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SGA Meeting Bullets

by Analisa Novak

  • Even with the hiring freeze, Student Affairs reported to SGA that 34 positions have been approved. Positions to be filled include a director of student disabilities services, hall directors, RN search, among other positions. An estimated 20 positions are still waiting to be approved.
  • Finance Committee reported that clubs requested a total of $923,009.80, they authorized to give $453,299.83. The total cuts being $469,709.07. The committee funded 49.1 percent of requested funds. There are eight campus clubs that are getting $10,000 or more in their base budget. Three clubs that the Finance Committee approved to give everything requested. One campus club will receive nothing.
  • Motion to approve the Chinese American Students Association line item for $400 was denied. They will not be able to purchase goodbye gifts for their foreign exchange students departing back home at the end of the semester.