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Elihu Burritt Needs Longer Hours

by Sophia Contreras

Thousands of Central Connecticut students from all departments walk into the Elihu Burritt Library every week, making it an undeniably essential resource. However, due to its lack of weekend hours, it’s not as accessible as one might think.

Most students have various tasks to deal with besides schools such as part-time jobs, internships and personal obligations. Handling these various tasks can make it hard for students to set aside time to study, especially when their campus library is not operating at necessary hours.

Although the library does extend its hours during finals, its extension is nowhere near the rest of the Connecticut State Universities.

Central prides itself on being the second largest state university in Connecticut after the University of Connecticut, yet its library hours for the 11,085 students it holds continues to fall short.

Out of the five Connecticut state school library’s, the Burritt is last in the number of operating hours for students.

University Library Weekly Operating Hours
WESTERN 134 Hours
UCONN 111 Hours and 50 minutes
EASTERN 94 Hours
CENTRAL 82 Hours and 15 minutes


Of course, if students need a place to study outside of library hours, they can go to the Student Center or Marcus White. However, the problem with this is that those places do not have access to the materials students need like books on reserve or books that cannot be taken out of the library.

The fourth floor of the library provides a silent place to study for students who do best in that environment. Although the Marcus White Lab has a “quiet area,” it’s overcrowded with desktops, leaving no empty space for students with personal computers.

According to the 2016 Library Annual Report, the Burritt Library has requested a budget increase of 10 percent with the intention to finance the subscriptions to academic journals. However, an equally beneficial use of part of the 10 percent budget increase could be in longer hours, specifically on weekends.

Most students begin to cram on Saturday or Sunday nights, but with the scarce library weekend hours, it leaves students who need a place to study with little options.

It is undeniable that our library staff are incredibly resourceful, as they offer “chat rooms” for one-on-one help, but what good are all these services if they are scarcely available to students?

If you’re a student who believes the Burritt library is not open long enough, make your voice heard and address your opinion and needs to Carl Antonucci, the director of Library Services.