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The University Needs To Be Met Halfway

CCSU is constantly saturated with empty complaints by students who refuse to take advantage of all the resources that the University provides. It is hard to navigate the campus without hearing part of a conversation condemning the school and how few of things there are to do.

In a Twitter account called, @CCSUProblems, students utilize it to point out everything that is deemed to be wrong at this University. It has died down since last year, but at the time it was very active. If the same effort that went into exploring all the downsides to CCSU was put into examining everything it has to offer, then the students would find more positives than negatives.

Various administrators are continuously trying to improve campus quality, but are halted by students who are unwilling to meet them in the middle. There are many outlets on campus that students can turn to in order to fill their void on the weekends.

Student Activities is searching for ways to bring students back to campus. The organization is collaborating with ResLife to ensure that beds will be filled in the residence halls and students will be satisfied. Top student leaders are forming a group called, Weekend Central, where they will meet and find fun activities for students to do on the weekends.

CAN, IRC, and other organizations strive to achieve this goal. They put a lot of time into this project. On Thursday nights, to avoid the sighs from students in regards to the dry campus, the University holds the “Devil’s Den at 10” with a mission to create fun, alternative activities for students to participate in. Devil’s Den also encourages other clubs to host their events during that slot.

In terms of clubs on campus, the list is ongoing. If there is a certain hobby or sport that a student is interested in, then it is certain that the University has a club pertaining to that interest. If you are interested in Politics, join the Student government, the College Republicans or Democrats. If you are interested in taking photos, join the photography club. There are many different outlets one can turn to in order to find something to do on this campus.

ResLife does their best to ensure that students will be occupied throughout the week and on weekends. RA’s are required to host programs that will bring in students and promote student life on campus. The intention is there, but what is lacking is student response.

The onus has to be placed on the students and their unwillingness to get involved. There is only so much that the University can do, after that it is all up to the students.

CCSU has provided the tools to get a good education and enjoy the process while doing it. The next time you hear someone complain about nothing to do on campus, send them to the student center where they will be overwhelmed with a plethora of options that they can either choose to participate in or continue their grumbling.