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The SGA Welcomes New Members After Special Elections

by Cindy Pena

The Central Connecticut State University’s Student Government Association welcomed eight new senators last week after the Special Elections. Out of 27 potential senators, two first-year, three commuter and three at-large seats were filled.

The first-year seats were filled by students Kristina Rodrigues and Nicole Elsinger. Rodrigues was reached out to for comment, but did not respond.

Elsinger said she hopes to advocate for students and create a stronger CCSU community.

“I am ecstatic that people voted and believe in what I represent, and I look forward to working on behalf of my peers,” Elsinger said. “I intend to accomplish the feeling of a greater sense of community here on campus, primarily through advocating for smaller clubs. Being a part of [the] student government will be a wonderful experience, and I am truly honored to have this opportunity.”

The commuter seats were filled by students Ashley Perreira, Didier Narcisse and Danny Ha. Narcisse was reached out to for comment, but did not respond.

Perreira said she hopes to use her voice to advocate for all students, especially commuters.

“I’m thankful that I get to be a part of [the] SGA, and making a difference in the CCSU community as [a] commuter senator,” Perreira said. “I’m also excited that I get to be the voice for my fellow classmates and making sure that everyone’s voices are heard, especially my fellow commuters. What I hope to accomplish as [a] senator is increasing enough funding for student activities and to possibly add more activities on campus.”

Ha, on the other hand, said he ran to work with the other SGA senators.

“I honestly ran because the SGA representatives that were running seemed like pretty chill people,” Ha said. “I’ve never really ran for any kind of student government ever, so I’m not really sure what I’m doing, but I’m pretty sure I’ll do it well.”

Lastly, the at-large seats were filled by Elijah Thompson, Duke Large and Quincy Sanchez. All three senators expressed their gratitude to work with the SGA to bring in their ideas for campus initiatives.

“I am grateful for this opportunity, and look forward to working with [the] SGA to create a brighter future for our university and student population,” Thompson said. “As [an] at-large senator, I will aim to advocate for the needs of our students, fight for fair and equal funding for clubs and organizations, work to provide additional employment and graduate school opportunities, increase community engagement and supportive initiatives and work to create a Social Action Committee dedicated to serving our community.”

Large said his overall goal is to increase the sense of community and school spirit at CCSU.

“I want to help create an environment where students attend and are encouraged to go to all sorts of events. Whether it’s athletics, tailgates, dances, fashion shows, concerts, I could keep going,” Large said. “Doing all of this while remaining in the budget necessary that [the] SGA is working with. I hope all the members of [the] SGA and I are able to come together and continue the work that needs to be done.”

Sanchez also has similar goals.

“Being a part of the SGA, I finally feel like I can make an impact on the students at CCSU,” Sanchez said. “In my three years at this institution, I’ve noticed that there was a lack of school spirit when it comes to athletic games and on-campus events. Being an athlete on the men’s track and field team, I look to be a driving force in coming up with ideas to bring overall school spirit up.”