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“The Truth About Love” Fails To Impress

By Rachael Bentley

P!NK’s newest album release, The Truth About Love, was highly anticipated by die-hard fans around the world. Fans were ready for the kick ass, pink haired rock star to blow their minds yet again. But many fans may be dissapointed with P!NK’S latest studio effort, which left me with impression she might be going through a bit of an identity crisis.

When I first think of P!NK’S contributions to the music industry, I think of her hit songs, “Stupid Girls,” “Dear Mr.President,” and “So What,” which all became chart topping singles. All of those songs resonated with her fans and we got a real glimpse at who P!NK was as a person (behind all of the crazy outfits and on-stage stunts).

But in The Truth About LoveĀ I couldn’t help but struggle to get into the music as every track had a different vibe. I had high hopes for songs that were titled “Walk of Shame” and “Slut Like You,” hoping for the same hardcore wit that we glimpsed in “Stupid Girls,” but instead I had to listen to lyrics like “One step, two steps, counting tiles on the floor. Three steps, four steps, guess that means I’m a whore.”

At the recent I-Heart Radio concert in Las Vegas P!NK performed her single “Try” for the first time on stage, which is an extreme contrast to the previously mentioned songs. A valiant effort in conveying the importance of working hard to keep a relationship alive, all I could think about what the amount of times she sang “try, try, try” in one chorus.

Seeing as how P!NK just recently became a mother and got back together with her husband, Carey Hart, it seems obvious that this woman is juggling a lot in her life and like many artists she may have been pressured to release an album before she was ready. It was surprising that none of these songs talked about the struggles and joys of become a new mother, which was a dissapointment for many.

A strange balance of trying to keep her bad-ass reputation, while also being a mom, is a tough act and only a few rock stars have been able to pull it off. Seeing as how every other album she has ever realesed has been a total hit, I’m hoping fans will cut this leading lady some slack. So fingers crossed that her next album is better than all of the rest.