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SGA Bullets

by Sarah Willson

  • New senators of the SGA were sworn in last Wednesday during the weekly meeting, all committing to the promise of defending the constitution of the SGA, the State of Connecticut and the United States.
  • Bobby Berriault, a candidate for the New Britain Common Council, encouraged students to register to vote to help him and his plan to protect state schools, such as the University of Connecticut and Central Connecticut State University, from Connecticut’s $93 million budget cut.
  • As of now, there is currently $15,000 remaining in the base budget for the rest of the year. However, one club, which has not yet been named, is requesting $8,000 of it.
  • Both the Tennis Club’s and the Ultimate Frisbee Club’s contingency requests have not made it out of the committee due to bylaw difficulties.  
  • A bonding event on campus will likely take place this Saturday for the new SGA senators. The mandatory event will consist of group activities and a chance for senators to interact with each other outside of the office.
  • Mental Health Week will be taking place from Oct. 16 to 19. The SGA will have events every day to promote the mental well-being of students both on and off campus.
  • The Spring Concert will no longer take place in Kaiser Hall as a result of evacuation route obstacles. The SGA is looking into new venue options, such as Welte Auditorium
  • The SGA co-sponsored Family Day, which took place on Saturday, filling the day with activities such as games, tailgating and a cookout.