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Will You Be My Valentine, Central?

by Sophia Contreras

Dearest Valentine,

Some associate love with red, but students at Central Connecticut State University associate love with the color blue. We are embraced with Blue Devil pride from the moment we receive our acceptance letters. In the past five years, you’ve been one of the top 10 most affordable state schools in all of New England.

The list of things to love about you is endless, but here are just a few, including your proximity to highways and public transportation for commuters. You truly do accommodate to all sorts of travelers, with the free U-Pass for public transportation and your commitment to build more parking garages.

We love the athletics facility with four gyms on campus and an array of fitness classes, as well as the Blue Devil sportsmanship and school spirit you give us during games. We value Kaiser’s, the mascot’s, hugs and dance moves during games and his ability to rally all the students to cheer for our peers.

The opportunity to learn about diverse subjects is endless with over 50 majors to explore from. We love all the academic sources you provide us with like the learning center, the math center and the writing center; some of these resources are even available online making our lives even more convenient.

You are always introducing us to new things on campus with hundreds of clubs and activities occurring weekly. We can always count on you entertaining us at Devil’s Den on Thursday nights, tournaments in Breakers and your special spring concert.

Although all good things come to an end, and in this case it’s after four years, the time we have spent together is priceless, and a time of one’s life that no Central student will forget.

With that said, will you be my Valentine, CCSU?


Central Students