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Trending Fall Fashion

by Diondra Clements

Temperatures are cooling in Connecticut and students are preparing for Fall weather in New England.  Halloween, Thanksgiving, pumpkin spice, and fall fairs are beginning to trend along with these new Fall fashion trends.

For most guys, fall classics never go out of style. They usually keep with the same trends every year; button ups, dark denim, sweaters, and flannels.


“For me I love the skinny cargo,” said Manny Santiago, Nordstrom Sales Associate at Westfarms Mall in Farmington. “I feel like that’s a really big thing we have them out right now. It’s easy to accessorize and it looks polished, while also giving you that edge.”

“Sweatshirts and Denim jackets! Men have been really playing hard on that,” said Genesis Wilson, American Eagle Sales Associate at Westfarms Mall. “A lot of the guys that come in ask do we have any denim jackets or any heavy jackets. Just ‘cause they like the sweater and the jacket right over. Men have also been playing heavy on the hats, we’ve sold through just about all of our hats we have,”

“Jeans, Vans, and a windbreaker sometimes, on other occasions I switch it up and I’ll throw on some leggings, boots, and a long cardigan,” Ashley Padilla, a CCSU Junior, said when asked about her typical Fall attire.


Women’s fall fashion staples include: booties, black leggings, a cardigan and a bomber jacket. These items can be found on display in popular clothing retailers, Forever 21 and H&M.

Other fall fashion pieces that are coming into play include chokers, satchels, and booties.

“Chokers are a big hit. I feel like the fall trend for handbags are going to be satchels and bookbags, since everyone is going back to school. Rebecca Minkoff actually just came out with a really cool bag. For shoes, living in Connecticut, boots are always a big trend. Everyone loves a cute bootie to wear with their skinny ankle pants and hi-waisted jeans,” said E’Naiyah Frazier, Nordstrom Sales Associate at Westfarms Mall.

Not to worry though, most of your summer favorites are still going to be in trend for the fall. The boyfriend jeans and mom jeans trend that originally started in the spring really took off in the summer and is going to continue into the fall.

“You can always put leggings under it and it’ll still work,” Wilson said.

A lot of the tank top and off-shoulder looks that were also popular in summer are easy to layer with a tank top or t-shirt right under.

As always layering will continue to be key in fall outfitting. Build a wardrobe with the classics and supplement with trendy pieces.

Students should remember the most important fashion trend is to be comfortable.