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Jorge Ramos Is an Activist, Not a Journalist


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by Kimberly Pena

Since President Donald Trump took his stance on immigration during his campaign, Univision news anchor Jorge Ramos has converted from a journalist into an activist.

There is no doubt that Americans can clearly see what Ramos stands for and what his feelings towards the president are. As a journalist, one of the requirements for the job is to be unbiased and objective. The people who consume your work should not know your opinions when doing your work.

Just recently in Premios Lo Nuestro, a Spanish music award show, Jorge  Ramos was given the platform to give a  vigorous speech for Latinos to come together to take a stand against Trump.

“There are a lot of people who don’t want us here and want to build a wall,” said Ramos. “But this is also our country. It’s not theirs, it’s our country. And we’re not leaving. There are nearly 60 million Latinos in the United States, and thanks to us, the U.S. eats, grows, sings and dances. When they attack us, we’re not going to sit down, we’re not going to shut up and we’re not going to leave.”

I am not saying that his beliefs are wrong, because everyone is entitled to believing and standing up for whatever they would like to. However, Ramos is just not any ordinary American citizen; he has a very powerful position in the Latino community and is a notable figure who is seen on television on a daily basis.

He should not be going on national television crying for a protest against the president and then the next day, expect people to think that he will be doing a fair story about the current administration. Ramos spends his day criticizing Trump on television and sometimes putting his personal biases out there.

His daughter, Paola Ramos, held a working position in Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Although this may not be the reason why Jorge Ramos feels as the way he does, it certainly can be an impact.

As a Latina, I would not turn to Jorge Ramos for a true news story. He has set no limits for himself in what he puts out there about his beliefs and I have no doubt in my mind that his work is biased when it comes to the president.

This is a serious problem because he has a powerful voice in the Latino community. It is left unclear on whether or not he is feeding his viewers the truth or just his own objectiveness. What good does this do the Hispanic community? He certainly has the ability to influence the way the Hispanic community thinks with his personal stance.  Is that real journalism? The answer is no.

No matter how you feel towards an issue or a person, your work as a journalist must be objective and truthful. There is no justification in mixing your personal intentions with your profession, especially if you are a journalist.

If he really wants to protest and be a voice for the Latino community, then he should quit his job as an anchor and go outside and protest with everyone else, not in the newsroom.

Jorge Ramos, you are not a journalist — you are an activist.