 p.m. at Park Ave Field in Fairfield, CT.


CCSU Hosts Fourth Annual Confucius Institute Day And Celebrates Mid-Autumn

by Jennifer Sanguano

Schools from different counties gathered at Central Connecticut State University to participate in a professional talent show, showcasing talented guests from a university in China.

The event was part of CCSU’s fourth annual Confucius Institute Day and Mid-Autumn Celebration that was held on Friday, Sept. 29.

The Confucius Institute at CCSU began in 2014 with help from the modern language department, the Chinese club organization and local school districts.

Over 500 institutes celebrate Confucius Institute day globally.  CCSU Confusions is the only one in Connecticut, and works with sister university Shandong Normal University in China to promote Chinese culture and language learning among schools and universities in CT.

“It’s a great involvement (activity) with community engagement,” associate director Zongxiang Mei explained.

The event kicked off with performances by students who chose an activity to perform. It was then succeeded by a performance of college students from China, whowere part of a tour show in the New England area.

“Every year we work with different universities, so this part is more professional and more authentic for student’s learners to experience Chinese culture including martial arts, singing and opera.  It depends,” Mei said.

Middle schools from Hamden, Glastonbury, Avon, West Hartford and several others, gathered together to celebrate both the Confucius Institutes’ contributions to the community and the Mid-Autumn Celebration, which is a traditional Chinese holiday.

The Mid-Autumn Celebration is known as the moon festival and was initiated by Chinese emperors who worshiped the harvest moon in autumn.

Audience members enjoyed a fun learning environment including Chinese arts, poetry and the Shadow Puppet Show, performed fully in mandarin Chinese by students from various ethnical backgrounds.

Despite the great acceptance of this event in the community, this year’s assistance was effected by recent budget cuts.

“Last year we got 800 middle schoolers.  This year, because of the budget reason, we got over 500.  We got a lot of support from school districts,” Mei said.

An effort to make the event successful was in thanks to the CCSU Chinese club organization, according to Mei.  The club volunteered to help with the logistics of the event.

“We appreciate Chinese club and volunteers that want to help, they are not all Chinese born students. There also some American students who also want to learn from Chinese Culture and we want to encourage that as well,” Mei explained.

This annual event is open to the public and is celebrated during the last week of September. Each year different shows are presented and can vary from martial arts, singing, playing traditional instruments and acting numbers.

Community members are encouraged to attend in any future events.  More information can be found at the CCSU Confucius Institute page,




Celebrating 25 Years of Foxwoods Resort Casino

by Kelly Langevin

Interested in winning some money or seeing live performances? If so, Foxwoods Resort Casino is celebrating 25 years of pride and success, with special events to look forward to.  Located in Mashantucket, Connecticut, what started off as a small bingo hall in 1986, soon gained popularity and became the country’s first Indian Gaming Casino.

In 1992, Foxwoods expanded into a full casino and resort, opening its doors for a new chapter. Now, 25 years later, Foxwoods has become recognized as one of the best entertainment casinos in the country.

With such great success, Foxwoods is excited to celebrate and give back with great performances and winning opportunities for its guests.

“Our guests have been with us since we opened the doors 25 years ago and this is our opportunity to show our appreciation,”  Foxwoods Resort Casino President and CEO Felix Rappaport said in a statement.

“We’re excited to commemorate a quarter century as the premier resort destination in the Northeast by thanking our guests with a stellar entertainment lineup and unbeatable winning experiences all week long, with much more to come throughout the year!”

The celebration began back in February with free concerts including Kesha and Motown’s Smokey Robinson. There are still plenty of exciting upcoming shows to see performers, such as Mariah Carey, ventriloquist Terry Fator, Psychic Medium Matt Fraser and comedian Tracy Morgan.  No matter what type of entertainment you’re into, Foxwoods Resort Casino has it all.

Looking to have some fun in the casino or bingo hall? Foxwoods 25th Anniversary Novelty Games Championship introduces a new game each week including crazy four poker, Caribbean stud poker, criss cross and many more. People can play every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday now through Oct. 20.

The grand finale will be held on Oct. 28.  The winner must have the highest score each week to qualify for the Grand Finale where they could win $100,000.  People can qualify to earn one point by playing slots, table games, poker, keno or bingo to enter.

Daily prizes are given out as well, first place being $250.  Additionally, Foxwoods has Oktober Fest Bingo, with a 1,000,000-guaranteed jackpot coverall on Saturday, Oct. 21.

If you’d like to stay over and enjoy Foxwoods Resort Casino a little bit longer, the Fintastic Package offers a deluxe room at Grand Pequot, Great Cedar or the Fox Tower. It comes with two non-expiring admission to the Mystic Aquarium and a breakfast buffet for two at Veranda Café.

Foxwoods would also like to offer Military members 25 percent off all hotel rooms based on availability, along with deals and discounts towards dining, retail and the Tanger Outlets.  Further information about hotel options and packages can be found by calling 1-800-442-1000.

“Today, when people think of Foxwoods, they think of everything we have to offer in addition to gaming, from top-tier entertainment to the latest and greatest in dining to the best shopping and hotel services and more. And we’re only going to continue to grow — the future of the Foxwoods brand lies in our ability to continue elevating the property’s overall offering as a premier resort destination and consistently exceeding our guests’ expectations,” Paul LaRocca, Foxwood’s vice president of brand marketing said in a statement.

No matter what you are visiting Foxwoods for, you are destined to find something fun and entertaining.

To find out more about Foxwoods Resort Casino 25th Anniversary Deals, visit, or

Tell Me You Love Me: Album Review

by Natalie Dest

Demi Lovato is finally reaching for her quest for a Grammy, with her newest soul-searching album “Tell Me You Love Me.” Released this past Friday, the singer’s sixth studio album is the pop star’s most revealing project to date, being one of the most highly-anticipated releases of the year.

Now that the project has dropped, it is clear that Lovato is claiming her throne within the pop industry. The 25-year-old Disney graduate has given her “Lovatics” the empowering, sexual and self-accepting record they have been waiting for.

Since the release of her past album “Confident” back in 2015, Lovato has continued to assert herself as a vocalist deserving of recognition, not only to those involved within the pop scene, but to outsiders as well. Leading with the massive pop hit “Cool For The Summer” in her past album, many critics argued “Confident” was a mix of over-emoted vocals and muddled production.

However, Lovato has been receiving nothing but congratulations to her new-found rhythm and vocal stance that creates her newest record.

Kicking off “Tell Me You Love Me” with the summer anthem “Sorry Not Sorry,” Lovato is taking her fierce stance. This revenge-soaked single is a mid-tempo track full of bass and electronic claps. Lovato is happily unforgiving while singing “Being so bad got me feeling so good / Showing you up like I knew that I would.” Reaching number two on the iTunes charts on it’s day of release, the smash hit remains in the top 15 two months later.

Following this pop hit is the song behind the album title, “Tell Me You Love Me.” Hooking listeners in immediately with rich bass, the album’s title track perfectly showcases Lovato’s powerhouse vocals that deserve raving about. Lyrically, this track delivers deep emotion while exposing Lovato’s vulnerability in terms of relationships.

Similarly to “Tell Me You Love Me,” the track “You Dont Do It For Me Anymore” proves that this pop diva still has heart. With the sound of violins lying in the background and through the use of constant vibrato, Lovato’s vocals soar up and down while delivering an incredibly raw and personal story regarding her split from a loved one.

Although raw tracks such as these go back and forth within the record, Lovato steps out of her bubble to deliver the more cheeky and sexy feature to her style of music.

Featured song “Daddy Issues” is an uptempo brass-filled track, almost mimicking an 80’s dance beat. Singing about her obsession with a guy she knows is no good, Lovato’s voice is vocally strong in this track while belting the lyrics “Forget all the therapy that I’ve been through / Lucky for you, I’ve got all these daddy issues.”

“Ruin The Friendship” is known to be one of the albums more slicker, sexier and slower tracks. With a strong bass line, Lovato’s vocals remain fairly stripped back and low key, aiding to the more sensual and sexual feeling that inspires the song.

After taking a listen, it’s safe to say that this track is about stepping out of a platonic friendship and crossing the boundaries to something more, specifically when Lovato sings “Your body’s looking good tonight, I’m thinking we should cross the line / Let’s ruin the friendship.”

Months before the release of “Tell Me You Love Me,” Lovato had been teasing anticipated fans on artist collaborations for the new record. To fans surprise, rapper Lil’ Wayne was seen to be featured on Lovato’s track, “Lonely.” The track is a mid-tempo, heart-pulling ballad, once again displaying the pop singer’s vulnerability. Lovato’s vocal take center stage during the song, prominent with much vibrato and belted notes.

In a quick switch up, we see Lovato entering a slick yet dark RnB vibe on the track “Games,” a sound we don’t hear too often from this star. The song takes focus on the 25 year-old proving that she has the upper hand when it comes to someone’s childish games. With it’s catchy chorus and tight production, it would not be surprising to see this song as a respectable radio hit.

Ending on a high note, the pop sensation serenades a lover on the captivating track entitled “Hitchhiker.” After battling with feelings and enduring some soul searching, this track embodies an optimistic love ballad of Lovato putting her heart on the line, undoubtedly one of the most revealing songs on the record. This song so perfectly captures Lovato’s brand, being one to have experienced and strongly conquer much heartache and disappointment.

The Target deluxe version of Lovato’s “Tell Me You Love Me” features two bonus tracks, “Smoke and Mirrors” and “Ready For Ya.” Both songs are deserving of landing slots on the regular releases of her record, as they both showcase some of her best vocal acrobatics, proving why she is one of them most talented female vocalists and artists of our generation.

Although no other track could replace the soul-wrenching and heavily emotional track “Stone Cold” from past album “Confident,” “Smoke and Mirrors” is nothing short of portraying Lovato’s immense pain and continuous heartache. This track in specific truly demonstrates Lovato’s vocal ability and lyrical talent, as she belts the words “So tell me, did you ever really love me / Did you ever really want me, now that I see you clearer.”

Dropping her sixth studio album on the same day as former Disney co-star Miley Cyrus, the star’s lyrical content and outrageous vocal capabilities in each track keeps her spot at number one on the iTunes chart under the category for worldwide albums.

Though every song is different from each other, “Tell Me You Love Me” feels like a cohesive piece of work that flawlessly shows off Lovato’s talents in a glossy pop display.

If her “Confident” record managed to land her a slot for the category of Best Pop Album at the 2017 Grammy’s, the incredible “Tell Me You Love Me” will undoubtedly do the same. The Grammy is practically lying in Lovato’s fingertips.

Album Packed October

by Lance Stanley

As we bid farewell to the month of September, we welcome the month of October and all of its new music.

September left us with some amazing albums, such as Miley Cyrus’ album “Younger Now” and Demi Lovato’s album “Tell Me You Love Me.” There was also an array of new singles ranging from Lorde’s “Homemade Dynamite (Remix)” to Beck’s “Up All Night.”

Although it will be hard to beat out Lorde’s “Homemade Dynamite (Remix),”which is one the best hits of 2017, there is plenty of competition to watch out for this month.

Welcoming the month of October means welcoming new music releases that will lead us into the fall and winter seasons, or simply just help us study for our midterms.

Central Connecticut State University students are hoping for some good releases this month.

“This artist I like, Roy Woods, is coming out with a new album,” junior, Alex Tachlykov said.

As reported by ALLMUSIC, Denzel Spencer, who goes by the stage name Roy Woods, was born in Brampton, Ontario. At just 20 years old, Spencer’s debut EP album reached number 27 on Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop chart.

Since then, he has released the albums “Waking at Dawn” and “Nocturnal.” Hopefully this month, fans will be acquainted with his next album.

Other notable albums being released this month are “MASSEDUCTION” by St. Vincent, “Beautiful Trauma” by P!nk and “Colors” by Beck.

“I’ve been listening to Beck ever since his album ‘Morning Phase.’ I enjoy the mellow feel of his music,” junior, Amanda Sullivan said. “Every time I listen to him, I feel like I should be in a car driving towards the sunset.”

According to Rolling Stone Magazine, Beck has been in and out of the music scene since the 90s. You might know him from his popular hit “Loser” from his first album “Mellow Gold.”

After lying low the next year, he released his album “Odelay” in 1996. The album ended up earning him two Grammys; one for Best Alternative Music Performance and one for Best Rock Male Vocal for his single “Where It’s At.” Since then, he has released nine albums, with his tenth being “Colors.”

The album that is being closely watched on for its release is  Rationale’s “Rationale.” Rationale’s first solo single, “Fast Lane,” was released in 2015. Since then, he has released about nine singles. His first album will drop on Oct. 6.

When you close your eyes, his soulful vocals mixed with the electro-pop sounds of his music makes you feel like you are in another world.

Music is an integral part of a college student’s life. Students listen to music when they walk to class, when they drive to the mall, when they eat at Hilltop Café and even while they study.

When new music is released, it almost feels like you are being gifted by the music gods. Central students are ready for the new releases and cannot wait for what the rest of fall has to bring them.