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Hulu It: Real Housewives of New York

by Sophia Contreras

Do you love reality TV, but don’t want to “Keep up with the Kardashians?” Then Real Housewives of New York (RHONY) might be the perfect alternative for you.

With over 90 episodes available on Hulu, RHONY will most definitely give you a healthy dose of raunchy reality TV. RHONY features Manhattan’s elitist housewives. Despite the name of the show, the woman range from luxury business owners, entrepreneurs, journalists, fashion merchandisers, renowned chefs and royalty.

RHONY focuses on how these women make their money, and of course how they spend it, all while maintaining a family. With every season new surprises and characters come into the show. A common issues that these women bicker about is what part of Manhattan is the best, for a whole season Ramona Singer, the villain of the reality series, refused to go to Brooklyn to visit another housewife. When Singer finally made it to Brooklyn, she made a comment about how her and her husband would rather be in Manhattan.

Infidelity is another common theme that keeps the show interesting, royal countess Luann Delesseps is confronted with a divorce after her husband cheats on her. In another season, Singer must confront the same scenario after constantly raving to her castmates about her “perfect marriage of 25 years.” Nearly every woman on the show has been divorced, and the viewer gets to watch how they cope with their less than joyful experiences.

At some points, you might start feeling empathetic for these woman, until they spend $10,000 on a bottle of champagne, then suddenly all you can think about is how that bottle of champagne is half of your tuition bill.

A few of the other housewives include ABC journalist and princess Carole Radziwill, Bethenny Frankel creator of Skinny Girl food products and wine, former editor of Elle accessories and model Kelly Bensimon and Heather Thomson celebrity fashion and brand consultant.

What I think makes this reality show better than the other housewives and other reality shows is that the characters are more than just a pretty face. They are hard-working business women with relatable issues, despite the surplus of money they have. Some examples include dealing with everyday illnesses like anxiety, depression or having kids who have difficulties as well.

RHONY is the kind of show that makes you look forward to reaching adulthood to afford the finer things in life, but it also reminds you how crazy excess amounts of money can make you and humbles you back down to your reality.

RHONY is produced by BRAVO TV and all past and current seasons are available on Hulu.