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CCSU Police Warn Of Person Of Interest

by Sarah Willson

Central Connecticut police warned of a person of interest, Rutho Charlot, in a harassment complaint.

The CCSU Police Department sent out an email to all actively enrolled students and faculty on Tuesday morning.

Charlot is believed to possibly be in the area near or on the CCSU campus.

As a result of the incident, Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications Mark McLaughlin said that CCSU will have extra patrol cars on campus as part of “standard procedure,” along with the regular full-time 24/7 police department staff.

McLaughlin¬†told The Recorder that there is “no further information [regarding the situation] at this time.”

The photo of Charlot provided by the CCSU Police Department depicts an African-American male with brown eyes and black hair.

Anyone who sees Charlot or has any additional information is asked to call the CCSU Police Department immediately at 860-832-2375.