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Support Your Local Election

Although still nine long months away, the gubernatorial election has once again made its way into the state of Connecticut to elect a new governor for the first time since 2011.

Unfortunately, most likely less than half of Americans will make their way to the polls this year to support the candidate of their choice. Because of this, it is no wonder that people are so often disappointed with the outcome of the race.

For too many people, the concept of voting only means heading to the polls once every four years to vote for president. Still, voting in local elections is one of the most important things someone can do, as it allows people the chance to stand up, speak out and fight for what they believe in right at home.

It is every American’s right and responsibility to vote in elections, whether it be local or national. If you do not vote, you not only don’t have the right to complain about those your peers elected to represent you, you also don’t have the ability to help create real change.

It is not just the person on the ballot, it is also the policies he or she stands for. With that being said, a higher voter turn out makes our democracy more representative by allowing Americans to support and vote for what they believe in. By checking just one name on a ballot, a person has the ability to help contribute to the changes he or she wants to be made.

Speaking of changes, it is the changes in the community that want to be made that local elections aid to. The local government is directly responsible for serving your community and the moves that are made to better your society. These changes could involve the quality of a local school, policing and public safety, public transit, affordable housing, alcohol and marijuana ordinances, etc. It is voting in these local elections that can help you and your neighbors live in a community that is being taken care of under the management of the candidate you see fit.

It is also important to emphasize that your vote will make a difference, no matter the election. Typically, just one in five voters participate in off-year local elections, meaning that your single vote can have even more of an impact. If you do participate—while getting your family and friends to participate, too—your elected officials will likely be more responsive to your needs and interests because you are an avid voter.

If you never want to miss a future election, make sure you are signed up for Rock the Vote’s Election Reminders. No matter where you live in the United States, this service will give you the information you need to participate in your local, state, and federal races. You can visit there website at to sign up today.