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Premier League Week 33 Recap

by Evan Sobol

This week’s action featured league-leading Chelsea falling to defeat, while Tottenham Hotspur continued their hot streak.
The Red Devils of Manchester United continue to improve their offense. Following their 2-0 home victory against Chelsea, they have scored five goals in their past two matches. The result is also thanks to great defense; they shut down the league-leaders to zero shots on goal.
Marcus Rashford struck a goal first for United in minute seven. The 19-year-old forward met a through pass by Ander Herrera that cut through Chelsea’s defense, and scored with a low shot that snuck past goalkeeper Asmir Begovic.

It was Rashford’s fifth goal of the season. The goal came as a surprise to many, as the youngster started in front of Zlatan Ibrahimović, who currently leads United with 17 goals on the season.

Controversy surrounds the play as well. Herrera’s hand touched the ball just before he gained position, but referee Robert Madley did not call a handball, allowing the play to continue. Herrera was responsible for United’s second goal in minute 49.

The Spain international took advantage of sloppy defense and gained possession inside the box. He then scored with a shot that deflected off a Chelsea defender and went into the center of the net. It was the midfielder’s first goal of the season.
Chelsea faced offensive woes the entire match. This is largely due to the Blues’ biggest play makers, Diego Costa and Eden Hazard, being unable to create opportunities. The offense recorded just five shots total.

Costa’s struggles continued throughout the match. After a scoring streak at the beginning of the season, he has failed to strike goal in his last five matches.

With this drought, he still has 17 goals on the season and is tied with Ibrahimović and Sergio Aguero for fourth-most in the league. Hazard has not had as tough a time in recent matches, but he was practically invisible against United’s defense.

The Belgium international currently has 15 goals on the season.
Following the victory, United stays put at fifth in the table. They sit just three points ahead of Everton and four points behind Manchester City.

If they continue playing good offense, they will have a chance to make it into the top four in the following weeks. A resurgence in Paul Pogba’s game would help make that happen. He has not recorded a goal since December, and has lost possession to opponents quite frequently, even with his size.

Manchester United’s next match is against Burnley on Sunday. The club fell to 14 in the table, following a 1-3 defeat to Everton on Saturday.
The loss was Chelsea’s second in their last five matches. The loss gives Tottenham a chance at the title, as they sit just four points behind in second place.

The Blues look to find their groove again as they face Southampton next Tuesday. The Saints sit at ninth in the table, and were shut out 0-3 by Manchester City on Saturday.
Tottenham Hotspur have been the hottest club in the Premier League over the past couple months, winning seven straight matches including their dominant 4-0 victory against Bournemouth on Saturday. The Spurs’ offense has been firing on all cylinders, as they have scored 11 goals in their past three matches.
Midfielder Mousa Dembele scored the first goal for Tottenham in minute 16. The Belgium international found open space in the box following a corner, and fired a shot into the center of the net. It was his first goal of the season.

Son Heung-Min scored for the Spurs three minutes later with a short-range strike into the back corner of the net. It was his 12th goal of the season and fifth in the last four matches.

Forward Harry Kane scored his 20th goal of the season, with a short-range goal from the center of the box. The England international gained possession, following a cross by midfielder Dele Alli.

Substitute Vincent Janssen scored his second goal of the season in stoppage time. He capitalized from short-range, after his first shot was blocked by Bournemouth goalkeeper Artur Boruc.
Bournemouth managed to record just one shot on goal against the Spurs’ defense. Their best goal opportunity came in minute 24 when defender Steve Cook’s header went just over the net. They held just 31 percent of possession for the match.
Tottenham hopes for a chance at the title following the victory and Chelsea’s defeat. They currently sit just four points behind the Blues, and face bottom-half club Crystal Palace next Wednesday.

If their offense continues to get everyone involved, they will be the scariest team to face in the coming weeks. Harry Kane has a chance at the Golden Boot, as his 20 goals are second-most in the league behind Everton’s Romelu Lukaku. It would be his second straight season earning the award after he recorded the league-best 25 goals last season.
Bournemouth falls to 16 in the table with the defeat. It was their second straight loss. They sit just two spots away from relegation, but could stand their ground with a home victory against 19th place Middlesbrough on Sunday.

Hernandez To Seek Appeal

by Brennah Dallaire

Former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, was acquitted of first degree murder charges on Friday, in the killings of Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado. While Hernandez’ attorneys work on a case for appeal of his 2015 conviction, speculation about his future circulate.

Abreu, 29, and Furtado, 28, were gunned down outside of the Boston nightclub, Cure. The shooting was in response to a supposed altercation inside the nightclub after Abreu bumped into Hernandez on the dance floor, spilling his drink.

The prosecutor’s explained that Hernandez and friend Alexander Bradley left the club, followed the victims by car, pulled up next to them at a stop light and opened fire on Abreu, Furtado and three other men. One other man in the vehicle sustained an injury but survived.

After making an immunity deal with the Suffolk District Attorneys Office, Bradley went on to testify that Hernandez had in fact shot and killed the victims. Bradley is serving time in prison in Connecticut for involvement in a Hartford nightclub shooting. Bradley believes Hernandez is involved in a shooting in Miami in 2013, that left Bradley blind in one eye.

However, jurors found that the burden of proof was not met. Hernandez was found not guilty on the first degree murder charge, but was convicted of unlawful possession of a firearm.

Judge Jeffrey Locke sentenced him to four to five years in prison on top of his life sentence without parole, at the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center for the murder of Odin Lloyd in 2013.

Surveillance video and texts messaged show Hernandez and two friends pick Lloyd up from his home the night of his murder. Texts messages between Lloyd and his sister showed Lloyd wanted her to know who he was with referring to Hernandez as “nfl.” Other surveillance footage from that night show Hernandez with a gun at his North Attleboro, Massachusetts home. Lloyd was shot and killed in an industrial park a half mile away from Hernandez’ home.

Hernandez’s attorneys felt that they have a strong case for appeal. Hernandez’s defense attorney, Jose Baez told ESPN “I wish he’d called me [for the first trial].”

“I think there are plenty of flaws in that (Lloyd) conviction. If they are exposed properly, he certainly can and should get a new trial,” Baez said.

Not all parties are happy to hear that Hernandez may have a shot at getting out of prison. Although he was found not guilty on the most recent murder charges, the families of the victims found comfort in the verdict knowing that Hernandez would stay in prison.

“At least he’s not walking out the door today,” is what Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel Conley told ESPN family members of the victims said.

The appeals process can take years. Hernandez’s defense team would have to prove that Judge Susan Garsh made mistakes in the Odin Loyd case, that impacted his receipt of a fair trial.

According to Sports Illustrated, those injustices could not adequately explain to the jury the definition of extreme atrocity and cruelty in the first degree murder convictions. The jury came to the conclusion that the murder was not premeditated, but was of a cruel nature warranting first degree murder.

There is a possibility that the court will hear his appeal in the Lloyd murder case. However, Hernandez would still serve four to five years for the unlawful possession of firearms conviction; unless this charge is appealed and vacated as well.

Retired NFL Hall of Fame player Cris Carter, told TMZ Sports that he does not think Hernandez will ever play in the NFL again, even with a successful appeal.

“I doubt he would ever play again in the NFL…if he was in any other industry besides the rap industry he wouldn’t be able to get work,” said Carter.

In 2013, the Patriots released Hernandez less than two hours after his arrest. The team quickly distanced themselves from the investigation and Hernandez who had no previous behavioral or criminal issues.

A prison record doesn’t necessarily mean athletes can’t return to play in professional sports. Michael Vick served 18 months in prison after being convicted of conspiracy to operate a dog fighting ring.

Shortly after, Vick was reinstated to the NFL and began playing with the Philadelphia Eagles, then went on to play for the New York Jets and the Pittsburgh Steelers before retiring.


Review: History of the Future at Hole in the Wall Theatre

by Brennah Dallaire

Do you like cookies? The members of Hartford’s comedy group History of the Future definitely do. Cookies were the topic of the sketch and improvised comedy routines the group put on at New Britain’s Hole in the Wall Theater last Saturday.
Hole in the Wall Theater bears similarities t

o dimly-lit coffee shops riddled with hipsters on their MacBooks writing novels or photo-shopping their artsy photos; but not as cliché.

The theater is cozy and filled with people in a good mood and excited for some alternate entertainment. Hole in the Wall is located on Main Street in downtown New Britain across from the police station.

It’s a smaller theater, where guests can get comfortable and everyone gets a great view of the stage. The theater, although small, is equipped with all of the lighting, sound equipment and set space needed to put on professional show.

Hole in the Wall offers a concession stand in the lobby where you can purchase baked goods and beverages including Avery’s Soda, a local brand.

This is History of the Future’s introduction to the Hole in the Wall theater. Long-form improvised comedy is their specialty. The comedy troupe typically performs at the Sea Tea Comedy Theater in Hartford, but strays to perform at special events and festivals. With the help of Hole in the Wall Theater Board President Mary Roane, the comedy group ended up performing there for a three week-stint.
The first act of the show was a typical sketch comedy where cast members Kevin Sullivan, Kevin Panko, Ed Richters, Sarah Babski, Sean Morrissey and Crystal Bezzini performed 12 five-minute skits.

Some stories felt as if they were trying too hard, but others, like “Blackmail Brownie,” were completely on point. Tammy the Girl Scout was selling cookies outside the grocery store. When her usual customers declined to purchase cookies, she would blackmail them with their secrets. Mr. Gorley had salami nipples and showed them off at the beach (there was photo evidence) and Ms. Turner wore cheap K-Mart brand jeans that made her butt look weird.

“Biscuit Beast’s Lament” was another hysterical skit about a Cookie Monster look-a-like named “Biscuit Beast,” who was in the process of being sued for putting on public shows while eating and singing about cookies.

“Inspired Dishes” was a spoof on the Food Network show, “Chopped.” Contests told sappy stories about how they created gourmet dishes of macaroni and cheese. One judge said it needed ketchup as he proceeded to take it from his pocket and squirt it into the dish. The contestant responded, “Thank you, chef,” and proceeded to cry into another judges arms because the dish was inspired by the father her son never met.

The plots of these skits were unhinged and the comedians were extremely dedicated to the characters and stories.  What came after intermission was a new kind of comedy.

“History of the Future Makes a Baby” was a unique experience, representing the fact that the performance is unique to them and the audience watching it.

It started with the audience helping to name a character. That character was May Dragonbird, a 42-year-old woman who loved to skateboard and dreamt of meeting Tony Hawk, having his baby and “finally having health insurance!”

This portion of the show was completely improvised and led down many hilarious, perverse and surreal storylines that included emergency room doctors harvesting body parts and telling patients “if only they had made it sooner;” after fourteen-hour wait times.

May Dragonbird reached her goals; she married Tony Hawk and finally got health insurance. The comedians never abandoned the character, only creating new characters and furthering the crazy story.

The History of the Future’s visit to Hole in the Wall Theater was a welcome change in line-up. The comedy troupe continues their visit through April 15. For more information on ticket prices, show times and directions, visit

CCSU Dominates Diamond In Double Header Against Albany

CCSU softball won two games over the weekend. Photo Credit: CCSU Athletics

by Humera Gul

Central Connecticut State University women’s softball team swept the Great Danes in a double header at home on Saturday. CCSU beat Albany 13-5 in game one and 9-1 in the second game.

CCSU senior and shortstop Alexis Debrosse, went up to bat four times. She had three hits and three runs. This comes as an improvement since the start of the season.

CCSU’s third baseman, Sarah Ogilivie batted three times. Ogilivie had one hit and two runs in total. Oligivie had two runs batted in and took one base on balls.

CCSU’s centerfielder Brittany Camara, and catcher Brittany McNull,a scored a run each. Camara had two hits and a run batted in, while Mcnulla had one hit and one base on balls.

Emily Sargent pitched for 4.2 innings for CCSU, allowing only one hit. Sargent struck out three batters, facing 15 batters total.
The Blue Devils were down five runs in the first inning before turning it around by dominating at the plate. CCSU scored two runs in the first inning, one in the second inning, four in the third and six in the fifth. CCSU finished with 23 at bats, and 13 runs with 11 hits. Two runs came from the base on balls.

Albany finished with five runs with six hits. Albany also had three base on balls.

The second game ended with CCSU beating Albany 9-1. The Blue Devils while not as fierce at the plate still churned out a win.
Debrosse went up to bat three times, with two hits and one run. Debrosse also took one base on balls and finished the day with five hits and four runs.

CCSU’s second base player Kaitlin Paterson, went up to bat two times. She had two hits and two runs. Paterson also had one run batted in and took two bases on balls. Paterson finished the day with two hits and three runs.

Camara scored two runs on one hit and had two bases on balls. She went up to bat two times in the second game and finished the day with three hits and three runs.

CCSU’s right fielder Kerri Dadalski, had one run and two bases on balls. She went up to bat two times in the second game. Dadalski finished the day with two runs, two hits and three bases on balls.
Sargent pitched the entire second game. She allowed only two hits and one run in her 12th start. Sargent also gave up two bases on balls and had one strike out, facing 18 batters total.

There were no defensive errors made in either game. The Blue Devils will continue the season at Boston College on March 28th.

Women’s Basketball Moves On to the NEC Semi Finals

by Brennah Dallaire

Central Connecticut State University Women’s Basketball will advance to the Northeast Conference Semi Finals, after a 65-47 win at Saint Francis University on Sunday. The Blue Devils played a hot fourth quarter, scoring 26 points.

Kiana Patterson led the team in scoring against SFU, making three-of-seven attempted three-point field goals and four-of-seven attempted free throws. Patterson scored 19 points total.

SFU had a five-point lead in the second quarter and there was a lot of back-and-forth in the third quarter before CCSU finished strong in the fourth quarter at the NEC Quarter Finals game.

After a missed jump shot by SFU player Ace Harrison, Blue Devil’s guard Patterson made a defensive rebound followed by a three-point jump shot to start the fourth quarter. In addition, Patterson made two more three-point jump shots, a lay-up and three free throws in the fourth quarter.

Blue Devil’s forward Cebria Outlow contributed two layups and teammate Chayla Lewis made four free throws to add to a hot fourth quarter. Andi Lydon had a tip in and Aleah Epps made one free throw to add to the 26 points scored in the fourth quarter.

“Playing as the underdogs made us play with a chip on our shoulder,” said Lewis. “I think the key to our victory in Sunday’s game was that we worked together and stayed together throughout the entire game.”

Lewis had a stand-out game as a reserve, making five of eight attempted field goals in 16 minutes on the court. Lewis finished the game with 63 percent field goal accuracy, the highest player field goal percentage of the game. She made three of four attempted free throws and scored a total of 13 points contributing to the 27 bench points made by CCSU.

CCSU’s strong roster of reserves helped the Blue Devils stay strong in the fourth quarter. CCSU made 27 bench points compared to the two bench points SFU recorded.

“We’ve been working hard all season for this,” said Lewis. “I’m just proud of my team.”

Reynoso Giocelis had a solid game, scoring nine points. Giocelis led CCSU in rebounds, making four offensive and seven defensive. Giocelis also led the team with three steals and two blocks.

SFU forward Courtney Zezza scored 16 points. SFU guard Jessica Kovatch followed with 12 points scored.

“We all had the same menality that we weren’t ready for the season to end or to lose to Saint Francis again,” said Lewis. “It felt good to come away with a win.”

CCSU will advance to the NEC Semi Finals on March 8 at 7 p.m. The site of higher seed is to be determined.

Blue Devils Close Season At Bryant University

by Humera Gul

Central Connecticut State University men’s basketball team fell to Bryant University on the road. The game had a final score of 91-77.

There were moments where a Blue Devil comeback seemed likely. The Blue Devils were within three points in the second half, but Brant pulled away. The teams had a total of 24 three-point shots, and as many as 16 were in the second half.

CCSU was 30 of 61 from the field, 11-18 from the arc and six of nine on foul shots. Bryant was 32 of 63 from the field, 13 of 35 from the arc and 14 of 18 on foul shots.

Khalen Cumberlander was four of 11 from the field, one of five from the arc and one of two on foul shots. He also had a rebound, an assist and three steals.

Austin Nehls was six of 11 form the field, three of five from the arc and two of two on foul shots. He also had a high five rebounds, of which four were defensive.

Chris Williams was six of eight from the field, four out of five from the arc and one of three on foul shots. He played one of his best games this year based on statistics.

Freshman Tyson Batiste was two of five from the field,  one of one from the arc, one rebound, one block and seven assists. He was a key player in the passing game. He had more assists than the rest of the Blue Devils combined.

Notable Bulldog to mention is Nisre Zouzoua, the main shooter of the game. He was 10 of 21 in field goals and seven of 14 on three pointers. He scored 27 points total, with three rebounds, three assists and one steal.

Bosko Kostur was three of four in field goals, two of two from the arc and four of four on foul shots. He also had six rebounds, four assists, one steal and one block.

CCSU closed out the season 6-23 overall and 4-14 in the Northeast Conference. Bryant improved to 12-19 overall and 9-9 in the Northeast Conference.

Sitting Down With Kiana Patterson

by Lauren Lustgarten

For some athletes, sports have been all they’ve known since the toddler days. Whether it’s from family pressure, popularity in the community they grew up in, or just because of their love for the game, some go on to pursue their dreams and aspirations in college. Central Connecticut Women’s Basketball star Kiana Patterson is one of them.

Patterson, a sophomore point guard on the team, has been a leader and a weapon since day one. Her life has revolved around sports since she was just five years old. Born and raised in Troy, New York, Patterson grew up with two older brothers and one older sister who got her involved with basketball, supporting her constantly along her journey.

“My dad was originally coaching my brother so I started at a young age tagging along with them to the gym, and ever since then I just loved it and stuck with it,” Patterson said.

When sports become such a big part of one’s life, it’s hard to imagine life without it. Patterson admits that she would not be the same person today if it weren’t for basketball.

“I couldn’t imagine my life without it since I played for so long. Growing up with siblings who played throughout their youth years always helped me along. My older sister used to teach me and tell me what to do on the court at CYO (Catholic Youth Organization) games, and I would always play with my brothers and cousins who would never take it easy on me. So, essentially it was always me playing with the guys,” said Patterson, who gives credit to the males she grew up with for her mental and physical toughness.

As much as basketball has had a positive impact on Patterson’s life, it has certainly shown some negatives at times as well.

“Growing up I didn’t have time to do things normal teenagers did. When all my friends were getting ready to go out on a Friday night, I was getting ready to go to bed because I had to wake up early the next morning to travel for tournaments,” said Patterson. “I feel like that is kind of my identity: ‘Kiana the basketball player,’ but I think I am much more than just that.”

When it comes to the college search, athletes could only hope to continue their passion for the next four years at the NCAA level. For Patterson, it was a no brainer, especially to push to go to a Division I school.

“I had a couple Division II offers, but I mean whose goal isn’t to go Division I? I had other Division I offers as well and I knew I always wanted to be a Division I athlete, so I focused more on those schools that were looking at me,” said Patterson.

Faced with the decision to choose between the Division I schools that were recruiting her, Patterson had to dial in and look at the bigger picture. “University of Miami was also looking at me, but I’ve always liked to think of myself as a realistic person and I knew where I could play and where I couldn’t play,” said Patterson. “That’s why I knew CCSU was the right fit for me because I knew it was a place I could play right away and a team that I could have an impact on as a freshman. I knew if I went to a bigger school like University of Miami I wouldn’t even get the chance to play my freshmen year and maybe not even until my junior year.”

Another deciding factor for Patterson on choosing CCSU was the distance from home. “If I ever wanted to go home for any reason I could and my parents are able to get to games when they can,” said Patterson.

Patterson loves and continues to stand by her decision since the day she made it. She has been successful in the classroom and has been fairly successful on the court as well. Something many sophomores, let alone basketball players, never can say they have accomplished; making the ESPN Top 10. Last year Patterson made a half-court buzzer beater and since has been her claim to fame, but thanks her teammates and this school for a lot of it.

“CCSU is a very large family atmosphere, not only am I extremely close with my teammates, but athletes around campus are also constantly greeting one another and acknowledging wins as well. Being on a team makes it much easier to fit in at a university because you have friends on other teams that can relate with your struggles, and it just makes everything easier,” Patterson said.

Patterson hopes to accomplish a lot in her remaining time left at CCSU, but her number one priority is winning a championship, which is something the CCSU Women’s Basketball team has never accomplished before.

Lady Blue Devils Head To Northeast Conference Quarterfinal

by Humera Gul

Central Connecticut State University blew past St. Francis Brooklyn in the final home game of the season, at a final score of 71-44.

Kiana Patterson led the team in scoring with 17 points. She was seven of 13 from the field including three of seven from the arc. Patterson also got four rebounds, two assists and a steal.

“I’m just excited for our seniors, I thought they played a really good game. I thought they bought a lot of energy and it’s an exciting time of the year to have the energy that we had, and be able to beat someone the way we did. We are going into playoffs and we have one regular game left on Monday,” said Blue Devils Head Coach Beryl Piper.

“We assisted on 19 of the 26 baskets we made, which is a really good stat and shows our team work. I was just really happy for them and this was their last time playing in Kaiser,” Piper said.

“Well I think the biggest thing is, against Saint Francis, the way they play it was really important for us to penetrate and get into the paint. We were able to do that and we were able to find shooters and they knocked down shots. We shot 70 percent in the fourth period and that allows us to keep the lead. We were also four of five, in three pointers in the fourth quarter,” Piper said.

CCSU Senior Giocelis Reynoso, was one of the three seniors recognized prior to the game. She was three of four from the field and two of two on foul shots. She had an astonishing high 10 rebounds, three assists and four blocks.

Fellow senior Aleah Epps was four of five from the field, had four rebounds and three assists. Aleah Epps showed much leadership and composure during the game.

Ashley Chin played accurately. She was two of four from the field, two of three from the arc and two of two on foul shots.

According to Piper, the team just needs to stay as focused as they were on Saturday at future games. The Blue Devils will now head to the Northeast Conference Quarterfinal game on March 5.

More Than A Coach


Image result for ccsu donyell marshall

by Cyrus dos Santos

Central Connecticut State University men’s basketball coach Donyell Marshall, is a mentor to student athletes on and off the court. Marshall’s goal is to make the team feel like family, in addition to helping the Blue Devil’s improve their technique.

“Not only do I have to teach them the game of basketball, I have to teach them how to become men,” Marshall said.

“Not to say that their parents haven’t done that, but I think I’m an extension of that,” Marshall said.

Marshall, a 15 year National Basketball Association veteran, was drafted 4th overall out of UCONN by the Minnesota Timberwolves. During his time in the league, he played for 8 teams and finished with a .435 career field goal percentage. He ranks 302 for all-time points scored. Throughout his professional career, when it came to negative actions, Marshall stayed out of the public eye.

“I was never in the paper for nothing negative,” Marshall said.

“I think I’ve always been a good mentor to my own kids…I’m a role model, they’re all my kids, to me,” Marshall said.

“He takes us out to eat,” said Khalen Cumberlander, a senior on the team. “We went bowling last week,” he added, noting the many ways Marshall offers himself to his players. Cumberlander noted that he makes the men feel “that we’re family at the end of the day.”

“That’s the way we were at Connecticut,” Marshall said, referring to his time at UCONN under Coach Jim Calhoun. “We still see each other, we call each other,” he continued.

In the midst of a frustrating season, one of the team’s players suffered a loss in the family leading up to the Blue Devil’s game against Saint Francis University; Central’s first win in the Northeast Conference. Flowers were sent by the team to show their support.

“The first thing I said was, ‘This is our brother,’ ” Marshall said. “He’s going home to go through stuff, but you sent him on a high note,” Marshall continued.

“We preach the family atmosphere,” Marshall said, referring to recruiting players.

This was something he learned from his own experience in high school.

“I felt the sincerity in Coach Calhoun,” he remembered. “When he came to my house, he looked me in the eye the whole time.”

Marshall also noted that despite being a McDonald’s All-American player, Calhoun gave him no promise of a starting position; it was his genuineness that led Marshall to UCONN.

“When I recruit, that’s the way I try to recruit,” Marshall said.

Reflecting on the core of players he has now, Marshall’s commitment to the players extends beyond the twelve-man roster.

“We have the trust and belief of the parents,” he said.

“I guess it’s translated over,” Marshall added, “Because the crazy part is, after games when we lose, the first people who text me are the parents of the kids.”

Marshall recalled the comments he gets from parents including words of encouragement such as “Keep your head up coach” and “We still believe in you.”

“That always puts a smile back on your face. That you have the trust and belief of the parents,” Marshall said.

Marshall’s own sincerity is a by-product of the men he’s played for over the years. Though Calhoun’s style helps at the college level, there are others who’ve left their mark on Marshall.

“Jerry Sloan is probably my favorite NBA coach,” he noted.

The Blue Devil’s level of success this season is far from what fans may be looking for. But, Marshall is mindful, despite their 5-22 record, that there are signs of improvement.

“They were 351 last year,” Marshall said, concerning the team’s Ratings Percentage Index (RPI). CCSU is now 341, out of 351. “So, we jumped up ten spots,” Marshall said.

“You can look at the difference between this year and last year, the culture’s changing” said sophomore guard, Austin Nehls.

“If it was going to be easy, then everybody would be doing it,” said Marshall, referring to a motto they’ve adopted this season.

Last season, the Blue Devils finished with a 4-25 losing record.

“I’m a competitor,” said Marshall. “While I might have made a one game improvement, I’m not happy with myself,” Marshall continued.

“What did I do wrong in those games that we didn’t win,” he reflected.

As far as when fans can expect to see a significant change, Marshall stated that he didn’t want to put a time-table on it.

“Because for me, the competitiveness I have, next year I want to be better. Next year I want to get to the NCAA Tournament,” Marshall said.

“My time-table is always now,” said Marshall.

Blue Devils Outscored In The Paint

by Humera Gul

Central Connecticut State University’s Women’s Basketball fell to Robert Morris on Saturday in a devastating 62-39 loss. The Blue Devils struggled to find an identity and had a hard time making baskets.

CCSU had a very hard time shooting as they were only 12 of 54 from the field, 1 of 17 for three pointers and 14 of 24 from the foul line. The team passed the ball often. The loss wasn’t due to players hogging the ball or shooting preemptively. CCSU shot 1 for 17 three pointers, the lowest statistic of the category I have ever seen in a basketball game.

Robert Morris on the other hand had no problem shooting. They were 24 of 47 from the field, 5 of 12 for three pointers and 9 of 11 from the foul line. They had a total of 59 shots taken, where CCSU had 71 shots but CCSU was not able to capitalize on the extra possessions.

“Number one, they are a very good team, and this one I believe is their ninth straight win. There is a reason why they won as many games they won. They are number one in the conference and they are playing like that,” said Blue Devils Coach, Beryl Piper.

One Blue Devil that never gave up and continued to play was Aleah Epps. She was 3 out of 7 from the field and 2 out of 3 from the foul line. She played 32 of the 40 minutes in the game. She also had 4 rebounds, 1 assist and a steal. Giocelis Reynoso also stood out. Reynoso was only 2 of 7 from the field and 2 of 4 from the foul line. However, she did get eight rebounds and two steals.

“We just struggled offensively to find scores, we had some layups, we couldn’t make them. When you look at the shooting percentage, that’s the difference of the game. In the first period, they shot 62%, and in the second period 58%. We shot 20 and 8%. We couldn’t find a way to get a basket and they outscored us in the paint. They played tough and we really struggled against them, Coach Piper said.

The Blue Devils did struggle in the paint defensively, and was unable to do any damage in the paint.

Colonial Mikalah Mulrain shot 4 out of 5 from the field and 2 of 2 from the foul line. She also had an astounding nine rebounds, five were offensive rebounds, one assist and a block.

The Blue Devils record fell to 9-17 overall and 8-7 in the NEC play. Robert Morris is first in the division,17-9 overall and 12-3 in the NEC play.

CCSU will face off against Sant Francis Brooklyn at 1.p.m. this Saturday to close out their home games.