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Senior Spotlight: Sam Borecki

by Tyler Roaix

In a sport like track and field, one player can often get lost in the mix. The CCSU men’s team alone has 47 members. However, Sam Borecki, star pole vaulter for the Blue Devils, is one athlete that does not go unnoticed.

Getting involved in track and field was something Borecki did early in his high school career. In fact, it was the only sport his high school offered in the spring half of the year. He started out as a sprinter, but once he got a chance at some of the field events, he was drawn to pole vaulting.

“Being a former gymnast, I picked up the pole vault and have loved it ever since,” Borecki said.

Borecki, originally from Cheshire, has been nothing short of dominant in his four years at CCSU. He opened up his freshman year in the 2015 indoor league with a third-place finish in the NEC Championships, and also in the NEICAAA Championships. He has only gotten better from that point on, winning multiple championships for the Blue Devils, and continues to be a force in the conference and beyond.

“Sam has done a tremendous job as a vaulter here,” head coach Eric Blake said of Borecki. “He gets up for the big ones and has helped our team win the NEC outdoor championship in his three outdoor seasons.”

For Borecki, his success is just a small part of his story at Central.

“Aside from my successful career, being a member of the team here at Central has been an unforgettable experience,” Borecki shared. “I have met so many great people and having the ability to work on my athletic career outside of high school has been amazing. Competing at a D1 level has also been great.  The competition really drives me to become the best athlete I can [be]. The athletic experience also has me staying in shape and exercising all the time.”

The daily grind of training for every college athlete is one of the most tedious parts of being an athlete. It is no different for Borecki, who admitted that he constantly has to stay on top of exercising and diet.

“Training for me is difficult. Ever since they took the bubble down last semester, I have been limited to the amount of event specific training. Generally, I will do sprint workouts to keep up my speed, and once a week, I go to a small indoor facility where I can work on short approaches and form. I lift every day, focusing primarily on core and upper body strength. As for diet, I try to eat a lot of greens and protein, and always stay well hydrated.”

The grind of being a student-athlete is known to be a difficult life. Between classes, homework and the various sports, it can be a lot for one person to handle, but Borecki shared how the need for time management has actually been a major benefit to him.

“The strict time schedule has really helped me grow in confidence with what I do, determination to reach and achieve my goals, and has helped me manage time in my life to get everything I need done, done no matter how much work I have to put in.”

Being a senior, Borecki has had an illustrious career. But every college athlete has learning opportunities. Borecki’s message for the younger athletes is a simple one: stay positive and have fun.

“Always be thinking about the goals you have set no matter what they are. Visualize yourself achieving those goals every day and before you know it, you will have conquered them and then you can work toward new and even bigger things,” Borecki said. “Also, always have fun along the way. If there is one thing I have learned, the most important part in reaching your goals is that no matter what happens, keep a positive attitude and have fun. The mental game is just as important as every step you take to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve.”

Borecki’s time at CCSU may be coming to a close, but he still will be a leader for the team going forward. The NEC Championships take place in just two weeks, with the IC4A and NCAA Championships shortly thereafter. Look for Borecki to be right at the top of the standings once those competitions come around.