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YouTube: Procrastination Destination

by Olivia Bayer

Trying to avoid all of your responsibilities or simply just have nothing to do? Whatever your situation may be, here are some videos you can occupy yourself with on YouTube.

If you’re in the mood to binge, a vlogging channel may be suitable for you. If you enjoy humorous random vlogs, check out famous YouTuber David Dobrik’s channel. Here, you can spend your day watching a series of miscellaneous activities and pranks the vlogger takes part in with his group of friends. The channel has over 400 videos on it, so you can easily spend a long period of time watching.

If you somehow manage to finish all of them or simply are in search for another vlog like this one, some other similar channels include: Elijah Daniels, Liza Koshy, Scotty Sire or Zane Hijazi.

If you’re looking for something more along the lines of sporty or adventurous, Jon Olsson’s vlogs are the way to go. From skiing to surfing or simply venturing around different countries, Olsson’s channel has a wide variety that is likely to suit any adventure lover’s needs.

Other similar vlog channels are Gone With the Wynns, Sailing La Vagabonde or vagabrothers.

If vlogs aren’t something you’re interested in, try looking into interviews. Whether they’re late night talk shows or something involving your favorite musician.

NardwuarServiette is a channel jam packed with interviews with primarily different musicians. He’s talked to everyone from Post Malone to Pharrell Williams. NardwuarServiette, better known as just Nardwuar, is best known for doing extensive research on his interviewees, finding out just about everything there is to know about them and asking them questions no other interviewer would know to ask.

This particular channel can get a bit annoying after awhile due to Nardwuar’s tone of voice, however, he makes up for it with the interesting and amusing content portrayed in his videos.

If you want a cool lengthy interview, rapper Tyler the Creator has a video on his channel labeled “FLOWER BOY: a conversation.”

In this interview, Tyler the Creator is sitting with Jerrod Carmichael and they’re simply just having a conversation, mostly just about the rapper’s newest album, “Flower Boy.” This interview is unlike others in the sense of both the format and just that it’s unfiltered. It really gives you a new appreciation for the artist.

If none of these videos appeal to you and you simply just want some videos to pass the time, you can’t go wrong with vine compilations or BuzzFeedVideo. These are the types of videos you don’t want to admit you watch, but you can’t help yourself and enjoy the humorous content.

If all else, YouTube has recommended videos for you to watch, so if you’re ever unsure of what to watch, you can always give their suggestions a try.