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Can It Be Next Spring Already?

by Angela Fortuna

Being Editor-in-Chief for The Recorder at Central Connecticut State University is a position I have worked year after year to attain. And now, this goal has become a reality.

When I first found out the summer of my freshman year that I would be attending Central, I was not really motivated. I had every intention to go to school at Hofstra University in Long Island, where the journalism school was huge and the department was full of students competing to make their mark. Unfortunately, funds played a big role in which school I would attend, so Central was the better option for me.

Weeks after the fall semester of 2016 started, I had already started writing for The Recorder and becoming involved in other campus media organizations. Little did I know that the school in which I decided to attend really did not make an impact on my ability to get involved in what I love to do.

The tight-knit community of CCSU Journalism definitely played a big role in my ability to excel in and out of the classroom. The experiences I have faced and mistakes I have made along the way have shaped me into the person I am today, and I would not have it any other way.

Looking back at the decision I made the summer before my freshman year, I am very happy that I chose Central and that I made the decision to get involved early on in my college career.

Although I may be young, I know that I can bring a lot to The Recorder. I have been interested in journalism since the eighth grade and have been active in my high school’s newspaper and weekly broadcast production since the beginning of ninth grade. Since I started so early on, I am confident that I know a lot about journalism and can use my experiences and skills to lead others interested in writing for the school newspaper.

Writing for The Recorder and acting as News Editor this semester has provided me with many chances to report on important milestones in CCSU history, such as the re-election of New Britain Mayor Erin Stewart, the progressions through the Connecticut state budget, the Student Government Association, an alleged kidnapping near Central and more.

The Recorder has given me a platform to communicate and report on news essential to readers on campus and around the world.

I have every intention of working to continue to make The Recorder great, to enforce great journalism and to work together.

Reporting isn’t just about relaying information, it’s about understanding what is going on in society today and telling a story to spread awareness of important issues.

I plan to continue to make mistakes and expand my knowledge as a journalist, because that’s what learning is all about.

I am excited to see where this next year takes me, and what opportunities will come my way.

Live, love, the free press.