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Help! I Suck At Dating

By: Analisa Novak

Imagine calling all of your exes and asking them why the relationship fell apart. Mix that in with getting experts opinions on why you suck at dating and what habits need to be changed to prevent a life of solidarity and unhappiness.  Cringeworthy if it was you, but entertaining if its not.

“Help! I Suck At Dating” is a new iHeartRadio podcast by  Dean Unglert of The Bachelor franchise, that entertains viewers weekly as Unglert openly examines why at 26 , he is single and nowhere near to finding a future wife.

We first fell in love with Unglert  during season 13 of  “The Bachelorette.” Seeing him on the screen, its understandable why so many women went to twitter and made his name a weekly trending topic.  His soft spoken personality and his baby blues took everyones breath away. But what made the Colorado native a top contender amongst fans and amongst Bachelorette Rachel Lindsey, was his tragic personal story.

At the age of 15, Unglert lost his mother to Breast Cancer.  Unglert shared the story of his mother to Lindsey and shared how at just nine years old, he discovered his mother was ill.

“I remember she picked me up from math class one day and there was a book in the middle of seat, and it was “How To Deal With Breast Cancer. I picked it up as a nine year old and was like ‘Mom, whats going on? What is this?’ And she said ‘I have something to tell you.”

She would pass a couple years later, destroying and separating Unglerts family. He would open up about his past and about his strained relationship with his father to the world with each episode, slowly revealing each layer of his depth to Lindsey.

Viewers even  witnessed the incredibly awkward reunion between the father and son during an episode. Unglert wasn’t just good looking, but he was emotionally raw, something that was a breath of fresh air to most women watching the series. This is why bachelor fans loved him and were so disappointed to see him go home after reaching the final four.

But America celebrated when five weeks later, he reemerged during “Bachelor In Paradise.”  “BIP” as fans call it,  takes all the rejects from “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” and puts them in an all inclusive resort in Mexico, in hopes that they will find love within other rejects. The challenge is, that each week you need to make a connection with someone, the power and threat of elimination switching between the sexes and one on one time with each other being extremely competitive.

Unglert made an instant connection with season 20 Bachelor reject Kristina SchulmanThe two having a similar childhood and soft personalities gave all viewers hope that we would see a happy ending for the pair. But in what surprised everyone, Unglert would completely turn face as he got himself in a love triangle with Schulman and fellow BIP contestant Danielle Lombardo.

Viewers quickly swiped left and the love turned to hate towards Unglert, as his total sweetheart personality quickly dissolved in front of their eyes as he juggled two women, leading each of them to believe that Unglert was interested in them. In the end of BIP, Unglert ends up alone as Schulman, being tired of his games, decides to leave the show leaving him to Lombardo-who he rejects at the finale.

Realizing how horrible he appeared on BIP, Unglert opens his podcast by saying; “Publicly speaking, Paradise was just the worst experience of my life.”

Making the podcast was also a low moment in his life, as he noticed he became a poster child of everything wrong in dating and its the reason why he signed up to do this podcast. In the first episode, he opens up about what he thinks he needs to work on.

“Maybe I’m a little too critical at times; you give me an inch and I take a mile with certain things. Maybe I get into my own head and I self-sabotage. I read too much into things. If there weren’t any problems, I’d be married by now,” Unglert said.

When it comes to commitment, although it appears he is afraid of commitment, Unglert said its the complete opposite.

“I think I’m a realist. I don’t want to have to sacrifice certain parts of my happiness for someone else. I think when the right person comes along, there won’t have to be any sacrifice,” Unglert said.

The most exciting moments during the podcast take place when his exs are called and are interviewed by Unglert himself.  Schulman being the most recent ex was asked if in two decades from now how  will  she remember him?

“I think I will always think you’re a nice guy because I think you have a good heart and you are kind, maybe not in dating,” Schulman said.

Is there hope for Unglert? Listeners will continue to follow his journey. “Help! I Suck At Dating” is weekly podcast found on iHeartRadio and iTunes.