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What Has Happened To The NFL?

by Tyler Roaix

For years, the National Football League was booming. It became everyone’s favorite sport. They were making billions of dollars every year. Everyone was happy.

And then, in a matter of a year or so, everything changed. Aaron Hernandez happened. This led to further discovery of CTE and football’s effect on the brain. Colin Kaepernick started his protests, and a lot of people decided, for some reason, that it wasn’t okay.

And now you have the Cowboys, who have decided to wage war on the NFL. Ezekiel Elliot gets suspended for six games and he decides to spend all year fighting it. Now he has backed down, is now serving his suspension, and “America’s Team” can’t muster up any offense.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones tried to make a case that he is bigger than NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, threatening to sue the league if the other owners move forward with Goodell’s contract extension, which reportedly includes a close-to $50 million, the use of a private jet and health insurance for life.

But Jones has backed off of his fight recently, further proving that the league has been become a dictatorship, run by Goodell. The players and owners simply serve Goodell’s will.

The fact that Jones needs to face is that someone like Goodell is the perfect league commissioner. Why? Because he makes the owners a lot of money. The new TV deal he orchestrated a few years ago made the league and owners millions. That is just one small example of the profitability of the Goodell-era.

But when you tell businessmen, as all the owners are, that you can make them “x-amount” of dollars, they will only ask for more.

That is what the NFL has become; a bunch of wealthy, money-hungry businessmen that could not care less about the quality of play their teams put out on the field. When they see Colin Kaepernick, they don’t see a quality quarterback with more talent than half of the starting quarterbacks on active rosters. They see someone who “disgraces the country” and drives NFL ratings down.

Perhaps it’s more disgraceful that the only reason the NFL actually does the national anthem before games is because the U.S. Military pays them a ton of money to do so. Maybe the league and it’s owners should look in the mirror before blaming their own problems on everyone else, especially their own players.

To be blunt, the NFL is imploding on itself. Players are revolting. Owners are pretending like they have a say. Goodell is imposing his will upon the entire league. NBA owner Mark Cuban said in 2014 that “the NFL would fall apart in 10 years.”

Frankly, the once-strong NFL is way ahead of schedule. If Goodell and the owners don’t get a handle on their league soon, the league as we know it will be history.