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Climate Change: How Much Warmer Can The Earth Get?

by Olivia Bayer

The human species has been on this planet for thousands of years. In those years, it can be said that we have created a tremendous amount of useful things, but while those things may be beneficial to us, they are everything but that to our planet.

Whether some choose to believe it or not, most scientists, 97 percent in fact, ultimately believe that climate change is happening. They have been aware of the issue since the 1980s, but say that humans have done little to nothing to prevent it from worsening.

With that being said, it is believed that our planet has been warming more and more through time with each year hotter than the last. Natural disasters such as wildfires and droughts throughout the United States that only used to occur seasonally have become a year-round occurrence.

The issue has become so intense over the course of the past few years that scientists believe that it will only proceed to worsen unless drastic measures are taken.

Central Connecticut State University professor of geography Charles Button said he believed that at this point in time, dealing with the issue would require “a lot of fantastic leaps in science, engineering and politics.”

“We’ve kept not doing anything for decades,” Button said. “We need to not mine or extract any more fossil fuels. We need to switch thermodynamically to renewable energies.”

Still, while there are actions we can be taking in order to help, many scientists studying the issue are starting to say it is too late.

“Depending on the scientist you speak with, it ranges.” Button said.

Button spoke of scientist Guy McPherson and his standpoint on the problem at hand.

“In an interview, he was asked, ‘Do you think people should hope?’ and he said, ‘Hope is the worst thing right now. Hope is worthless. What you need is change and it’s not happening,’” Button said.

In that same interview with McPherson, Button explained how humans are on the verge of extinction and he believed at the time that we have about 10 years left.

According to scientists, there is no exact estimate of how much longer humans have left on Earth. Science can identify that global warming is real and that it is affecting us, but an exact answer cannot be given as far as extinction goes.

Button also stated that he believed President Donald Trump is not doing enough to fight against the issue.

“He needs to sort of do a complete reversal of everything he’s been doing,” Button said. “The newest thing he did was put a tariff on solar panels coming over from China. And so the instant result of that is is that the solar industry announced that they anticipate probably 26,000 people are going to lose their jobs because the price will go up a little bit on the solar panels and there will be less of a demand.”

More than anything, Button warned about what he said is the undeniable impact of climate change.

“We’re the asteroid this time,” Button said. “I don’t see us being here in a hundred years.”