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Concert Review: A Day To Remember

By Acadia Otlowski 

A Day To Remember slayed the crowd during its 19-song set at the Oakdale Theatre. The energy of the crowd and the energy of the band combined to create an atmosphere that was both brutal and incredibly entertaining, no matter where in the venue a spectator was.

The group I came with arrived to the show late, so we missed the first opener: Motionless in White. We came in midway through Chiodos, who put on a fairly good show.

Then Bring Me The Horizon took the stage, combining mandalas and heavy metal in an interesting manner. This is not a band I’m familiar with, but they also put on a fairly decent show.

A Day To Remember has a flair for the dramatic, something that becomes readily apparent through shows. The set began with a camping scene set in front of a variant of Mount Rushmore. But instead of the faces of United States presidents, the faces of the band’s were carved into the stone.

The band opened its set with “The Downfall of Us All,” a hard-hitting number that founded the tone for the set. A mosh pit formed and very rarely ceased while the band performed.

This was followed by “2nd Sucks,” a song that opens low and slow with a menacing guitar riff. This is followed by the command “Fight,” and the song continues to be very heavy. The crowd loved it. The song also features an air-raid siren to further the menacing tone of the song.

The band continued through its set, playing a variety of its heaviest hits off all of its albums, including: “I’m Made of Wax Larry, What Are You Made of?” “Monument” and “Violence.”

The set was broken up by a short version of the song “Macarena.”

This was followed by the song “Homesick,” which starts off fairly fast-paced to then slow down dramatically. There is more clean singing in this set than in the others the band had played.

That was immediately followed by the heavy, “You be Tails, I’ll Be Sonic.” During this song, the band played video game sounds layered with music, adding an interesting affect.

The band continued its set with a mix of songs that were both heavy and soft, appealing to a variety of fans. The band put on an excellent show, complete with the twisting of the imagery of Mount Rushmore. By the end, this display looked as if it were part of a zombie movie with lasers shining out of the eyes of the band members.

At one point during the set, lead singer Jeremy McKinnon ran out over the crowd in a giant hamster ball.

A Day To Remember played “All I Want” as its last song in its original set. This song is mid-level, high-energy and features a lot of clean singing. It was a fairly good way to end the set. The band then exited the stage, leaving fans cheering for an encore. They delivered.

Appealing to the softer side among their fans, the band played “If It Means A Lot to You.” This song is by far the most mellow song the band played. Those with lighters and cell phones lifted them up for the song, swaying to it. This was one of two times during the night that the mosh pit was closed. The song is a break-up song, technically, but it succeeds in wooing the crowd almost every time the band plays it.

The band then plays “All Signs Point to Lauderdale,”  followed by “The Plot to Bomb the Panhandle;” both high-energy songs to close the set.

A Day To Remember is a can’t-miss show. They always bring spectacular energy, which keeps the show incredibly entertaining throughout the entirety. There’s a reason most fans will not miss a show whenever the band is in town.