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Netflix It: Dexter

by Sheelan Mohammed

With spring break right around the corner, every college student might feel especially destructive as exam upon exam is thrown at them.

One way Central Connecticut students can blow off steam after mid-terms is by watching the show “Dexter.”

Dexter is about the Miami-bred serial killer, Dexter Morgan, played by Michael C. Hall. He is a meticulous forensics expert by day and a vigilante by night.

To keep his true identity hidden, Dexter attempts to mask his psychopathic ways by blending in the best way he knows, lying. He lies to his cop coworkers, his cop sister and his sweet girlfriend, Rita Bennett, who is played Julie Benz.

He is an expert deceiver, but he is also an expert killer.

He kills because he cannot control his lust for blood. His father, who passed away before the show starts, caught onto his son’s violent tendencies early after the adoption. His love for his son and police training enabled him to create a way his son could survive without hurting innocent people, himself or get caught. He created what Dexter calls “The Code,” a set of rules Dexter abides by to satisfy his need for killing while ensuring he stays out of prison.

In fact, that’s the first rule: Don’t get caught.

The second rule, more interestingly: Only kill criminals.

He has a process, too, with a strict, strategic and slick process.

He picks cases where criminals, stemming from due process and the flimsy justice system, slip through the cracks. He starts vetting and stalking to prove they did commit the crime. He chooses a time and place for committing the murder, wrapping everything in plastic to avoid trace evidence.

He injects them with animal tranquilizer when they least expect it. He displays crime scene photographs of their victims, addressing the purpose of their upcoming death.

It’s not all gloomy, though. The audience sympathizes for Dexter, as he starts to care for Rita and her children, who were originally supposed to be a cover.

This show will keep one interested each and every episode. His sister, Debra, portrayed by Jennifer Carpenter, is one character fans will love and gauge how much Dexter truly cares about others.

The show ran originally on Showtime from 2006 to 2013 with eight seasons, which are all on Netflix. It is based off the 2004 novel “Darkly Dreaming Dexter” by Jeff Lindsay.

Relax this break and feed your killer mood by watching “Dexter.”