CCSU’s Spring Week Wraps Up With Spring Concert

by Matt Balogh
To top off a week full of fun events for Central Connecticut State University’s annual Spring Week, was this year’s spring concert that ended the week with a bang.

Catering to a music taste centering around hip-hop and trap, CCSU put on a show with headliners Lil’ Yachty and Tory Lanez. Both fairly small artists currently, they have each been gaining more and more popularity in the past few years.

Along with an opening set of local and underground rappers, the show was jam packed with non-stop pumping hip-hop, accompanied by multi-colored flashing lights.

The openers tried to get the crowd going, playing covers of popular songs in hip-hop and a heavy reliance on crowd interaction.

After about an hour, Lil Yachty took the stage: trademark beaded dreds and all. The 19-year-old rapper lit up the stage, hyping the crowd by singing bits and pieces of his various songs.

With the audience warmed up, Yachty went into a performance of his hit “Wanna Be Us,” to which jumping and singing erupted within the room.

Performing songs like “I Spy” and “Peek-A-Boo,” Yachty kept the excitement going throughout the night, filling gaps between songs by addressing the crowd individually and often calling out certain people in the crowd.

Going with the monotonous “lil boat!” tagline that his backing DJ repeated between songs, Yachty appropriately tossed both opened and closed water bottles into the crowd.

To complete his set, Lil Yachty ended with his hits “Minnesota” and “1 Night.” Being his two most popular songs, other than his feature on D.R.A.M.’s “Broccoli,” the crowd peaked with excitement, following with a thunderous sing-a-long that Yachty finished off with.

Tory Lanez came on to close the night after Yachty. CCSU students speculated a cancellation from Lanez, based off his recent arrest for a charge of possession of a concealed weapon without a license. This charge, however, was dropped and Lanez was able to perform.

Tory Lanez played fan favorites to please the crowd, including “Traphouse” early on in the set, getting intimate with the crowd during the break. Lanez explained that he never made it out of high school and honored the crowd by expressing that they are doing well by going to school.

“Alright f*** all this sad shit,” Lanez shouted into his mic, signaling a shift in his setlist in an attempt to get the hype to spike once more-which worked.

Prior to starting the next song, Lanez challenged the “fellas” and the “ladies” to a game of who can be the loudest. The apparent winner of the duel would get the dedication of the next song. The beats drop, the crowd roared and it was a good time to release some steam.

“I love the artists. All I can say it was fun and I enjoyed it,” said senior Latisha Baker.

“This was my first concert ever, actually,” said Daniel Duong, a freshman that looked to get involved more on campus throughout his first year at Central. “I was happy to see that they managed to get someone who is pretty popular now.”

“This concert was the best one in years since Kendrick Lamar,” said sophomore Media Studies major Brandon Callender. “It was jam-packed, with energy from start to finish.”

Thanks to Central Activities Network and the Student Government Association on campus, this event could be made possible.

“A total of 10 representatives, five from CAN, five from SGA discuss our budget and who we can get,” said Chris Cappiello, former SGA Vice President.

While negotiating with an outside company that presents the artists, CAN and SGA made a list of the artists that their budget could manage, and from there, the pick was selected by general consensus.

Considering that almost every university in Connecticut has a spring concert around the same time, if not the same day, the list of artists can be scarce.

Eastern Connecticut State University happened to have their spring concert the same night as CCSU, which Cappiello believed could have affected the tickets sales.

ESCU had hosted Mac Miller, a popular rapper that has been around for a lot longer, based on past events, it is likely that the choices could have driven some people away.

“We sold about 2000 out of 3000 tickets,” explained Cappiello, citing the turnout for this year.

“I thought Lil Yachty was very high energy and fun to watch. He got the crowd going and even stopped a fight that happened in the crowd,” said Ashley Nafis, a freshman Education major.

“Overall, I thought the concert was good, said Christine Perry, a freshman Criminology major. “I’m a big fan of Tory Lanez and it was amazing to see him live, but I didn’t like how everyone was pushing and moshing because someone could of really gotten hurt. I think at one point a fist fight broke out. Security should have been a little more tighter,” said Perry.

Spring week events had been getting a large amount of attendance year after year. From comedy acts such as Dulce Sloan and hypnotist Jim Spinnato, to student-hosted events such as the Mr. CCSU competition, the week offers a delightful escape from projects and schoolwork that usually stresses most people out before finals.