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Thomas Rhett ‘Life Changes’ Review

by Kelly Langevin

Thomas Rhett isn’t shy about sharing his life. His third album titled “Life Changes,” showcases the incredible growth he has experienced from adolescence to fatherhood and everything in between.

Since his last album in 2015 “Tangled Up,” Rhett has sure come a long way. He went from zero to two kids in the blink of an eye. He and his wife Lauren adopted Willa, from Uganda, then found out his wife was expecting.

At 21- months, Willa met her baby sister Ada James Akins on August 12th. Rhett does a spectacular job of bringing the listeners along with him through every life experience, while reaching number one on the US Country Airplay Chart with his single “Craving You,” featuring Maren Morris. Thomas Rhett proved to the country industry that he is here to stay.

“Aint it funny how life changes. You wake up, ain’t nothing the same,” said Rhett.

“Life changes” is produced by Rhett, Dan Huff and Jesse Frasure. The album was released on September 8th. “Life Changes” has been successful due to Rhett’s soft loving personality. The album is a fusion of genres that create an interesting new sound and vibe. The track “Craving You” leans toward a more pop- country style, while “Drink A Little Beer,” featuring his father, artist and songwriter Rhett Atkins, takes a different approach to the country style. No matter what genre Rhett crosses, there is bound to be a track for everyone to enjoy.

Central Connecticut State University students have long anticipated “Life Changes” after Rhett’s last album “Tangled Up” what such a hit.

“I am excited for the album ‘Life Changes,’ I feel like this album will show a softer side to Rhett since he is becoming more of a family man,” said CCSU sophomore, Billy Stango.

The track ‘Life Changes’ is very personal, starting out with his college life, then bringing the listeners on the road of love and becoming a father. What’s unique about this track, is Rhett’s ability to tell such a beautiful story about having a normal college experience, thinking about finding a date, and then falling in love and having the excitement to tell his parents they were going to be grandparents soon. Although it’s an emotional track, its happy tune, and funky beat is the perfect song to play around friends.

Rhett’s lyrical story telling flows into another song called “Sixteen.” The heartwarming track is the retelling of his life, what he felt like growing up and expressing all the thoughts every person can relate to. It’s the story of aging, experiencing teenage years and maturing through the process.

“Sixteen’ is my favorite. It just reminds me of growing up and how being a teenager is so crucial in your life,” said CCSU freshman, Taylor Tardy.

Another track to gain major popularity is “Unforgettable,” the story of him meeting his wife Lauren and falling in love. The sweet refreshing lyrics draw the listeners in along with the swaying beat of the chorus, resulting in a flawless love song. Thomas Rhett does the perfect job of creating an album that’s romantic, but can still can get you moving.

“’Life Changes’ is a country record that will take you from feeling emotional, to feeling like you want to dance. It’s an album that will get you moving, while digging to the roots of life,” said “The Reviews Are In” writer, Joshua Murray.

The fourteen-track album is a collection of personal stories that Rhett shares with listeners. Find “Life Changes” on Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, and Youtube.