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Senate Hears Sherwood’s Input On O’Brien’s Policy

By: Joe Suszczynski

At the Student Government Association meeting, Phil Sherwood, New Britain Mayor’s Deputy Chief of Staff, spoke to the Senate in regards to Mayor O’Brien’s ordinace.

According to the New Britain Herald, O’Brien will be taking the anti-blight ordinance seriously. The ordinance was adopted earlier this year and placed a $250 fine against the property owners if they violate the ordinance. The New Britain Herald stated that if the new ordinance proposal is voted into effect each time the police visit the property owners will be fined $600.

Sherwood spoke about the current problems some neighborhoods were facing.

“When it’s two in the morning and there’s beer bottles being tossed or there’s a few dozen students outside of your house and you’re sleeping with your window open, that’s an issue,” said Sherwood. “The line is crossed when there’s excessive noise and over the top underage drinking.”

Sherwood then took questions from the Senate. Senator Monique Narcisse asked if there was another solution, suggesting a community service.

“The mayor is open to ideas. Anything that gives the student body increased ownership over the quality of life in the neighborhood, probably a good thing,” Sherwood said.

Senator Bobby Berriault asked Sherwood where students can find information if the new ordinance is passed. Linda Tordenti said that it would be posted to Pipeline.

Later in the meeting,  Senator Simms Sonet motioned to allocate $3,920 to RECentral for 800 shirts towards the participants in the Healthy Lifestyle Challenge.

“This Healthy Lifestyle Challenge is something that is going really benefit students right now,” said Sonet. “The shirts are very important to the Healthy Lifestyle Challenge because they help to advertise and act as a reward and not just a giveaway. This challenge is an event that could really be extremely huge on this campus.”

Sonet also said that if the motion passes, twenty to twenty-five shirts are to be handed out each week.

Treasurer Nick Alaimo spoke against the motion. Although he said he liked the idea of the Healthy Lifestyle Challenge he told the Senate to prepare for the consequences. According to Alaimo, the senate has never approved allocating money to clubs for t-shirts, and usually stands against it. He said that if they approved this motion, then other clubs will ask for the same items.

Senator Kory Mills moved to amend the motion by striking some of the wording. Mills motioned to take the words “to RECentral” out so it would read solely would read,  the “Healthy Lifestyle Challenge.” The amendment was passed.

Senator Ryan Baldassario spoke against the motion.

“The merits of supporting this program are not in question. The reward of the Healthy Life Style Challenge is getting a healthy lifestyle. That is what the purpose of this is. T shirts alone are not motivating factors,” said Baldassario. “You would not give out 25 medals to the top 25 people in a race. We could support this program in other ways. This could be one facet of it.”

The motion ended up failing with a vote of nine yes vote to fourteen no votes with one abstention.

Sonet was later reached for comment.

“I am a little upset that it didn’t pass, but the points presented against were good points. They’re not just out of the blue random comments. They’re not stupid, they are well thought out,” said Sonet.