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Divisi Sings Through the Night

by Cindy Pena

The singing voices of Central Connecticut State University’s Divisi a cappella group echoed Welte Auditorium last Saturday night.

With their unique rendition of popular and classic songs and an appearance from CCSU’s female a cappella group, TGFI, and UCONN’s a cappella group, A Minor, the concert was very different from their other concerts, according to Ray Jackson.

“We have invested a lot into this concert; money, time, practice, everything. So, it’s going to be one to remember,” said Jackson, director of Divisi.

The free concert attracted over two hundred students and members of the public who sang and cheered on with the singers. Some were even left emotional, like Emily MacVane.

“They were incredible. Like one of their songs really really got to me. I don’t remember what the name was, but they were incredible, honestly,” said MacVane, singer in TGFI who sang her first solo in the concert.

Connie Rubitz, an incoming student, agreed.

“I felt nostalgia a little. I could feel the bond between them,” said Rubitz.

This reaction is what Jackson was aiming for. He emphasized the importance of getting a positive response to the message of their music.

“I’m hoping that the audience leaves with an unforgettable experience and feeling. That we move people, not just entertain, but move people and touch their hearts,” said Jackson. “If there is someone crying tears of joy, that would be a sense of accomplishment.”

The success of the concert did not come easily. From promoting the event on social media to long rehearsals beginning back in January, they were able to set the date for April 1, the earliest they ever had their concert.

“Rehearsals have been very efficient, very quick-paced, having to pick up things quickly,” said Antonio La Rosa, a member for four years. “We are very impressed with how much work the entire group has put in because it’s been very fast paced, more than I’ve ever seen in my time in Divisi.”

The group was also preparing for a competition. They made it to the semi-finals of the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella, the first time in Divisi history. Their hard work and team collaboration allowed them to balance both major events. Divisi member Alexander O’Niel says the group’s ambition was demonstrated in rehearsals.

“I think there has been such a feeling of drive this semester in particular. Because we have certain aspirations and goals that I think having those in mind really lets the group rise to the occasion,” said O’Niel.

This concert was a special one for many members of the group. La Rosa accentuated how, as it was his and four of his best friend’s last concert as a group, it will be one to remember.

“We were all in the group together throughout the past four years, so it’s kind of like the end of our era,” said La Rosa. “It’s going to be a special experience that we worked our way up to since our freshmen year.”

La Rosa emphasized that, despite the hard work and long hours put into the concert, their main goal was to have fun.

“Not worry if we make a mistake or not, it’s not really about that. It’s just about having a good time and enjoying the accomplishment that we made and to celebrate the success of this semester,” said La Rosa.