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Textbook Spread

by Shaina Blakesley

Erika Mason, 19, sophomore

Communication major focused on TV and film production

“I always try to figure out a way to not have to get [textbooks] and I probably would have spent like $200 on textbooks if I did buy [them]. I usually go to Amazon first or I ask around first, and then if I have to, my last resort is to go to the bookstore. Because they are the most expensive.”

Redeana Hastings, 20, junior

International studies major with an East Asian concentration

“I have spent close to $200 for just one textbook. Whenever I buy them through the school, it costs so much, but if I buy it from Chegg or another book website, you can get it for cheaper, from people that are selling it to you. I also compare sites. Some teachers do and some teachers don’t take into consideration the cost. Some of the books are really unnecessary in my opinion.”

Damar Britto, 21, senior

Technology and engineering education major, psychological science minor

“[It was] probably my first semester here at Central where I spent about $750. It was about $220 for my intro in psych course [textbook] and I wasn’t even a psych minor yet. My first semester, I did get them from the school, but I learned better. And now I order through my trusted friend, Amazon.”

Shandra Witkee, 23, senior

Sociology major

“ I spent $160 [on one textbook]; it was a math course. I usually get them through Amazon now, but I used to get them from the school. I think it depends on the class you are in… Most of my teachers either try not to get textbooks, and try to use more relative articles that we can get for free online, or they try to get inexpensive books online for us, but I feel like a lot of the math and science courses don’t care as much.”

Vincenzo Boscarino

Spanish professor

“If I were to pick the book, yes I would [take into consideration textbook costs]. However in my situation, the department picks out the book and we use the book they tell us to use. Yes, all Spanish classes use the same book. Our syllabi are the same through the department; each teacher just makes a few changes based on the class or what they feel is most important.”