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CCSU AIGA Host Photoshop Event

by Sophia Contreras

Central Connecticut’s American Institute of Graphic Design advertised their Photoshop workshop as “Photoshop Magic” around campus for weeks, hoping students might think twice about coming when they saw the event featured a magician and the opportunity to win a year subscription of Adobe Creative Cloud valued at $240.

Magician Noah Cross kicked off the event on March 7 with his impressive card tricks.

“We originally thought of the idea to bring a magician, because Photoshop [is much like] magic. Noah works in the design department, it was a perfect way to showcase the talent within our department outside of design,” Vice President of AIGA James Harless said.

The event was a success, nearly filling room 305 in the Vance Academic Center. The event included tutorials on Photoshop apps such as Photoshop Express and Adobe Capture.

Photoshop Express was described as “Instagram on steroids,” with the ability to create your own filters and diminish unwanted zits and red eyes.

AIGA raffled off prizes such as Starbucks gift cards, t-shirts, water bottles and pop sockets. President of AIGA, Krzysztof Fabis, made sure all attendees left with a gift.

AIGA also host events that help students create unique resumes with graphic design tools.

“We want people to know how to make their resume visually pleasing, and not just [be a] Word document, [but] something that will set them apart,” Harless said.

In addition to helping student make visually appealing resumes, AIGA also hosts emerging workshops where industry professionals meet students to network and give advice on their portfolios.

AIGA encourages students to download a free trial of Adobe, with their link

By downloading a free trial of Adobe with the provided link, AIGA will receive more endorsements from the Adobe company to fund other events for students and more prizes.

The AIGA club meets every Wednesday at 3:15 in Vance 305. On March 26, AIGA will host their next event that will feature making Snapchat filters and prizes.