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Netflix It: ‘How We First Met’

 by Shwar Zaidi
“How We First Met” is a romantic comedy film directed by Ari Sandel, released on Netflix Feb. 9.

The storyline is about a guy named Noah Ashby, played by Adam Devine, who is pining over his friend, Avery Marin, played by Alexandra Daddario. He is absolutely in love with her, but she doesn’t return those feelings.

When Noah attends the engagement party of Avery and her fiancee, Ethan, played by Robbie Amell, he wonders what he could have done better that could’ve given him a chance to be with her.

He gets an unexpected chance when he travels back in time with the help of a photo booth. This magical time machine transports Noah back to when they first met at a Halloween party, but he realizes that maybe God knew best and gave him the fate he deserved.

Even when he becomes a handsome flirt, a complete bad boy and even a rich business man, fate always links Avery with the guy she was supposed to be with, Ethan.

Noah somehow ends up being with Avery’s best friend, Carrie. It hit him that maybe fate had bigger and better plans and that certain things are supposed to happen for a reason.

Noah realizes that he was not meant to be with Avery, and that his perfect match is indeed Carrie.

Noah knew that he belonged with Carrie, but it wasn’t just random opportunities; it was the moments and timing that made things right. If Noah never met Avery, then he would have never gotten to know Carrie.

When Noah finally clears his head and goes back to the present time, where things were supposed to be just the way they are, he finally gets to be with the one he truly loves, while his friend gets to be with the one she truly loves.

In the end, he is the happiest man in the world. Like he says, “Everything happens for a reason.” The movie presents the idea that life has its own way of making sense of things and what is meant to be will always find it’s way.

If anybody is looking for a funny movie to watch whenever they are free or need a break from studying, check out this movie.