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Sodexo Releases BITE App

by Natalie Dest

Sodexo dining company, leader of Quality Life Services has gone mobile with the application, BITE.  The new mobile app allows users to plan healthy meals ahead of time and provides nutritional information.
Developed by Sodexo’s Culinary Solutions team, the app provides resources geared towards healthy eating including: nutritional information, menus, and information regarding dietary needs. BITE seeks to make the dining experience of Central Connecticut State University students and faculty as enjoyable and simple as possible.

BITE is a free application available for download  on both iTunes and Google Play. It can be programmed to a dining hall of your choice and features current menus and café promotions. CCSU students and faculty can adjust their settings to both Memorial and Hilltop dining halls.
“I downloaded the app when I first heard about it and was surprisingly pleased,” CCSU junior, Carolyn Petrowski said.

“It listed what foods were gonna be served in the dining halls for that day, which helped me decide which dining hall I wanted to go to,” Petrowski continued.

When using BITE, consumers are able to search meal options up to seven days in advance for a specific dining hall. The menus are divided into sub-categories differing by types of food, such as grilled food, simple servings and deli specials.
Users can create an account and store information under their personal food preferences. The “ME” tab on the top right corner of the app leads to an option titled “Menu Controls.” Here you can find dietary preferences that cater to your needs.
BITE gives you the option to show only dishes that are mindful, vegetarian and or vegan making it easy for dining hall patrons who have specific dietary needs to find foods they can eat. Users are also given the option to highlight dishes that contain allergens, such as milk, eggs, peanuts and wheat.
BITE is also Fitbit friendly, allowing users to sync their Fitbits to the app itself. This will allow consumers to carry over the amount of calories from the food eaten at their dining hall, straight to the calorie tracker installed on their Fitbit. This helps makes calorie tracking simple and more efficient.

According to Sodexo’s website, “the great benefit of BITE for our customers, is that now we have an engaging digital platform to keep them abreast of news on where their food comes from.”

For those student and faculty at Central that are interested in downloading the BITE app, make sure to search “CCSU” on the app when programming to your desired dining hall.