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Winter Fashion

By Erin O’Donnell

Having already experienced the first snowfall of the season, it is time to say goodbye to autumn leaves. Jack Frost has made himself welcome with the unexpectedly harsh Nor’easter in the first week of November. Around CCSU’s campus, students are now bundling up with thick layers of coats, sweaters and scarves.

Summer of 2012 is long-gone and so are the days of tank tops and shorts. But the exciting time of the holiday season is just beginning and so is beautiful winter fashion. Embellished tops, velvet, lace up shoes and classic skinny jeans are all trending this winter, and the right coat on top makes all the difference. Scarves and mittens are essential too, and especially popular this year are beanies.

Some would argue that it is too difficult to have personal style in the cold weather under layers upon layers of clothing, but it can be done with the right pieces, at any price point. The key is to stay warm and stylish with the right jacket, boots and accessories.

The classic pea coat is a sophisticated staple to any student’s wardrobe. These tailored coats can be styled with a variety of different outfits. Whether it’s houndstooth pattern to a traditional red, these coats are adaptable to anyone. A slim pencil skirt with knit tights and a chunky sweater goes great with a pea coat, and keeps you warm in the winter and walking around campus.

The right shoes are also very important in the winter. Not just for protection anymore, shoes have come a long way in style and expressing personality. The choices are endless with ankle booties, knee-highs, riding boots, furry UGG boots and so on. Newly popular this year are “combat boots.” Usually black leather with buckles, they can be worn for a slouchy rugged look or make a very girly outfit more edgy.

Another staple for looking well dressed this winter will be the right accessory. It can add that last touch to send the outfit over the top. Collars have been seen in every store this season and are very versatile. They come in all shapes and styles, whether you’d prefer a sequin jeweled collar or a dressy pearl collar necklace. Simply throw a collar on over a crew neck sweater and it instantly adds an embellishment that pulls the look together. Additionally, collars can be seen from Forever 21 to Nordstroms so they come in a wide price range.

A look that compliments everyone is a bold red lip. The key is to keep any other makeup on the face toned down, so it’s not overpowering. Especially popular this winter are deep berry hues. This look can really spruce up an outfit and brighten the face instantly.

Putting pieces together for the brisk air can be easy with layers, and topping it off with the trimming of an accessory completes the look. Keep the winter blues at bay with the trends of the season, while looking stylish and staying warm.