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New Starbucks Off to a Busy Start


by Jackson Rioux

On any given day, large lines of students can be found waiting on the first floor at Elihu Burritt Library. It’s not books that are bringing students in packs; it’s the opening of a new Starbucks.

Unlike Grand Central Café, this location offers a full menu of “Starbucks beverages, sandwiches, salads, snacks, pastries, and more,” according to the Sodexo website.

The new Starbucks officially opened on August 22 in the space where Jazzman’s Café previously was located. Through its first week of operation, Starbucks appears to be attracting more attention than its predecessor.

“Jazzman’s Café is a Sodexo coffee shop, but it’s not as well-known as a Starbucks,” said Sodexo Operations Manager Jennifer Dowling. “Clearly we can see that the students know the name.”

Starbucks is open every day except Sundays — even that schedule may not be enough to satisfy students’ cravings. Cravings that have led to long lines, especially during peak hours.

The long wait times are both good and bad, according to Dowling. It is good because it means the location is popular but it also takes away from the on-the-run aspect the location offers.

The student body has offered suggestions in order to help the lines.

“They should have people walking around and taking orders,” said senior Ricky Hogshead. “Back where I’m from, the Chick-fil-A gets so busy that they have two people coming out and taking orders at the drive-thru.” Starbucks offers a walk-up window on the outside of the library.

“As soon as we get another worker, we are going to start implementing headphones,” said Dowling. The headphones will allow one employee to go outside and quickly take orders while other employees process them. This should significantly decrease the wait time.

Although there is no timetable for its implementation, students can expect to see a change soon.

“It’s something we’re going to do,” said Dowling. “We’ve already purchased the headphones and walkie-talkies.”

Aside from the above average wait time, things have been mostly smooth, according to manager April Procaccini. Procaccini is the only current staff member with previous working experience at a licensed Starbucks. She is proud of the way the team has handled its first week.

“The staff muscled through and corrected their mistakes right on the spot,” said Procaccini.

Don’t expect business to slow down soon. Starbucks will be releasing its fall menu on September 6, which includes the fan favorite Pumpkin Spice Latte.

“Obviously that’s a guaranteed fall seller,” said Procaccini with a chuckle.

Starbucks will be unveiling other drinks and new pastries as part of the shift from summer to fall.

“We have some new stuff coming up but students will have to come and see the new products this Tuesday,” said Procaccini.