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Resolutions Passed Regarding CCSU Childcare

by Kristina Vakhman

Finally putting childcare expansion on the table, the Student Life Committee of Central Connecticut’s Student Government Association has passed two resolutions endorsing the development of on-campus daycare facilities.

Penned by the committee’s chair Senator Victor Constanza, the resolutions involve the SGA in a manner that has not occurred in the past, proving emblematic of significant progress after years of Dr. Fiona Pearson and Dr. Leah Glaser—co-chairs of CCSU’s Work-Life Balance Committee and the Committee on the Concerns of Women—going back and forth with prior administrations on the matter with no success.

Both being collaborations between Constanza and Dr. Pearson, the first of the two resolutions supports the construction of an on-campus Family Care and Education Center (FCEC), stating that the site “will provide comprehensive childcare for CCSU staff, faculty and students,” as well as will “provide a lab school for several of the academic programs on campus.”

Constanza explained during an SGA meeting that this project would most likely be funded through grants and donations from third-party donors. However, he noted that it is not certain if monetary contribution would be dispensed due to the state’s current economic problems, hence making the FCEC an enterprise for the distant future.

On the other hand, the second resolution, which advocates for the implementation of a drop-in center with intermittent care, would be a more plausible, immediate solution. The document stated that approximately $38,609 would be needed for the center’s creation. It thus proposes a $5 increase to the student activity fee that is already part of every individual’s tuition to “help support the funding for this center.” The fee would subsequently rise to $105 for undergraduate students and $42 for graduate students.

“Love. Fully support and appreciate,” Dr. Glaser said in regards to the resolutions.

“We have been told by many leaders on campus that if there is a will, there is a way, and we are finally seeing leadership at CCSU that is willing and even eager to find the way,” Dr. Pearson commented. “Members of SGA have for many years supported these efforts, but Victor and the current student body have taken bold steps forward in writing up and debating these resolutions. We are closer than ever before in making a drop in center for students a reality at CCSU.”

As of now, only the first proposal has been passed by the SGA on Feb. 14 through a consent agenda. The second has not been put up for a vote before the SGA and is therefore not yet recognized, but Constanza is optimistic that it will pass when he brings it up at the next meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 21.

“Dr. Pearson and I are also hopeful that the fee will increase for a good cause,” he said.

Despite the fact that the resolutions passing the SGA would be a momentous advancement toward bringing on-campus childcare to CCSU, the journey would be far from over.

Constanza explained the process for the increase of the student activity fee.

“If this new resolution passes through Senate, the next phase will be talking to C.A.N., [the] Media Board and [the Student Union Board of Governors] to make their own resolutions to increase the activity fee to $5,” Constanza said. “Once they all pass resolutions, we shall present the proposal to increase the fee to Dr. [Zulma] Toro, get her okay on it and then the [Board of Regents] will have the final say on that. If the BOR approves, the increase in the student activity fee will happen.”