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CCSU Football Players Suspended For One Game

by Analisa Novak

Central Connecticut State University has suspended four football players from the upcoming Sunday game after they were arrested on Sept. 9.

“In line with University policies they have suspended the Blue Devil football players for one game, to be served on Sept. 16.  The players are required to perform 10 hours of community service and they are also required to complete one of the University’s alcohol awareness programs,” said University Spokesperson, Mark McLaughlin.

Luke Ocasio, 22, Jose Manuel Garcia,  21, Kenneth David Keen, 21,  and Randall Laguerre, 21 was arraigned on Monday in New Britain Superior Court, after being charged with Breach of Peace in the second-degree and permitting a minor to possess alcohol. If convicted, they may face up to six months to a year in jail and a fine of up to $2,000.

Chika Chukwu, 20, was also arraigned, but has been referred to adult probation. He plays wide receiver for the CCSU football team.

The arrests stem after the New Britain Police were called this Saturday to 64 Roxbury St., New Britain after neighbors complained of a party.

According to police records, when police arrived to the location there were many students who looked to be underage, along with a string of empty alcohol bottles and cans. Laguerre and Keen live in the building, according to the police report.

“There appeared to be students at the party that were not 21 years old and there were empty alcoholic beverages throughout the house. None of the tenants made any attempt to prohibit these persons from consuming alcohol,” the police report said.

All four were assigned a public defender on Monday and will be entering a plea on Wednesday, Oct. 17.

CCSU officials were made aware of the incident and maintain they remain committed to being a “good neighbor” to all who live in the New Britain surrounding area.

“CCSU takes its commitment to being a good neighbor seriously. We also believe it is our responsibility to educate our students about being good citizens, whether they are on or off campus,” said McLaughlin.