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Celebrating CCSU’s Diverse Cultures

by Tyra McClung

The Africana Students Organization joined forces with the Latin American Student Organization (LASO) and the United Caribbean Club (UCC) to host CCSU’s annual Culture Shock on Thursday, Jan. 25.

Alumni Hall was decorated with a colorful array of flags representing various countries. Students were introduced to African cuisine as well as sweet treats provided by LASO. Outside vendors also attended, selling authentic African clothing including umbrellas, dashikis and beaded jewelry. Groups COLADA and Central’s Step and Dance Crew also performed at the event.

“We basically come here to unite and celebrate each of our individual culture, and come together as one to kind of enjoy ourselves on CCSU’s campus,” UCC President Arron McKenzie said.

“We definitely need more cultural events on campus to kind of thrive and let people know we’re here. That’s how you impact and [allow for] more people to, you know, stay on campus instead of leaving every Thursday,” McKenzie continued.

Culture Shock first arrived at the university in 2015 as a collaborative effort between CCSU, the University of Hartford’s African Student Organization’s and UCC.

One of the founders of the Culture Shock event was McKenzie, who helped to develop and promote the event in its early stages. He believes events such as these are important because they not only educate students on the different cultures, but also allow students to be entertained during the weekend.

“This was my second [Culture Shock]. I think this one was more fun, I liked the DJ, he was really good. [The event] definitely educates [students] on the different types of Africans there are, because I know my friends like swear there is only one type of African,” CCSU junior Grace Mwine said. “It [the different cultures] were very enlightening. My favorite part of the night was the Caribbean Club when the girls danced,”

This year’s Culture Shock was sponsored by the Africana Students Organization (ASO).

“Our goal for culture shock is just to embrace multiple cultures, and also show residents and students on campus different cultures that they have yet to be exposed to in a comfortable and safe environment,” ASO Secretary Amaal Sugulleh said. “I hope to see everyone come to our events later on this semester.”

ASO meets every Tuesday in the 1849 room in the Student Center at 7:30 p.m.