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Cinema In September

by Natalie Dest

Put your textbook down and have some you time with a bucket of popcorn in a dark theater. September is scheduled to be packed with blockbusters including, Home Again, IT, Flatliners and many more.

Central Connecticut State University students trust their peers for movie recommendations. Students can’t wait to see the newest adaption of Stephen King’s, IT.
“I’ve been looking forward to seeing the newest version of IT for so long…I finally had the chance to see it this weekend, and it was more than what I hoped,” said, sophomore, Melissa Schuberth.

In this re-creation of King’s novel, It, the story of a group of bullied kids joining together in fighting against the shapeshifting demon, who takes the appearance of a clown, is told once again. The film earned an 8.1/10 rating on IMDB and grossed over $100 million after it’s opening weekend. The return of Pennywise the clown was nothing short from what viewer’s expected.
“The movie maintained its horror status by playing on every viewer’s worse nightmares all at once,” said Schuberth. IT is rated R and viewers can expect to see action and horror as the previews have promised.
Rom-com, Home Again staring Reese Witherspoon has student’s excited for not only her return to the big screen, but for the movie’s comical twists on romance.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing Reese as the lead role,” said CCSU student, Carolyn Petrowski . “She’s an amazing actress, and I know she can bring much comedy to this movie,” Petrowski added.
Alice Kinney (Witherspoon) is a 40 year old single mother in Los Angeles who ends up allowing three young men to move in with her. In this American romantic comedy, Kinney tries to balance her relationships with these men, all while her ex shows up with a suitcase in his hand.
With the movie’s release date on September 8, the comedy grossed a total of just under nine million on opening weekend, grossing a total of $17 million over two weeks.
For those looking to see a heart racing, sci-fi thriller, Flatliners is the ticket. Notable actors include Ellen Paige and Nina Dobrev who play medical students obsessed with finding out what happens after death.
Embarking on a dangerous journey, these students stop their hearts for a short period of time triggering near-death experiences, giving them a firsthand interaction with the afterlife.
“The plot of the movie is something out of the ordinary,” said CCSU sophomore, Olivia Lefort. “The summary of the movie immediately intrigues me,” Lefort added.
Many people are gearing up for the premiere of Flatliners on September 29th, hoping the movie meets the hype it’s been given.
Central students can buy tickets at the nearest cinema, AMC Theater in Plainville. Make sure to bring your CCSU ID for a student discount on your ticket price.