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Secret’s Out: Kylie Had A Baby

by Jessica Paolino

After months of rumors and speculation of her hidden pregnancy, the TV reality star from Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kylie Jenner, has finally announced the arrival of her first-born girl with her boyfriend, rapper Travis Scott.

An eleven minute video documenting Kylie’s nine-month journey was released on YouTube on Feb. 4, a few days after the baby’s arrival on Feb. 1, on Kylie’s channel titled “To Our Daughter.” The video goes in depth with Kylie’s friends and family discussing the coming of Kylie’s daughter and Travis taking on his role as a father. Since its posting, the video has already reached over 50 million views.

Kylie had also posted an apology note on her Twitter and Instagram pages to her millions of followers for keeping her pregnancy hidden for the past nine months. She states her reason for staying under the radar was to keep herself as healthy as possible on her journey to becoming a mom and to avoid any stresses on her and her baby.

Two days later, a photo of Kylie’s baby was posted on Instagram, becoming the most liked photo ever with over sixteen million likes. The photo was captioned “Stormi Webster,” the newborn’s name, the last name “Webster” being the same as Travis’s real name (Jacques Webster). Many fans initially figured the name of the baby would be after the name of a butterfly, due to some supporting evidence that became present dating back to the start of Travis and Kylie’s relationship. They got matching butterfly tattoos on their ankles after just two months of dating and posted the photos on Snapchat. Scott had also released a song called “Butterfly Effect” back in May.

In her YouTube video, Kylie is seen wearing a beautiful butterfly necklace. Despite the now-known unique name “Stormi” seemingly having nothing to do with butterflies, fans have come up with a clever answer to explain the correlation between the two. The “chaos theory” is the idea that when a butterfly flaps its wings, it creates a storm (natural disaster) many miles away, hence the baby’s name, Stormi.

Kylie nor Travis have explained the actual meaning behind their baby’s name, therefore the theory has yet to be confirmed or denied.

One thing is for sure, we’ll have to wait for an official explanation from the new parents themselves.