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Hang Outs At Central

by Kimberly Pena

Central Connecticut State University has different spots around campus where students can lay back, relax and get their work done.

Devil’s Den

Location: Student Center

What students can do there: At the Devil’s Den, students can grab a tasty meal like chicken tenders or hot wings and sit back to chit chat with friends. The Devil’s Den features state-of-the-art touch screen ordering devices for students to order their food at their convenience. Students can also take a mental break from class and interact with friends in this social setting.


Student Study Lounge

Location: Elihu Burritt Library

What students can do there: In this peaceful and quiet setting, students can study and focus on their school work. The volume in this location is kept at a minimum. Every floor of the library has different study space to go in hand with students’ preferences. There is also a vending machine located on the second floor and a Starbucks on the first floor so students can grab a quick bite to eat while studying.

Hammock Space

Location: James Garden

What students can do there: If you just want to completely disconnect from work and school, you can lay down in these brand new hammocks that were constructed over the summer. If students would like to take a mid-day nap or read a nice book, this is the perfect setting for you. Relieve your stress and enjoy a day out in nature.

Football Field

Location: Arute Field

What students can do here: If you want to enjoy a good-ole football game, Arute Field is the place to go support the Blue Devils. There are loud fans, refreshing drinks and hot dogs to make up a nice day away from class. Here, students can meet their fellow peers and cheer for a common cause.

Breakers Room

Location: Student Center

What students can do here: Students are able to let loose in this social setting. The game room features pool tables, air hockey, X-Box games, foosball and other activities where students can come together and play as if they were in their own home. If students are looking to start new friendships, this the perfect place to do so.

Mini Golf Course

Location: Behind James Garden

What students can do here: Students are able to enjoy a nice day out playing golf with friends. Students who seek to play on the course are asked to seek equipment at Beecher Hall and return it when they are done. This is another place where students can take a break and do a friendly activity on campus.