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Dancing To Your Own Beat

by Shwar Zaidi

Winter Week finally arrived. Throughout the whole week, C.A.N. decided to make events all central to the show “Game of Thrones.”

On Wednesday, Jan. 31 in Alumni Hall, there was an event called “Headphone Disco,” where students used headphones to enjoy music from two different DJ’s. The programmers of the event were Shae-Jhon Coy and Bitu Patel.

C.A.N. decided to bring this kind of dance party to encourage the Autism Connection Club to feel welcomed to participate in Central Connecticut State University on-campus events.

Coy was there and met the entertainment company who provided the equipment for headphone disco. Patel and Coy worked with FUN Enterprises to bring the headphones and the DJ’s to Central.

Furthermore, around 150 to 200 people came, and they all had a ball at the event. The event allowed students to dance with their headphones and they could listen to a variety of songs from different channels.

The headphones were provided to participants and they featured 3 channels accompanied with LED lights on them. Each channel had their own color: red, blue and green. Red and blue was designated by the two DJs while the green was a premade playlist.

This brought different people together because you could see what others were listening to and dance with them. Even if your friends sported a different color, you could still dance your heart out with them.

“This event was great. Very unique and appealing to our age group,” Cavana Carey, a CCSU student, said, adding that she loved rocking out at the event.

Carey brought one of her friends to dance with her and they both had a blast.

“A friend of mine, who came to the event, simply loved the event,” Carey said.

The impact of this event is that it was unlike most of the events students have attended either on or off campus.

“I think this event is pretty cool, and I had never really seen anything like it. It’s fun to dance around and look crazy,” CCSU student Shawna Wormley said. “It’s lit. But you can only have fun if you want to.”

It was quite different from other events because everybody had the choice of what station they wanted to listen to and dance along with their friends, even if they listened to a different song. The DJ’s interacted with people on their channel to come up and dance to unify those grooving to the same beat.

There were also a variety of line dance where the students could collectively dance together.

A C.A.N. graduate assistant, Nathan Emery, was delighted by the outcome of this event.

“We are happy because we think it is a momentous event to bring awareness from different campuses,” he stated.

“We are happy that people turned up at a Wednesday Night. And a lot of people had an enjoyable time and that’s what really matters. No regrets. Nothing I would want to change,” Emery continued.

Patel is new to the programming board of C.A.N. He was excited by how many people came out to the event.

“I saw a lot of people smiling and dancing and I don’t think anything else could have made it a better night than it already was,” Patel said.