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Apple Orange Pair Performs At Founders

by Olivia Bayer

The classical harp and horn duo, Colleen Potter Thorburn
and Emily Boyer, better known as Apple Orange Pair, performed at Central Connecticut State University Founder’s Hall, on Thursday. New works by Central’s faculty composers, Charles Menoche and Brian Kirshner were played.

Thorburn and Boyer  began performing together in 2010. Together, they have been traveling to different universities and music festivals performing different pieces by student and faculty composers. Both Thorburn on the harp and Boyer on the horn, have been performing since a young age and have discovered a true passion in music.


Boyer has been involved with musical performances since she was four years old. She began performing piano at this young age, and it wasn’t until grade six that she was introduced to the French horn in her school’s band.

She attended the Interlochen Arts Academy and later became a graduate of Peabody Conservatory, where she earned a bachelors of music. Boyer went on to earn a Masters of Music from Yale University’s School of Music.
Boyer describes what music has done for her as making her “more bold.” She explains that her high school horn teacher would make her “stand on the chair and play loudly and roar and do all this bizarre stuff.” Though the technique to her was “ridiculous,” she knew that it was very worth it and would help her become a better musician. As a result, Boyer has became more expressive through music and it has led her to become a more expressive
individual all around.

“Something I’ve gotten from it that I don’t get in any
other areas of my life is playing with the same person on a regular basis, in a way that you can really grow over time and like making things just communicate” Boyer said.


Thorburn has been performing since a young age, beginning with the piano, she was later drawn to the harp.

Thorburn earned a bachelors of music degree from the University of Illinois. She continued her education at Yale University’s School of Music, where she received a masters of music and a doctorate of musical arts.

“Even if I wasn’t a musician, I know I’d be affected by music in some sort of way,” said Thorburn. Thorburn feels that music for her has been very enriching because she’s been exposed to so many different styles of music. Thorburn feels that she enjoys music more as a performer, and found deeper meaning in musical pieces because she has a deeper understanding of it.

Apple Orange Pair to Thorburn is “a very specific kind of performing music.” In their performances, she appreciates getting to be able to perform new works by living composers who are in attendance to the show. She enjoys the vibrant energy that comes with it, along
with as well as getting the chance to meet new composers and having the opportunity to work one on one with them.

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