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Get Out Of Mainstream Music, Dry Off With New Indie Artists

by Olivia Bayer

It’s not very often you hit a station on the radio with anything but something off Billboard’s Top 100 nowadays. While a handful of the songs are catchy, one can only listen to “Havana” by Camila Cabello so many times before they just can’t take it anymore.

Despite there being hundreds and thousands of different artists with great music out there, we are only getting the same pop songs on repeat. That being said, here’s some new music for those of you who have had enough of Migos and Bruno Mars.

Up first is English recording artist and songwriter Alex O’Connor, or as many more know him: Rex Orange County. This 19-year-old indie pop/alternative hip-hop artist hit the scene in 2016 with his first album, “Bcos U Will Never B Free.” However, he did not receive much attention until most recently in 2017 with his second album, “Apricot Princess,” including his groovy singles “Loving Is Easy,” “Best Friend” and “Sunflower.”

If you’re looking for an artist to happily jam out to but also have a nice cry to, Rex Orange County is your guy.

The artist’s most popular song, “Loving Is Easy,” is an upbeat lovey kind of song. The piano and drums are the two most evident instruments in the song giving it a simple, but perfect sound that is so nicely matched with O’Connor’s beautiful vocals.

For something more emotional, “Waiting Room” really strikes the heart. Like “Loving Is Easy,” it has that simple and beautiful use of drum and piano with a subtle electric guitar. With this song, you can hear every emotion through O’Connor’s voice, which makes it all the more emotional. Rex Orange County offers a different sound to listeners, something you can’t get on the songs you hear on the radio. He’s the type of artist you can listen to on repeat all day and still not get sick of.

Next for new music is another young new artist named Boy Pablo. This 18-year-old indie-pop singer/songwriter has just recently blessed the music scene with his beautiful and dreamy works of art.

Last year, Boy Pablo and his band of buddies released their first album, “Roy Pablo,” which consists of six songs.

Their use of electric guitar in each song gives each somewhat of the same sound; however, with every one of their songs, you get a taste of something beautiful and different.

With “Ready/Problems,” listeners get this rush of emotions as the chorus comes in with powerful guitar and vocals. This song is something we can all relate to at some point in our lIves with the lyrics “right place, wrong time.” It is the type of song you can just scream at the top of your lungs when no one else is around.

The group’s most popular song is “Everytime.” Listening to this gives you a day at the beach vibes. The groovy guitars and lively beats make it a catchy tune you can expect to have stuck in your head for weeks.

Overall, Boy Pablo is feel-good music that makes you want to dance. Whether you are driving around or simply hanging around, Boy Pablo is most likely going to put a smile on your face with their music.

These two artist are just few of many more unheard artists; if you want to find more like them, Spotify is a great way to discover new artists. There’s so much music out there; why stick to mainstream pop when you can be listening to so much more?